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Connecting dental and medical practices.
Never lose another referral.


Make the most out of your time

OneClick Referral is a web-based referral management platform purposely built for enterprise healthcare and dentistry (Solo, Multi-location, DSO) that is built to solve the “lost patient” problem during the referral process from doctor to doctor, word-of-mouth patient referrals, traveling specialists to GP offices, and sleep practices.


Market Opportunities

OneClick is raising $2.5m over the next 180 days to fund development, marketing, & sales to grow to $4m in recurring revenue and exit for $20-24m by EOY 2024. We already have three interested acquirers.

200k Dentists

Market Size: $20+ billion TAM: $154M - SAM:$38M

$1m medical practices (secondary market)

$1.8m international dentists (secondary market)


Wasted time trying to track patients
Poor quality referrals
Lost revenue from lost patients
Health concerns from no shows


Keep track of referral quality
Total referral accountability
Direct message to referring practice
Increased patient follow through
Referral Ecosystem

Easily track your referrals through our ecosystem.

Messaging Platform

Make communication easy within our messaging platform.


Analytics platform to keep track of your referral statistics.

Patient Forms

Our patient forms make adding patients simple and easy.

Post Treatment Report

Send, receive, or request post treatment summary reports.

Marketing Reports

View reports on how your marketing success.

Marketing Mapping

View customized marketing routes for offices nearby.

Internal Referrals

Use OneClick to keep track of your internal referrals.

Never lose another referral.

Seamlessly integrated digital referral tool built for easy dentist to dentist communication

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