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A Better Way to Manage the Referral Network for

Dentists, DSO’s, and All Types of Doctors

OneClick (No Tricks)

Put down the phone. Stop chasing referral information, patients’ insurance information, and dental lab orders. It’s not worth your effort. There’s something else that’s worth your time. Are you ready for OneClick?

OneClick is a single button that will single-handedly simplify and sync your referrals, so the process is a breeze — easy for you, the specialist, and the patient.

Integrates with:

and more…

Hassle-Free, High Efficiency. Just click the button.

That’s all there is to it with OneClick. You can instantly:


with your practice management
system to auto-populate data.


large files and patient information
with full HIPAA compliance.


an enhanced patient
experience that builds trust.


your treatment acceptance
rates significantly.

Do you remember…

The last time you were watching the clock as your other work called to you while getting lost down an unavoidable “referral black hole”? That frustration stops with OneClick.

It’s Your Time. Take it Back.

You’re busy enough as it is. Do you want to spend more time continually reaching out to referring offices for the information you need to make patients happy? Make the most of your time with OneClick.

OneClick Referral connects dental colleagues like never before, to easily communicate and refer patients to one another. Imagine having more time to do what you do best: take care of patients and yourself. OneClick Referral is simple to install, with seamless integration with your current dental practice management system.

Send Referrals

This web-based software is built for general dentists to immediately send referrals to Oral surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Dental labs.

Gratification Guaranteed

Gone are the days when referral patients fell through the cracks. It doesn’t happen when you use OneClick. Everything happens in an instant.

OneClick is a full-service software that
allows you to easily manage your dental referrals.


Send Referrals With OneClick:

Refer your patient with one click of a button. With OneClick, our state of the art software loads and you simply search for the specialist that your patient needs.


Select Your Patient:

OneClick can integrate with your practice management system to auto-populate your patients. You can also easily add new patients or update their information easily. Simply select your patient to refer them to their needed specialist.


Attach Multiple Large Files:

Once you have selected your patient simply select their procedure and add any necessary notes. Then attach any file that your specialist will need. Once the files are uploaded simply click send referral.


Instantly Notify Patients and Specialists:

Once you have sent the referral, your recommended specialist and your patient are notified. Giving your specialist the opportunity to instantly contact your patient. At OneClick, our goal is to help your referrals stick. Give us a try!

Instant communication you can rely on.

You’ll feel how amazing it is to click the OneClick button for instant communication you rely on and trust. OneClick is designed with convenience in mind, promptly sending a text notification to your patients and referral office for immediate follow-up. You’ll never doodle your day away, waiting on the phone searching for answers, or digging for x-rays!