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OneClick makes referrals fast, easy, and efficient for you, the specialist, and the patient. Send specialist complete referral information and avoid the hassle of having to repeatedly send your referral’s documents.

Highly Efficient

Offices refer with the click of a button. Referring offices appreciate the ease of referrals.

Saves Time

You get complete referral information. OneClick reduces the need to continually call referring offices and chase down important referral details.

Instant Notifications

You receive referral information. The patient receives your contact information. You and the referring dentist can track referrals easily. No more referrals “falling through the cracks.

OneClick Referral Overview

Easiest & Fastest Way to Send a Dental Referral from GP to Specialist

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OneClick Referral

Dr. Brent Boyse

Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Travis Rodgers

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Episode 192: OneClick Referral

February 15, 2019

OneClick Referral is the fastest and easiest way to send referrals between dental colleagues. The product is build by DrDDS Innovations and runs on the RecordLinc platform who are the top developers in the dental industry. Other brands include “Integrate Dental”, “Dentrix Button”, “Super Bucks Dental Loyalty”, “Dentist Grader” and more. The CEO of RecordLinc/DrDDS is Travis Rodgers who has been called the “Top Entrepreneur in the Dental Industry”. This chrome extension works with the referral product that is build for general dentists to easy send HIPAA compliant referral to Oral Surgeons, Periodontists, Endodontists, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists, and Dental Labs. OneClick Referral is the fastest and easiest way for dental colleagues to communicate and refer patients back and forth. It’s easy to install and seamlessly integrates with your Dental Practice Management System. Sending a referral is now fast and easy. With a click of a button, OneClick Referral instantly sends a text notification to your patients and referred to office for immediate follow up. Communication between referring offices is now fast and easy. OneClick allows instant communication and exchange of large files and patient details in a HIPAA compliant way. No more searching for answers or tracking down x-rays or having your patients getting lost in the referral “black hole.”. The result is a better patient experience and increased treatment acceptance. It comes with a money back guarantee and a free trial. Give OneClick Referral a try today and experience the turnaround yourself.

Easily Manage
Your Dental Referrals

OneClick Referral is a full-service software that allows you to easily manage your dental referrals.


Send Referrals With OneClick

Refer your patient with OneClick of a button. With OneClick, our state of the art software loads and you simply search for the specialist that your patient needs.


Select Your Patient

OneClick Referral can integrate with your practice management system to auto-populate your patients. You can also easily add new patients or update their information easily. Simply select your patient to refer them to their needed specialist.


Attach Multiple Large Files

Once you have selected your patient simply select their procedure and add any necessary notes. Then attach any file that your specialist will need. Once the files are uploaded simply click send referral.


Instantly Notify Patients and Specialists

Once you have sent the referral, your recommended specialist and your patient are notified. Giving your specialist the opportunity to instantly contact your patient. At OneClick Referral, our goal is to help your referrals stick. Give us a try!

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