Referral Management For Laboratories

OneClick for Dental Labs creates an easily accessible communication path between you and the offices you work with.

Referral Platform For Scalability

Highly scalable for doctor to doctor & word-of-mouth referrals, traveling specialists, and sleep practices.

Management For Multi-Location

Multi-location flexibility to support centralized or decentralized internal and external referral coordination.

Exchange Files & HIPAA Compliance

Streamline communication, exchange large files, & patient information between practices.

Actionable Referral Analytics & Tracking

Analyze referral key performance indicators to optimize referral management & increase ROI.

Marketing For Referral Coordinators

Marketing system for growing referrals, tracking activities & costs, with route planning, and more.

Provide an Enhanced Patient Experience

Integrated patient app to improve patient communication, verify insurance, & collect forms and files.

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Dental Team Members

You're busy enough; let us give you your time back.

Specialty Groups

You bring the expert team; we bring the referrals.


Enterprise doctor-to-doctor referrals for DSO's.

Never lose another referral.

Seamlessly integrated digital referral tool built for easy dentist to dentist communication