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“If you want more income, influence, and impact, Brandon Barnum’s
new Raving Referrals book teaches what you need to succeed.”
—Mark Victor Hansen, World’s #1 best-selling non-fiction author, Chicken Soup for The Soul

 “Raving Referrals by Brandon Barnum provides the best strategies
and tactics for learning how to ASK for and GET those referrals.
Understanding your referral score, adopting the 7 laws of raving
referrals and measuring referral lifetime client value are a few of the
key concepts you’ll learn in this idea-packed book. There is nothing
more valuable to your career, business and team survival than
getting great referrals. Start reading Raving Referrals today and be
sure to purchase enough copies for your entire team!”

—Dave Savage CEO of Mortgage Coach

“Buy this book now. You’ll attract more referrals, win more business,
and take it to the BANK!”

—Cheri Tree CEO of Codebreaker Technologies

“Shows business owners and sales professionals how to create
consistent clients with predictable profitability.”
—Gail Watson

CEO of Women Speakers Association


“This book gives you a practical and proven process to attract an
endless stream of profitable prospects.”
—Emmeline Saavedra

President of The Champions Institute

 “Brandon Barnum’s book ‘Raving Referrals’ has been one of the most
impactful books I have ever read. I operate my business exclusively
from word-of-mouth referrals. I have always been skilled at naturally
building and maintaining solid relationships that focus on win-win
partnerships. What I didn’t have was the systems and processes that
would allow me to scale those abilities to an infinite level. Brandon’s
book is the perfect guide if you are looking to build an endless
referral business. I was completely blown away by each chapter and
how detailed it was regarding building the perfect referral systems.
This is a book that I will reread at least twice a year.”

—Kyle Fuller CEO of Factum Financial

 “WOW. I’ve known Brandon for over 20 years, but the guy continues
to amaze me with his creativity and ability to connect good people
(like us!!!) for the greater good. Raving Referrals is a treasure trove
of people and resources to help each of us up our game.”
—Tom Crawford

Founder of Telehealth Partner

“Brandon Barnum’s new book Raving Referrals is powerful, precise,
and practical. Highly recommend it. You’re going to love it.”
—Craig Shelley

COO of IMPACT Realty Tampa Bay

“This book provides a virtual roadmap of how to build a referral
system for your business.”

—David Baer Marketing Strategist of The Prepared Group

“When you incorporate the valuable information in this book, you’ll
find that you’ll win more sales, do it in less time, and build a strong
base of lifetime customers who will act as sources of raving

—Dr. Tony Alessandra Author of The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery & Room Full of Referrals


“Raving Referrals holds the secrets and strategies to gain your most
ideal prospects from existing clients and business partners. Jump to
the front of the line with referrals that easily convert with the know,
like and trust factor!”

—Debbie Allen Bestselling Author of The Highly Paid Expert

“If you want an endless stream of referrals to your business a proven
system is mandatory. This book gives you the best possible
framework available to increase both your revenue and your profits.”
—Michael Harris

Business Coach

 “I’ve built my business on referrals, so I thought I had a good referral
game going on. However, as I dived deeper in Raving Referrals, I
realized that my Referral Score was pretty low! This book is packed
full of advice and actionable concepts, but my favorite is chapter 1,
“What’s your Referral Score?” What an awesome concept! Numbers
are telling and separate fact from fiction, (aka, what we think we’re
doing, vs. what we’re actually doing). Bottom line, there’s so much
more I can do to up my referral game. Thanks, Brandon, for sharing
this wisdom with the world.”

—Beejel Parmar Founder of BeeEPIC Outsourcing

“Raving Referrals provides the exact marketing and sales blueprint
every business owner needs for growing a successful and sustainable
business, while creating massive impact. Proven, practical and
actionable – this book should be in every business owner’s toolkit!”
—Michela Quilici

Business Growth Strategist


Table of Contents


Preface 3

Introduction 1

What’s Your Referral Score? 1

The 7 Laws of Raving Referrals 1

Perfect Prospects & Lifetime Patients 2

Learn Why They Buy 1

Elevate Your Expert Status 1

Engage Your Referral Champions 1

Create a Raving Rewards Program 1

Master the Art of the Ask 1

Patient Appreciation Events 1

Referral of a Lifetime 1

Wealth Through Workshops for Specialty Dentists 1

Partner with Top Trusted Pros 1

Network Strategically 1

Create Your Referral Alliance 1

The Referral Partner Blueprint 1

Top 21 Cross Promotion Campaigns 1


Scripts for Generating Raving Referrals 1

Recommended Resources 1

Dental Podcasts 1

Becoming a Raving Referrals Co-Author 1

Become a Raving Referrals Certified Trainer 1




CONGRATULATIONS! For Investing in Yourself and Your Practice
For Pursuing a Faster Path to Success

For Discovering the System to Raving Referrals

Whether you are a general practitioner, pediatric dentist,
endodontist, orthodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist or oral
and maxillofacial surgeon, this book has been designed to help
you attract more business for your practice, so you achieve the
financial success you desire and deserve.

Since you’re reading this book, we know ew things about you…

  1. You are a highly trained dental professional with deep

knowledge in anatomy and healthcare who likely has
not been educated on marketing, sales or other
business building strategies and techniques.

  1. Your practice may not be quite where you want it to
  2. You simply aren’t getting the kind of leads,
    referrals, prospects, and patients you need to earn
    the income you want.
  3. Most likely, you are skilled at providing your service
    and just need a better system when it comes to
    marketing and business development.
  4. Perhaps you feel awkward and uncomfortable asking for

 referrals, so you don’t receive them as consistently as
you’d like.


  1. You already know some of the principles and practices

in this book. Still, you don’t have a formalized referral
system and sometimes rely on divine intervention,
hoping new patient opportunities will appear each

  1. Most importantly, you are serious about changing all

that, and you’re looking for a system that will
generate a steady stream of highly qualified and
profitable prospects.

You Are on The Right Path!

This book will empower you with time-tested, proven strategies,

scripts, and secrets obtained from over two decades of researching,
refining, and perfecting the referral process.

What we can give you goes far beyond simple theory. We’ve
used these powerful principles and practices to build what we
believe is the single most comprehensive and effective referral
marketing system the world has ever known.

We are passionately committed to helping you transform your
practice to create a consistent and dependable flow of Raving
Referrals and profitable patients.

As Dr. Michael Hudson of Hudson Dental and Orthodontics in
Gilbert, AZ says,

“Referrals are by far our #1 source of new patients. We spend
$0 on marketing and get an average of 30 new patients each
month, over 85% of which comes as referrals from our
patients and referral partners.”

Our goal is that you start each week with a calendar that is full of new and/or profitable patient appointments, so you never  have to worry about where your next referral is coming from. Imagine meeting with people every day who already trust you
because they’ve been referred to by a loyal friend or professional
that they have known for years.

I say “we” because WE IS THE KEY. This book is all about
changing your mindset and approach when it comes to growing
your practice.

Rather than being a lone wolf always out hunting for new
opportunities by yourself, we want you to have a tribe of
talented and trusted people you work with who are constantly
helping refer patients back and forth so everyone wins

 As you apply the Raving Referrals process, perfect prospects
will flock to you, gift wrapped with trust, respect, and ready for
the solutions and services you provide.

The Results Are In

Most business owners and professionals understand and agree  that referrals are the best source of new business. After all,
decades of research have proven this time and time again.

Empirical studies from major universities, publications, and
research firms have concluded:



  • People are 400% more likely to buy from you when they

are referred.

  • 90% of people trust recommendations from people they


  • Referred patients are 16% more profitable than non-

referred patients.

  • 84% of Business-To-Business (B2B) sales start with a


According to Dr. Grayson Burgardt, owner of Periodontics and
Implants of Peoria, AZ,

“Referrals drive our practice. 85% of all new patients come
from 24 local dentists who refer us regularly. Our top
referral partners send us 1-2 new cases per week and are
truly our VIP partners.”

So, if referrals are so profitable, why do so many professionals
struggle to develop a personal practice that generates new
patient opportunities consistently?

What Holds You Back?

If you are like most of the dentists we serve, you may fall into
one of the following categories:


  • You are just too busy staying busy.
    ● You are new to dentistry and are just getting your
    business started.
  • You don’t seem to know the right people or have a

strong enough network yet.

  • You’ve never learned to build your practice by referral,

and you aren’t really sure how to start.

 If any of these things have held you back in the past, you may
feel like you grind away, day after day, with your team making
tedious cold calls, buying bad leads, or throwing away good
money on poorly performing marketing campaigns.

Perhaps you’ve been studying referrals for years and even
belong to a study club, chamber of commerce, or popular
dental association. You may already be getting some referrals
and are looking to expand and improve the quantity and quality
of the referrals you receive.

 The good news is that if you simply follow the step-by-step
process explained in this book, you can systematically build a
strong referral business that will generate referrals for years
to come.

Stop the Insanity

You’ve heard the definition of insanity is to do the same thing  over and over and expect different results. Well, we want to recommend you for investing in yourself and taking the time to earn these time-tested and proven tactics instead of doing
what you’ve always done.

What we’re going to teach you will be a total game-changer for
you, your practice, and your family… but only if you take action
and implement the simple steps outlined in this book.

After all, ACTION is the key to activating the law of attrACTION.
If you follow this proven program and consistently take the

quick and easy success steps, we will guide you through, your
business and bank account will grow. As you expand your
income, you’ll unlock financial freedom and the time freedom
you desire and deserve.

Our goal is to help you attract Raving Referrals quickly and
consistently so you can spend more time doing what you love
with the people you love. Whether pursuing your passions and
hobbies, serving in your favorite charity or church, or traveling
the world enjoying amazing experiences, everything you want
can be achieved once you learn the secrets and the science of
attracting Raving Referrals.

So that’s our vision for you. But what’s your goal?

How Much Money Do You Want to Make?

 Ultimately, the number one reason you are reading this book is
that you want to earn more money. If that’s true for you, it’s
imperative that you set an attainable goal for exactly how
much you want to earn over the next 12 months. You can then
use your financial target as motivation to stay on track and take
the actions needed to achieve your goal.


What is your Annual Income Goal for the next 12 months?


What’s Your WHY?

Now that you’ve declared how much money you want to earn
in the next year, let’s explore what really drives you. The
following questions will help you gain clarity on your true
reasons for achieving your Annual Income Goal.

  1. Why is it important to you to increase your income and

achieve your financial goal? ______________________________________________________

  1. What would achieving your financial goal allow you to do

that you can’t do right now?




  1. How will people benefit when you reach your goal?
    ● Your Family (spouse, children, and grandchildren)
    ● Your Friends
  • Your Company ● Your Employees
  • Your Favorite Charities


  1. How will your friends and family feel about you when you

achieve your goal?


  1. Beyond the money, how will you feel about yourself once you

have achieved this level of financial success? _________________________________________________________

 The reason it’s so important to understand your WHY is that it
is your WHY that really drives us as human beings. The clearer
you are about WHY you want to achieve your desired outcome,
the more driven and committed you will be to create those results.



Enlist Others in Your Success

To achieve success faster, share your goal with others who can
help you reach it. This might include a business coach, partner,
manager, employees, or even your referral partners. Ask them
to hold you accountable or even partner on the program so
they can build their business as you build yours.

After all, if you really want to lose weight, hiring a personal
trainer committed to your success will dramatically increase
your results. Just having a membership to the gym doesn’t
mean you actually show up and work out. Having a personal
trainer that will hold you accountable ensures that when it
comes to working out, you are doing what you should, when
you should, exactly how you should. Granted, it takes time to
see the results, but you will feel stronger, faster, and fitter over
time. You’ll see old fat transform into new muscle. You’ll start
to notice new lines and indentations on your stomach and
problem areas where before there were only bulges and

 When it comes to building your business, the reality is you want
as many people as possible invested in your success and
cheering you on. The more champions you have for your
business, the more business you will have.



From Success to Significance


 What’s exciting to realize is that the success you create
through-out your life and career can impact future generations
if you do it right. Not just for you and your spouse. When you
achieve serious success, you can leave a lasting legacy that
changes the lives of you children, your grandchildren, and
generations to come. Not to mention the impact you can have
on your community and the causes you care about.

Our mission is to transform the lives of dentists around the
world. That’s why we are so committed to empowering and
equipping you with the knowledge and tools that you need to

We want you to feel so confident and comfortable that you will
take action immediately and that you’ll consistently apply what
we’re going to teach you. If you do, you WILL get more referrals
and patients, guaranteed!

We love what we do because we get to work with some of the
best people and companies on the planet. There’s nothing
more rewarding than hearing stories of dentists worldwide
who have gained financial freedom as a result of our system.

 Our request is that as you put these practices and principles to
work in your business, you will share your wins and success
stories with us at RavingReferrals.com/success. We’d love
nothing more than to spotlight your victories with our growing
global community of people who are living a life powered by
Raving Referrals.

Ready for us to show you the money? Scan the QR code below
or use this link for a quick video message from Brandon
Barnum: https://ravingreferrals.com/money



Getting Personal

Over the past 27 years, I have been blessed to be mentored by
some of the world’s most influential and affluent people.

My career and professional travels have led me around the
world to exciting locations, including Hong Kong, Macau, and
Beijing, China; London, England; Zurich, Switzerland; Rome,
Italy; Athens, Greece; Bogotá, Colombia; Caracas, Venezuela;
Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Accra, Ghana.

I’ve hiked the Great Wall of China, convened in the U.S.
Supreme Court in Washington D.C., celebrated with the 2nd
man to walk on the moon, and flew in a private plane over
Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world smack dab in the
Amazon rainforest.

I’ve been involved in billions of dollars of transactions, met with
CEOs of massive corporations including Prudential, Patron,
Paul Mitchell, Blockbuster, and Bank of America. I’ve hired top
executives to help build my brands and grow my businesses,
including the former Chief Marketing Officer from Mastercard
and the former CEO of Guerilla Marketing.

I’ve taught countless people around the world through seminars,
conferences, and webinars and have been blessed to have  some of the world’s most amazing thought leaders teaching our students. Authors and luminaries like Mark Victor Hansen  of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield of The Success
Principles, Michael Beckwith from The Secret, John Gray of Men
Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, Brendon Burchard of
High Performing Habits, Chris and Janet Attwood of The Passion
Test, and visionary futurists including Barbara Marx Hubbard,
Dr. Don Beck, Lynn Twist, and Dr. Jean Houston to name a few,
have been faculty members teaching and training our clients
and community.

I’ve raised and donated millions of dollars for great charities,
both here and abroad. One of my favorite projects was helping
design and execute a fundraising campaign for the Mineseeker
Foundation, whose patrons included Richard Branson, Brad
Pitt, Queen Noor of Jordan, and Nelson Mandella, all of whom
banded together to eliminate landmines from the face of the

I’ve met with African chiefs, operated a diamond mine on the
Gold Coast of Africa, and produced the single largest training
of teachers in the African nation of Liberia presided over by the
President of Liberia herself.

 I was even fortunate enough to meet my idol and personal hero
– Bono, the lead singer of the band U2.

Needless to say, at the age of 52, I’ve lived a rich, exciting, and
fulfilling life.

The reason I share all of this with you is not to impress you but
to impress upon you that anything you dream, and desire is
possible. Every single one of the incidents and relationships I
mentioned came after an introduction or referral. Before I


 teach you how to attract all the patients, associates, and
people you need to fulfill your purpose and passions, let me
take you back to the beginning of my story.

Humble Beginnings

As a child from a divorced home in the 1970s, my hippy mom
hopped from job to job, never caring much about money or
financial stability. Her wanderlust led to constant moves, which
meant I had to attend different schools each and every year
from kindergarten through sixth grade.

In addition to constantly changing where we lived, my mom
was also continually changing jobs and careers. She did
everything from working as a mechanic for Southern Pacific
Railroad, working retail for a thrift shop, selling insurance, and
even operating a bakery before eventually selling real estate.

Money was tight, and I grew up with vivid memories of
watching Mom buy groceries with government food stamps.
Then I would go to school, where they were nice enough to give
me tickets for free breakfast and free lunch every day to ensure
I had food to eat and didn’t go hungry.

As you might imagine, after living with so little growing up, my
true hunger was for success, so I grew up eager to achieve
wealth and prosperity as far back as I can remember.

My First Referral Experience

My first experience with referrals came back in 1985 when I
signed up for the Columbia House record and tape club. I was
so excited to get my first shipment of 13 cassette tapes, which
arrived for the low cost of just one penny (plus shipping and
handling, of course).

This was the 80’s, so I had all the popular albums by bands like
U2, The Jacksons, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Journey, and



many more. What excited me most was their offer to send me
four more cassette tapes for each person I signed up for the
music membership.

I quickly got 12 other kids from my high school to pay their
penny and sign up for the program. It wasn’t long before 48
more albums arrived. For a poor teenager with little money, it
felt like I had won the lottery! My friends marveled at my music
collection, and I enjoyed having albums from obscure artists
like Icicle Works and Flock of Seagulls. You’ve gotta love the

That experience taught me the power that generating referrals
can have on a business. It was also the first example I’d seen of
a Referral Rewards program. Since then, I’ve used that same
strategy to personally generate over $500,000,000 in closed
transactions by referral.

Single Dad Life

My professional career started a decade later. I was 25 years
old, still fresh out of college, and working as the Marketing
Director for a regional estate planning law firm.

Having recently been awarded custody of my 2-year-old son,
Sebastian, I found myself as a young single dad faced with
many new life challenges, the biggest being financial.

With outrageous daycare expenses piled on top of my
mortgage, I soon found myself faced with too much month at
the end of the money. Can you relate?

After bouncing mortgage checks multiple times, I knew I had to
change my financial situation if I was ever going to provide for
my son. After exploring various opportunities and industries, I
decided to accept a mortgage loan officer position at a
prominent Savings and Loan. That’s where I first uncovered the
art and science of attracting Raving Referrals.



Mentored to Millions

As I started my new job, I was desperate to build my book of
business. I felt intimidated, having no experience, no network,
and no clue how to get either one. Needless to say, those first
few months were rough!

As fortune would have it, one of my state’s top producing loan
officers worked at the desk next to mine. Every day I studied
by his side, soaking up everything I could learn from this top
producer who earned hundreds of thousands of dollars each

What amazed me is that this man had absolutely no
personality. In fact, the rest of the office would giggle as he
answered his phone, stating his name with a droll monotone
that sounded like it belonged to the teacher from Ferris
Bueller’s Day Off: “Anyone? Anyone?”

Despite his lack of charisma, this man’s phone rang off the
hook with new loan applications. He was earning tens of
thousands of dollars in commissions each month working 9 am
to 5 pm and was generating the level of income and success I
was hungry for.

So, I watched and listened in awe, asking as many questions as
possible to learn his secrets for attracting so much business. I
had to know what he was doing that made him so super

 It turns out he had cracked the code on attracting referrals.
Over the years, he had built relationships with top professionals in
complementary industries who were already serving the
clients he wanted to attract. These pros were happy to refer
clients to him because he had earned their trust and respect.

As a result, he never had to spend a dime on marketing and
rarely spent any time prospecting. He had all the clients he
could comfortably manage and rarely had to leave his desk
except to grab some coffee and collect his fat paychecks.



As I studied this man’s business intensively, I interviewed other
top-producing mortgage and real estate professionals because
I was committed to learning how the top 10% consistently
outperformed the bottom 90% by leaps and bounds.

Lessons from Top Producers

 These top producers taught me how the super successful generate
massive income consistently and almost effortlessly. I learned
proven tips, scripts, and strategies that have opened doors I
could never have entered on my own.

By consistently engaging complementary professionals, I built
deep, meaningful, trust-filled relationships that gave me
referrals which helped 10X my income from $20,000 to over
$200,000 annually in just 18 months after entering the
mortgage business.

Since that time, I’ve used this formula to build relationships
with some of the world’s most affluent and influential people
who have graciously recommended me to their clients and

Needless to say, referrals have changed my life and continue
to drive my success now over twenty years later. It’s been an
amazing adventure so far, and I hope you’ll join me on this ride.

Since those early days, I helped build the world’s largest
referral network with more than five million members in over
200 countries. Now, as Chairman and CEO of HOA.com, I spend
my time training and empowering the next generation of
professionals and small business owners to grow their
businesses by referral: challenging and empowering them to
do more, be more, earn more, and give more for the
betterment of all.

 My hope is that you too will master these keys to Raving
Referrals and that they forever change your life. If you
implement just one of these success steps each week, you can



increase your referral business and attract all the income,
impact, and influence you desire and deserve.

Julieanne’s Intro

Much like Brandon, I too started from humble beginnings,
having grown up poor on a contaminated Rocketdyne test site
outside of Reno, NV. Having been told I could get cancer at a
young age from what I had been exposed to on our toxic
property, I set out on a mission to learn what led to a
meaningful life.

 At first, I asked everyone I met, the secret to a happy marriage,
and later I began asking everyone what gave them any form of
sustainable happiness. The lessons were simple and clear as
one out of ten people seemed to be having fun while the
countless others were deep in the midst of an existential crisis
of dissatisfaction.

There came a day, I knew some of the simple lessons I’d learned
needed to be captured in a book which led to a publishing deal.
This then led me to much deeper work. My work was fueled by
my own never-ending curiosity about what causes high-
achievers to succeed, along with what was different for those
specifically who maintained their quality of life.

 When I began coaching high-achieving dentists, I quickly
noticed similarities in many of their stories. Some people had
come from war torn countries for example and who were told
to go make something of themselves. Other dentists had
parents who had pressed them hard, from a young age. Others
were born into wealth with high expectations from their
families. Although their circumstances varied, inevitably most
had historically operated on overdrive. Almost all had suffered
some form of childhood trauma, even if they hadn’t realized it.

I’ve had doctors from all walks of life who told me their stories
of struggle, pressure, and ultimately circumstances that



seemed to cause the wiring of their brains to be “stuck” on
overdrive. Most never wanted to stop growing and almost all
were “nearly desperately” committed to their families’
security. Meanwhile, I began to notice other recurring
similarities of depression, feelings of inadequacy, burnout,
frustration, and continual lack of understanding about why
others in their circle of influence weren’t always loyal and
often appeared to lack integrity. Relationships were clearly

Ultimately the high-achievers I coach or work with desire to live
a fulfilled life with meaningful relationships. The question is
how to balance their insatiable urge for growth with trust, ease
and satisfaction.

What most dentists often don’t realize is that there are simple
options at their disposal that can help them operate in new
ways with incredible efficiency. Ways that can make things
effortless and even fun. Ways that can help them to lean into
their greatest desires while growing personally and professionally
leading to sustainable fulfillment and a legacy worth leaving.

Raving Referrals for Dentists provides some of the secrets to
how high-achieving dentists can leverage their influence and
begin to take back their quality of life.

What Will Your Story Be?

We want to help you massively transform your business and
your life so that you have a compelling success story we can
share with the world.

We hope you find so much value in our book and our Referral
Marketing System that you too will share your story and our
solution with others. After all, your story can inspire and
motivate others to follow your steps and achieve the same
results and success that you will have achieved.



We’ve combined all of the proven best practices in both
marketing and referral generation into one fast, easy to use,
and proven Referral Marketing System that will help you do
three things:

  1. Engage Your Referral Champions
  2. Partner with Trusted Professionals
  3. Promote Yourself and Your Team

Taking these three actions consistently will help you achieve
top of mind awareness with your patients and social sphere
that will generate referrals consistently. After all, your existing
contacts and network already know hundreds, if not thousands, of
people who fit your perfect prospect profile.

That’s why we are going to teach you how to promote yourself
and your services in a way that makes people view you as THE
trusted solution they’ve been looking for to solve their dental
challenges they face.

We’ll teach you how to team up and partner with top
professionals who already serve your ideal patients. Your
strategic alliances will promote you to their best clients,
colleagues, and social sphere as you follow our proven process.

 Finally, our system will help you engage your relationships
strategically to build instant rapport and deep trust. This will
lead patients to trust you even more and ultimately refer you
to their family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues, giving you
all the business you could ever want.

We’re Here to Help

We want to help you massively transform your practice and
achieve the financial success and personal fulfillment you
desire and deserve. As you read this book, you will find
practical steps you can take to boost your business and attract



more clients, but there are so many more factors to your
success than just attracting new patients.

Our team at The Champions Institute has helped hundreds of
dental practices grow their business which is exactly why we
created our Champion Dentists program. This has quickly
become the #1 pay-for-performance dental consulting and
coaching program in the world, because our compensation is
earned on actual performance, not promises.

We Want You to Retire Rich

Whether your goal is to increase new patient attraction, boost
your case acceptance, or optimize your staff retention and
loyalty, this program has been designed to maximize the
valuation of your dental business.

 That’s important because in addition to the revenue you earn
each month and each year, your goal should be to build a
profitable practice you can sell for 10-15 times your EBITDA
(Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization).

This productivity program uses a proprietary, process-driven,
systematic approach to identify, evaluate and address key
opportunities that drive your results. They use an advanced
methodology that helps you generate lasting results
increasing both your gross revenue and net profit quickly and

The Champion Dentists program helps you operate your dental
practice at the highest level of performance and profitability.
Those lucky enough to be chosen for this elite performance-
based coaching and consulting program learn to elevate all
aspects of operating your dental business.

 Plus, Champion Dentist partners learn a proven leadership
process to build a “Championship Culture” that elevates your
staff productivity, happiness and loyalty. Best of all, this win-
win program is delivered through a no-risk partnership
agreement where you only pay after you experience results,
and your revenue rises.



What’s Your Referral Score?

 As you begin your journey towards achieving your Annual
Income Goal, it’s crucial to understand precisely where you are
starting from and what gaps you might have in your current
referral business practices.

If you study the top performers and producers in dentistry,
you’ll likely find that they all exhibit the same daily practices.
By making a few minor changes to your daily habits, you can
reach the same level of financial success that the top
performers in dentistry have achieved.

As Dr. Len Tau says in his book Raving Patients,

“Word of mouth has always been the foundation for the acquisition of new patients by a dental practice.”

That’s why we’ve developed a Referral Score assessment to
help you understand how well you’re currently performing in
each of the ten daily practices that drive referrals.

This tool has been designed to identify quick and easy
improvements to your business processes that can drive referrals
for years to come.

Let’s look specifically at the top ten actions that drive referrals
and see how you measure up. As you review each practice,
write down your self-assessed score on each of these daily



practices. This will give you your baseline Referral Score and
identify simple yet powerful opportunities for improvement.

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 Every successful business owner has a detailed business
plan for how they will achieve their goals and objectives.
However, when it comes to referrals, this doesn’t often
hold true.

We’re amazed how few professionals and even fewer
dentists actually have a written plan that details exactly
what they are going to do this week, this month, and this
year to grow their referral business.

Considering the fact that over 65% of new business comes
by referral, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t
have a written plan and system to drive referrals for your

 Your plan should include your goals for the month, quarter,
and year along with a detailed promotional plan and
communication calendar, so you plan out your key offers
and campaigns throughout the year.



How do you score when it comes to having a detailed
business development and referral plan?

Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10, where 0 indicates you have
no plan at all and 10 means you have a detailed action plan
with written goals, promotions, and a communication

  1. Planning  __________


When it comes to business, nothing matters more than
serving your patients!

Providing exceptional service to each and every patient and
community member should be the reason you do what you
do. The money is simply the reward for a job well done!

The more exceptionally you serve your patients, the more
referrals will flow your way. As people see how much you
care about their success and satisfaction, they will naturally
be more inclined to refer others to you.

On a scale of 0-10, how well do you score when it comes to
serving your patients? Write down your score to practice #2

  1. Serving ____________


The most successful professionals ensure they engage and
connect with their most important relationships consistently.

As you invest time and energy in building strong relationships,
you increase the number of people who know, like, and trust
you enough to refer you to the people in their lives. The key



is to engage them consistently while focusing on the things
that matter most TO THEM.

After all, people don’t care how much you know until they
know how much you care. The more consistently you engage
others personally and meaningfully, the more consistently
they will recommend and refer you to their friends, family,
colleagues, and social sphere.

 So how do you score when it comes to connecting with and
engaging people? Are you skillful at following up and building
strong relationships, or do people rarely hear from you after
they’ve met you for the first time?

Write down your score, with 0 being awful and 10 being masterful.

  1. Engaging _____


We’re often amazed how few dentists actually ask their
patients or network for referrals. Most people in business
understand that referrals drive their success, but often they
feel awkward and uncomfortable asking for them. That’s
probably because they’ve never been taught when and how to
ask for referrals in a way that makes your patients feel
comfortable and happy to help.

We are going to teach you to master “The Art of the Ask” in
Chapter 8. For now, be sure to write down your score of how
consistent you are at asking for referrals from both your
patients and professional colleagues.

  1. Asking ________




The most successful dentists always measure and track their
results, especially when it comes to referrals!

We’re surprised how few people actually understand where
their business comes from. After all, if you aren’t tracking and
measuring where each and every patient comes from, how can
you expect to maximize your results?

Business experts teach, “What gets measured, gets
maximized,” and that is absolutely true. By tracking your
referrals, you focus your mind on the #1 driver of your business
success. The information you gather allows you to concentrate
your valuable time and energy on your most productive and
profitable relationships.

Okay, it’s time to score how good you are at tracking the
referrals you give and receive. Go ahead and write down your
score now.

  1. Tracking  _________


Thanking people is a critical practice that can dramatically
impact your success… if you do it consistently. Every time you
receive a referral, you should be thanking the person who
made the recommendation or introduction. Not only does this
help them feel good because you’ve recognized them, but it
also demonstrates your professionalism, which reinforces their
feeling that recommending you was the right move to make.

Thanking referrers will dramatically boost their confidence in
recommending you and improve the probability they send you
more referrals in the future.



Please understand, this is one of the fastest and easiest ways
to grow your referral business, so make sure you thank people
each and every time they give you a new referral.

So how do you rate when it comes to consistently thanking
people who give you referrals?

  1. Thanking ___________


 Updating people who give you referrals is another important
practice that builds trust. People are highly appreciative when
you call, text, DM, or email a quick update, letting them know
if you were able to help their client, friend, or loved one.

 This is especially true when the person giving you the referral
is another professional. After all, they’ve entrusted their own
personal credibility and relationship with their client to you.
Following up with a quick update gives you a natural and
comfortable opportunity to ask if they know anyone else who
would benefit from your service.

If you’ve never even thought about updating people after they
refer people to you, you may need to write down a score of 0
on this practice. On the other hand, maybe you are awesome
at letting people know what’s going on with the people they
refer to you. If so, then write down a 10. Just be sure to write
down your number so you can see your overall Referral Score.

  1. Updating __________


Rewarding your referral sources is another excellent business
practice and catalyst for referrals, whether you incentivize
people or simply surprise them with a gift when they refer you.


Some dentists design and promote a formal Raving Rewards
program where patients and promotional partners are
incentivized when they introduce prospects or potential new
patients to your business.

We love Raving Rewards programs because they help create a
culture of referrals. Plus, when designed properly, these
programs automatically ask for referrals on your behalf
without you ever having to leave your comfort zone.

Be sure to research and follow the regulations and restrictions
for your industry, so you are always in complete compliance.

How good you are at rewarding people who give you referrals.
Are you a 0, a 10, or somewhere in between?

  1. Rewarding _____


Most people love to be publicly recognized for doing good
work and helping others. In fact, our frail human ego has a very
strong desire and need for recognition, especially in today’s
social media obsessed world of likes, shares, tweets, and

That’s why many dental practices grow rapidly once they start
publicly celebrating and recognizing people who promote and
refer them. Whether it be in the public areas of the business or
through a newsletter, website or social media accounts, the
social proof and credibility built by recognizing your referrers
works quickly and effectively.

Be sure to get written permission from patients before
acknowledging them publicly to comply with HIPAA regulations.

How about you? How well do you score when it comes to
celebrating and recognizing the people who recommend and



refer you? Write down your score so we can move to the final
referral practice that drives your wealth.

  1. Recognizing  ____

Nearly 90% of business success comes down to your marketing
and lead generation. After all, if you have enough sales and
revenue coming in the door, most other problems can be
solved. On the other hand, if you don’t have a consistent flow
of new and/or repeat patients, you don’t really have much of a
practice, do you?

 After coaching, consulting, and working with thousands of
businesses worldwide, we’ve found where most people fail is
in their self-promotion and marketing efforts. Rather than
attending events, networking, mailing out offers, or running
ads online and off, many people simply do unprofitable “busy-
work” that never gets them any closer to their Annual Income
Goal. Whether that be because they are too busy, too shy, or
just don’t know-how, they simply don’t invest enough time or
money attracting new business opportunities.

How do you rate yourself in the marketing and promotion side
of your practice?

If you are one of those people who always find a reason not to
invest your time or money promoting yourself and your
services, you may need to give yourself a 1, 2, or 3 on this
practice. If you are a super promoter who always stays top-of-
mind with your patients, fans, and followers, you should write
down a 9 or a 10. Most people score between 3 and 5 on this
one, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t score well on this important

  1. Promoting ____




Now for the fun part! Write down and add up each of your
scores from the 10 referral best practices above.

  1. Planning
  2. Serving
  3. Engaging
  4. Asking
  5. Tracking
  6. Thanking
  7. Updating
  8. Rewarding
  9. Recognizing
  10. Promoting

TOTAL REFERRAL SCORE ______________________

Your Referral Score ranges from 0-100 and works just like a
standard school grade. That means…

If you scored 90 or higher, you get an A

We’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that you are in the top 5%
of income earners in your industry. You’re probably already
earning a great income and living the good life. You have solid
systems in place that generate referrals consistently and
automatically. Most likely, you take multiple vacations each
year and share your abundance with everyone you love.



 We hope every single one of our readers achieves this level of
Referral Score after going through the training in this book and
setting up your Referral Marketing System.

If you scored in this range, we congratulate and celebrate you.
Well done!

If you scored between 80-89, you get a B

 Most people who score this high are in the top 20% of income
earners in dentistry. You likely have new referrals and
opportunities coming to you on a daily basis and are doing
quite well financially.

If you got a B on this test, you should feel proud for mastering
so many of the referral best practices. Business must be pretty
good, and your income is increasing. You’re on your way, and
it’s just a matter of time before you blast through your Annual
Income Goal.

If you scored between 70-79, your grade is a C

In the Olympics, third place still gets you on the podium, so feel
proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far. Just know there’s
more work to do to reach gold medal status.

This is still a passing mark. You are likely in the top half of the
producers in dentistry and are doing fine financially. You may
have identified some opportunities for improvement as you
reviewed these top 10 practices. Hopefully, you are now
motivated to learn and apply the proven strategies, systems,
and scripts we share in this book.

If you scored between 60-69, that means you got a D

 If you’re in this category, you’re not alone. The majority of
professionals initially get a failing Referral Score before they go
through our program and apply our strategies. The knowledge
and wisdom in this book can help you identify quick tweaks
that help ramp up your revenue and maximize profitability.



If you are serious about growing your business and generating
more income, just work on each of these daily practices and
take consistent action. Fortunately, our easy-to-use system can
help boost your score significantly.

If you scored below 60, you know what grade you got…

The optimists in us would tell you that scoring in this range just
means you have many opportunities for improvement.
Remember, this isn’t your final grade. It’s just the beginning.
There is a lot you can do to quickly boost your Referral Score
and your income.

The power behind building a business by referral is you actually
compound your success once you start because more new
patients refer more new patients who refer more new patients.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re feeling a bit stretched, stressed, or overwhelmed right
now, we totally understand. Don’t worry! We are committed to
teaching you all you need to know to build a thriving practice.

You’ll be retaking this test at the end of this book, so just focus
on putting these methods to work in your practice, and you’ll
see your referrals and income start to rise.

 If you haven’t already taken your Referral
Score Quiz online, scan this QR code or visit
the link below to take the quick quiz now. 


The 7 Laws of Raving Referrals

 When it comes to generating Raving Referrals for your practice,
there are seven laws you need to understand and master.
When you build your practice in accordance with these seven
laws, you will attract a steady stream of new patient
opportunities for years to come.

Our goal is for you to get Raving Reviews just like this
statement I recently heard about Dr. Steven Pohlhaus of
Baltimore Center for Laser Dentistry.


I LOVE my dentist. So much so that I’ve stayed with him for 12
years and have referred to him countless times. I tell everyone
about him. I’ve brought him a ton of new clients and
recommended him to my friends, to all my coworkers, and even
on Facebook to random people in our mmunity who are
looking for a new dentist.”

Nicole Poulous

Raving Referral Law #1:

Every Referral Starts with Trust

The first thing you must understand when it comes to referrals
is that every referral starts with trust 


Think about the last referral, recommendation, or introduction
you gave to a friend or colleague. How well did you know and
trust the person you recommended?

Most likely, you trust them tremendously, or you would not
have made that recommendation, right? If not, you gave the
recommendation with a disclaimer saying something like, “I’ve
never used them myself, but I hear they do a good job.”

The same is true for everyone you know. The more they know,
like, and ultimately trust you, the more they will sing your
praises and passionately endorse you to the people in their

 In fact, your income is directly tied to the amount of trust that
you build with your patients, colleagues, and social sphere. The
more trust you earn, the more money you will earn over your

Gallup has conducted polls over the past several decades that
consistently show that the most trusted professions on the
planet are also the most highly paid, including doctors,
engineers, and accountants.

The more people that trust that you are a person of integrity
and an expert professional in your trade, the more confidence
they will have in recommending you. Ultimately it is their trust
in you that gives them the confidence to refer people they care
about to you and your practice.


Raving Referral Law #2:

The More You Give, The More You Receive

Giving is the key that builds trust, deepens relationships, and
unlocks referrals. Combining generosity into all that you do can
show your patients how you are different than every other
doctor out there. In fact, it can be one more powerful way to
differentiate yourself from others in your field.

The more generous you are with your time, attention,
understanding, and respect for others, the more liked and
trusted you will become. In turn, people will go out of their way
to help you succeed.

In life, there are people who take more than they give and
those who give more than they take. Those who are constantly
putting their own wants and needs first are typically viewed as
selfish, egotistical, and greedy. Those who give generously
tend to be viewed as noble, big-hearted, and even charitable.

So which camp do you want to be in?

Take a moment to think about the people in your life who are
the greatest givers. Who are the three people you view as
being most generous and giving of your family, friends,
colleagues, and co-workers?



The 3 Most Generous People in My Life Are:

  1. ______________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________

How do you FEEL about the people you just identified? Does
their generosity make you like them more?

Most likely, the answer is a resounding YES!

That’s why when it comes to building trust, the more you give,
the more you receive. Make it your mission to go out of your
way to give your time, talents, attention, and best efforts in all
you do.

Give your respect and attention to everyone you meet. Listen
to them intently and ask probing questions about their
passions and pursuits. Get to know what they really care about
and help them achieve it if you can.

Give praise and public appreciation when people help you.
Send them a thank you card, text, or testimonial for their
business. When appropriate and while being mindful of privacy
laws, give shoutouts on social media or via newsletters.

The more you give, the more referrals you will receive. So, give
generously in all you do.

As Elijah “DJ Smiles” Desmond the founder of The Dental
Festival and the Smiles at Sea dental cruise says,

“I over-deliver so much it makes people uncomfortable, so
they have no choice but to give back by telling others about


Raving Referral Law #3:

Relationships Trigger Transactions

You’ve probably heard the saying that people don’t care how
much you know until they know how much you care. As you
build trust and give generously, you will strengthen and
deepen relationships with people who have the ability to refer
and recommend all the patients you will ever want or need.

 The reality is that trust only gets built through relationships.
This is why the third law of Raving Referrals is that relationships trigger
transactions. The quality of your relationships determines the
quality of your life.

Before getting married, my wife and I went through a
premarital course with the pastor of our church. One of the
lessons he taught us was that relationships were like bank
accounts. Every time you show someone you care about them,
you make a deposit in that account, and your balance with them

The more often you connect with the people in your life, the
greater your relational equity with them will be. The better
they get to know you, the more they start to like you and trust
you, which then leads to them recommending and referring to
you and your practice.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

 Most banks charge service fees on inactive accounts, and the
same thing happens with your relationships. The more time you
let pass without communicating or connecting, your relational
balance with that person declines.

If you don’t reach out from time to time, they may actually
forget about you altogether. They certainly won’t be on the
lookout for patients for you, which is what you want for your

That is why it’s so important to continually engage and nurture
all your Referral Champions, including your patients, referral
partners, and social sphere.

 Of course, it’s always best to connect with people in person,
because humans experience the strongest bonds when we are
hanging out together having fun. That’s why we recommend
that you get together with your top relationships at least once
every month or two.

That said, you can always send a text, call them on the phone,
or send a personal message or handwritten note to show you
are thinking about them. When you do, you are making
relational deposits that will pay off big time once you learn the
secrets to generating referrals.

The more personal your interactions are, the more relational
equity you are creating. Remember that every touch counts.
Even a quick text, email, direct message, social post, or
newsletter will help you gain mindshare. Just remind your
referral champions you are never too busy to help them and
the people they care about. The more value you deliver to your
relationships, the more frequently they will refer you.


Raving Referral Law #4:

Stellar Service Creates Stellar Success

The fourth law of generating Raving Referrals is that stellar
service creates stellar success.

It should go without saying that the better you treat your
patients, staff and assistants, the more success you will
experience—both in terms of your personal income as well as
your personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

The more your patients and referral partners know how much
you genuinely care about them and their success, the more
they will care about you and your success.


The 5 Traits of Stellar Service:

When you serve patients exemplifying these five traits of
stellar service, they will go out of their way to help you. In fact,
they will rave about you each and every chance they get.

  1. Listen intently to understand their cares and concerns
  2. Communicate clearly
  3. Meet and exceed expectations
  4. Be on time and on budget
  5. Always be in integrity

Be intentional about building a community of patients that are
grateful for your service, generous with praise, and quick to
recommend you to others. After all, word spreads quickly when
you deliver stellar service to your patients. Soon, the only
possible outcome is stellar success for you and your practice.

Raving Referral Law #5:

Delighted Patients Refer Delightful Patients

Wow your patients and referrals will follow.

The fifth law of Raving Referrals is that when you go above and
beyond to delight your patients, they will happily and
consistently refer you delightful patients.


Decades of empirical research shows that referred prospects:

  • Trust you faster
  • Refer more often 
  • Are more loyal
  • Are more profitable
  • Are more eager to choose you
  • Are often pre-sold on switching to you
    • Are more enjoyable to work with

When you add all of these factors together, it’s no wonder why
delighted patients refer delightful patients!

As your patients praise you to others, they actually transfer the
trust they’ve built with others onto you. Every time that
happens, your new patient’s confidence in you and comfort
with you grows.

Your goal should be for your patients to rave about you and
your practice with so much reverence and appreciation that the
people they promote you to have already decided to choose
with you… even before you’ve ever heard their name.

Of course, converting Raving Referrals to delightful patients
can only happen when you follow law number 6.

Raving Referral Law #6:

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

When it comes to success for service businesses and
professionals, your fortune will be made or lost based on how
well you follow-up with people. In fact, follow-up is the single
best way to double your referrals in a very short time.

Why? Because so few people actually do it. That means it’s easy
for you to stand out from your competition. Plus, it’s a great
demonstration of how well you follow-through and get the job
done right.


If you really want a steady stream of Raving Referrals, you want
to become famous for your follow-up.

Herbert True, a marketing specialist at Notre Dame University,
found that:

  • 44% of all salespeople quit following-up after the first call
    • 24% quit following-up after the second call
    • 14% quit following-up after the third call
    • 12% quit following-up after the fourth call

That means 94% of all salespeople quit after the fourth call, yet
60% of all sales are made after the fourth call.

Plus, the more you update people as you serve them and the
patients they refer, the more trust and confidence you build
and the more referrals you will receive. Even if it’s just a quick
text, voice message, email, or social media message. Follow-up
and watch the money start flowing to you faster.

If you really want to drive growth in your practice, follow-up
with everyone who gives you a…

  • Referral
  • Introduction
    • Testimonial
  • Rating or Review

The more valuable the gift someone is giving you, the more
important it is to follow-up with them. Be sure to thank them
and give them updates so they have all the information they
need and want.

 As we mentioned earlier, when calculating your Referral Score,
this practice is especially important when you receive a referral
from a referral partner or professional colleague. When they
trust you enough to serve their valuable clients, you have an
incredible opportunity to deepen that relationship by
following up with them. These updates demonstrate a high



level of professionalism and continually build trust and

Have your team call your partners with regular updates on the
status of each patient they refer to you. That way, they will
always know exactly how you are helping their clients.

It also gives you an opportunity to ask, “Is there anyone else
you’d like us to help?”

According to Dr. Emily Letran DDS and CEO of Action to Win:

“Patient retention is one of the most important factors in
growing a business because, over time, the patients who stay,
pay, and refer are your greatest assets. Patient referrals
should be leveraged as your number one marketing strategy.”

When you follow-up famously, you’ll be amazed how many
Raving Referrals you receive.

Raving Referral Law #7:

Everyone Wins, or No One Wins

The seventh and final law of generating Raving Referrals is that
everyone wins, or no one wins.

When it comes to serving patients and building profitable
partnerships with other professionals who serve your perfect
prospects, it’s important you ensure they always feel like they
win every time they do business with you.

That requires that you strategically design your business
practices, operations, and communications to guarantee that
people know you have their best interests at heart.

Find ways to help them win.



Praise your patients, employees, and partners whenever
possible. People love recognition, so give them a shout out in
your newsletter, website, email, or social media accounts as

Reward patients and referral partners who refer you so that
they will feel honored, valued, and appreciated. This will boost
the likelihood they will refer you again in the future.

Offer to cross-promote and recommend your partners to your
patients, colleagues, and social sphere to help them attract
more profitable prospects for their business.

The more people feel like they win every time they do business
with you, the more business they will do with you… and the
more Raving Referrals they will send your way.

To review, the 7 Laws of Raving Referrals are:

  1. Every Referral Starts with Trust
  2. The More You Give, The More You Receive
  3. Relationships Trigger Transactions
  4. Stellar Service Creates Stellar Success
    5. Delighted Patients Refer Delightful Patients
    6. The Fortune is in The Follow-Up 7. Everyone Wins, or No One Wins

As you master these seven laws and integrate them into your
business, you will generate a steady stream of Raving Referrals
for years to come.


For a quick summary of the 7 Laws of Raving Referrals, scan the
QR code below or visit the link below:



Perfect Prospects & Lifetime Patients

Perfect Prospect Profile

Have you ever heard someone describe another person so
vividly that you instantly thought of someone you know who’s
just like them? That’s exactly what your goal is with your Perfect
Patient Profile.

 To empower others with the ability to refer quality patients
quickly and consistently, you must create a Service Statement
that paints a clear picture of precisely who you help and how
you help them.

As you practice describing your Perfect Patients and your
Service Statement, you can start sharing a clear, concise
statement that will stick in the minds of people you meet. They
will have no choice but to think of you the next time someone
is describing the challenge that you solve.



Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to referrals, it’s better to have high-quality
referrals to qualified candidates who actually need and want
the service or solution you provide. You do not want to waste
anyone’s time so be clear on who your ideal patient is.

Your goal is to represent your Perfect Patients to referral
partners, so they easily understand, remember, and scout for
people who match your target. Your Service Statement gives
them the ability to retell your story to others so their desire to
do business with you increases before you’ve even spoken with

Once you’ve accomplished that, you will have enlisted them as
Referral Champions scouting for you and singing your praises
to the precise people you are looking to serve.

The Two Parts to Your Perfect Patient Profile Are:

  1. Who you help
  2. How you help

 Once you get clear on these two things, the final step is to write
your Service Statement and start sharing who you help and how
you help as a story. That way people can tell your Service
Statement and story each time they are talking to one of your
Perfect Patients. So, let’s go through each of these in detail,
starting with who you help.

Who You Help

Take a moment to think about the best patients you’ve ever
had throughout your entire career; the type of patient where if
you could attract more exactly like these, you’d be beyond
thrilled, and so would they.



Can you picture them right now? If I were to ask you the names
of your five best patients, who would they be? Take a moment
to write down their names now.

My 5 Best Patients Have Been:

  1. _______________________________________
  2. _______________________________________
  3. _______________________________________
  4. _______________________________________
  5. _______________________________________

What Makes Them Your Best Patients?

  • Why did these people come to mind?
    • What do they have in common?
  • Were they your most profitable patients, the most

enjoyable, or somewhere in between?

  • Is there a specific type of patient who most benefits

from your practice?

  • What common goals, needs, or challenges do they share?
    • What type of people give you the most referrals and
  • How often do your ideal patients accept treatment?
    • How much revenue do your ideal patients typically
    represent to you annually and over the lifetime of
    providing them care?

The answers to these questions should start to reveal some
commonalities you can use to build your Perfect Patient Profile.
The clearer that you are, the easier it is for others to refer to
you effectively and consistently.



Maybe your ideal patient is a single mom in her 30s who loves
yoga, cooking, and dancing. Or perhaps it is a grandparent over
60 who is getting ready to retire and relocate.

The more specific you are, the more clearly you can describe
the type of people you are looking to serve. Your job is to make
it easy for others to introduce and refer you to people who are
a great fit for the services and solutions you provide. That will
lead to more profitable prospects coming your way.

Diagnose Your Demographics

 As you analyze your MVP patients, you will see that they share
some of the same demographics. Take the time to review your
most profitable patients from this or last year to assess and
identify your Perfect Patient Profile: Evaluate them by the
following demographics:

  • Age
  • Gender • Income • Location
  • Stage of Life
  • Marital Status • Parental Status
  • Homeownership Status
  • Occupation, Hobbies, or Passions
  • Typical Type of Insurance or Cash Paying

 As you diagnose the demographics of your MVP patients, you
will get clarity on your Perfect Patient Profile which you will use
moving forward to refine your messaging and marketing.

How You Help

Once you have clarity around what your ideal patient looks like,
next you need to define how you help them.



  • What are the most common treatment problems you

solve for your patients?

  • What specific outcomes, goals, or objectives do you help

your ideal patients achieve?

  • What do you think is most important to your ideal


  • What are your best patient success stories?

According to Dr. Sean Mohtashami of 4M Institute and 4M
Dental Implant Center,

“Understanding your perfect or ideal patient is to understand
and realize patients’ expectations. Make sure those
expectations are realistic and achievable by the
recommended treatment. Spending a little extra time with
the patient, going through the challenges at hand, can save
you headaches and misunderstandings down the line. Also,
identifying patients’ psychological issues is imperative to
your long-term dental success. Realize that there are patients
you will never be able to satisfy due to their psychological

It’s important to both understand who you want to serve and
how to best manage expectations. This will help you get clear
on how best to describe the challenges you solve and the
solutions you provide.

Write Your Service Statement

Once you’ve gotten crystal clear on who you help and how you help them, it’s time to write your Service Statement.

This is a description of your practice you will share over and
over in your community, on social media, at networking events,
and professional functions. Your Service Statement will help
paint a clear picture in the mind of the person you are talking
to so they immediately think of people who might need your



We recommend you follow our DREAM formula to ensure your Service Statement is:

  • Descriptive
    • Relatable
    • Engaging
    • Authentic

Example Service Statement

 To help you better understand what a powerful service statement
looks like, here is an example of a Service Statement for a

“You know how some people are embarrassed smile and
struggle with their confidence as a result of neglected care?
Well, I help patients gain back their self-esteem with
solutions that are painless and fans, giving them trans-
formative results that can be life changing.”

In the example above, the dentist identified that she is looking
to serve people lacking confidence as a result of poor dental

This gives the listener important data they can use to scan their
memory banks and think about the people they know.
Everyone has come across someone who has neglected their
self-care with respect to their dental needs.

Once the listener meets someone who has this need in the
future, they will quickly recall your scenario and recommend
this person to you and your practice.



Get Started Now!

Take a few moments to describe a challenge that your ideal
patients face. Then describe your solution in a way that tells a
story the person will understand and remember. That way, they
will immediately think of you and refer them to you.

Just fill in the blanks to create your Service Statement:

 You know how ___________________________________________
(Describe Your Ideal Patients and the Challenges the Face).

Well, I help _______________________________________________

solve/achieve/give ______________________________________

 Practice saying it out loud in the mirror once you’ve created a
Service Statement you feel good about until it becomes
completely comfortable and natural. Then, once you’ve
mastered the mirror, ask a colleague or referral partner if you
can share it with them. As you test it out on a few people, be
sure to ask for their honest feedback.

Are there any refinements or improvements you want to make
now that you’ve used it in a conversation and heard it out loud?



 Was your statement clear as to who you help and how you help?
Was it memorable? Ask them to restate what they heard so you
can listen to how they describe your services.

Is there anyone they think of right now who matches your
Perfect Patients Profile? You might just attract some Raving
Referrals just by practicing your Service Statement.

As you practice and perfect sharing who you help and how you
help with others, the more comfortably and powerfully you’ll
be able to share it. Over time, more and more people will
understand exactly who you help and how you help.

Lifetime Patient Value

Each patient you serve is worth far more than the value of a
single cleaning or consultation. After all, when you service your
patients exceptionally well, they will depend on you for years
to come and refer you to others frequently.

I learned that first-hand back in the mortgage business.
Although I would earn an average of $3,000 per loan funded, I
realized each client was really worth over $10,000 on average
throughout the lifetime of each client relationship.

Clients would come to me for multiple loans over time,
whether it be to buy a new home, refinance their existing
home, or invest in a vacation or rental property. Plus, they
would refer me to their friends, family, co-workers, and clients
who I was happy to help.

To calculate out your Lifetime Patient Value, just multiple the
average income you earn per visit, times the number of visits
each patient averages with you, times the number of good
referrals each patient gives you.

$ ______________Earnings Per Transaction

X ______________ # of Lifetime Transactions


X ______________ # of Referrals They Give

$ ______________ Lifetime Patient Value

For example, if your average transaction represents $250 per
visit, and you service each patient once every 6-months (or 2
transactions per year), that patient is worth $500 to your
business annually, assuming you’re only providing routine

If your typical patient uses your services an average of ten
years, each patient then represents $5,000 in revenue over the
lifetime of the patient engagement. That’s not accounting for
additional needs beyond hygiene such as whitening, crowns,
veneers, clear aligners, dental implants and more. That’s also
not accounting for the fact that most patients end up bringing
their entire family to a practice.

Referrals are the accelerator that really drives your revenue
and business. If each patient refers you just one additional
patient with a similar service plan, your initial patient has now
delivered an additional $5,000 in projected revenue to your
business not accounting for anything outside of hygiene.

Understanding the total value that each new patient
represents to your business over time can change your
perspective and appreciation for them in a hurry. It also determines
how many marketing dollars you can afford to spend to acquire
each new patient.

After all, if you could spend $250 to gain a patient worth $5,000
or even $10,000 to your business, how many times would you
like to do that? As often as possible, right?

The key lesson here is to view each patient not just by the one-
time revenue you will earn from servicing them today. Through



the perspective of the lifetime patient value, you will earn by
serving them and their referrals for years to come.

 Danny Creed is a good friend of mine who also happens to be
the six-time #1 global business coach for Bryan Tracy’s Focal
Point Coaching company. In Danny’s book, Thriving Business, he
states the five most common marketing mistakes are:

  • No idea who the ideal customer (patient) is
    • No idea what the ideal customer (patient) wants
    • No idea as to what business you’re really in
    • No idea why anyone should buy or what sets you apart
    from the competition
  • No idea how to explain your business in thirty seconds

or less

If any of those is a gap for you, take a few minutes to get clear
on each of these five areas of your business.

Before long, you’ll have Raving Referrals and introductions
coming in consistently.

Creating your Perfect Patient Profile is an important step
towards success. Scan the QR code or visit the link below to
view a special video tip:


Learn Why They Buy

For many dentists, case acceptance can be a challenge. So,
what if there was a quick, easy, and effective way to increase
your closing rate up to 300%?

There is when you learn people’s BANKCODE and understand how each person thinks and how they make buying decisions.

The truth is that we human beings have twenty-four very
different personality styles. Some people are naturally
outgoing and friendly, greeting everyone they meet with a
smile and a hug. These people excel in sales, customer service,
and other positions where relationships matter.

Others are shyer and more introverted, preferring to have as
little human contact as possible. You probably know a number
of these people, and perhaps that is how you were created.
These people tend to be computer programmers, accountants,
mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and other professions where
they can excel working with things more than with people.

Take It to The B.A.N.K.

When it comes to the buying process, the same is true. When
working with patients and offering or presenting treatment,
some will use their intuition to assess your offer quickly. Others
need time to analyze information on their various options to select the optimal solution before moving forward.

It’s important to recognize people think differently based on
their personality style. So, if people process information and
make decisions much differently, why do most businesspeople
use the exact same presentations and conversations for each
prospect they meet?

This was a question I had never considered until October 14,
2017, when I was leading a 2-day event called the Profit
Partner Summit teaching this Raving Referrals system to an
audience of over 200 in Phoenix, Arizona. After walking off
stage, a woman named Sandy approached me, introduced
herself, handed me four colored cards, and said,

“Do me a favor: read the information on these cards and
sort them in the order of what’s most important to least
important to you. That will help me serve you better and
save us both time.”

After reviewing the cards, I quickly sorted and handed them
back. What happened next blew me away.

 As Sandy reviewed the order of the cards I handed her, she
started describing my personality. I was shocked at how
accurate her assessment was, and all I had done was sort four
cards. I’ve taken at least a dozen different personality
assessments, including Myers Briggs (MBTI), DiSC, The Harrison
Assessment, and StrengthsFinder, to name a few. Each time, I
had to go online and tediously answer 60-100 questions which
typically took between 10-20 minutes. With B.A.N.K., it was
nearly instant, and there was no technology needed.


Sandy went on to explain how this B.A.N.K. system helps you
close more sales in less time, increasing closing rates to as
much as 300%. She also shared a white paper scientifically
validating B.A.N.K. as the world’s only sales methodology that
accurately predicts buying behavior in real-time.

Close More Sales in Less Time

 The key to increasing your sales conversion rates is to identify
your prospect’s personality type. Once you understand their
BANKCODE you can customize your conversations and
presentations to be most effective based on how each person
processes information and makes buying decisions. In just
seconds, this easy and reliable system can help you:

  • Supercharge Your Treatment Presentation
    • Transform Your Communications
    • Make Lifelong Connections
  • Empower your team to support you

Science long ago determined that four distinct primary
personality types explain how we think, make decisions, and
interact with the world. B.A.N.K. uses this personality science
to help you improve interpersonal communication for better
personal and professional relationships.

In 1992, the Chally Group conducted a research project known



as the World Class Sales Project. They concluded that only 18%
of buyers would buy from a salesperson who doesn’t match the
buyer’s personality type. That’s much lower than the 82%
success rate when personality types are aligned.

The four BANKCODES are: Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge.

As you look at the following list, which would you choose as
your top choice if you could only choose one?

 Now that you’ve identified your first choice, what would you
choose next? Complete that process until you have your four-
code combination and write that in the lines below:







Unlike other personality systems that are based on psychology,
B.A.N.K. is the only values-based assessment that measures a
person’s “buyology.” My fascination grew after Sandy emailed
my 24-page BANKPASS report, which explained my personality
in great detail. It outlined the triggers which get me to yes and
the tripwires that lead me to say no in a sales setting. Beyond
that, it helped me understand how to better connect and
communicate with the other codes I had struggled with before.
Did you know there are 24 individual BANKCODES that drive
why people buy? To learn the secrets, science and system to
increase sales conversions up to 300%, visit:


Instant Empathy

The market researcher in me needed to test the system and see
what results it delivered. As I started using the cards at
networking events and one-on-one meetings, I found people
were as fascinated as I was. Each person I handed the cards to
was happy to participate because the exercise was all about
them. They were excited to share why they chose each card. It
was amazing to watch these colorful cards quickly identify each
person’s personality in under 90 seconds.


What I soon realized was that B.A.N.K. gave me instant
empathy. Within seconds of meeting someone, I cracked their
code and immediately understood how their mind works. Best
of all, it’s fast, fun, and fascinating. People love talking about
themselves, which creates the space where people open up,
helping you understand them rapidly.

“Growing your business is all about relationships. You never
start out talking about dentistry. People want to do business
with people they like. When you build your practice around
positive relationships you’ve built, your practice becomes a

– Dr. Dennis Smiler

 The most important code I ever cracked was for my daughter
Ella. While we are incredibly close and have great daddy-
daughter dates, our conversations have felt more like debates
since she entered her teen years.

After cracking her BANKCODE and watching her select the
Knowledge card first, everything suddenly clicked. Our codes
are complete opposites, which helped me understand the
space between us. Instantly I saw how my way of expressing
myself completely repelled her because it didn’t match the way
her brain processes information. When we talk, her scientific
mind goes to work analyzing for accuracy and application. If I
make grandiose or generalized statements, her natural
response is to question or challenge, which leaves me feeling

Because of B.A.N.K., I now understand my daughter much
better. Rather than trying to change her, I embrace and
celebrate her strengths. Seeing her choose the Nurturing card
last helped me understand why she rarely shows affection like
she did when she was young. Now that I understand how her
brilliant brain works, I truly appreciate the woman she was
created to be.



It’s been years since cracking Ella’s code, and our relationship
has never been better. I’ll be forever grateful for the
understanding and empathy B.A.N.K. has given me.

Referred to a Rockstar

Since this book is about generating Raving Referrals, I have to
share that I was thrilled when Sandy called offering to
introduce me to Cheri Tree, the creator of the program and
author of the book, Why They Buy.

 Over a series of phone calls, Cheri and I became fast friends and
mutual admirers. Before long, we were collaborating and
creating a strategic alliance to empower more people with
B.A.N.K. We scheduled an interview and promoted her to my
tribe. Then, as our respect and relationship grew, Cheri invited
me to teach the Raving Referrals system to her audience at the
international B.A.N.K. conference in Vegas. The following
month, I invited her to join me at an Oscars after party at
Universal Studios in L.A. with Ashton Kutcher and Matthew
McConaughey as guests of honor.

Over the years that have followed, my respect and admiration
for Cheri have grown immensely, and I believe the feeling is
mutual. In my opinion, B.A.N.K. can help everyone improve
their relationships and live better lives. That’s why I am
committed to supporting Cheri’s mission to crack the code of
every person on the planet.

To that end, I dedicated ten months of my life to helping her
build and launch Codebreaker Technologies, including
Codebreaker AI. This revolutionary technology enables you to
crack personality codes in just one click using a LinkedIn profile.
It’s an amazing tool that I recommend to anyone looking to
close more sales and build better relationships.

One of the reasons I share this example is that being referred
to as influencers is a strategy you want to master. This will help
you gain access to people you may otherwise never meet. In



today’s hyper-social world, just one referral can change your

The key is to follow up and follow through. Add value and help
achieve whatever mission, dream, or goal they are passionate
about. Then when you earn an influencer’s trust and have given
them tremendous value, they will feel indebted and naturally
offer to promote. When they do, their celebrity endorsement
elevates your expert status, which in turn boosts your referrals
and revenues.

To unlock the secrets, the science, and the system to
supercharge your sales in less than 90 seconds,

Visit KnowYourCode.US or scan the QR code below:


Elevate Your Expert Status

Elevating your expertise in a specific or niche area of dentistry
is one of the most strategic ways to build your practice. It
increases your credibility and visibility, which helps attract new
patients and referral partners. Plus, if you don’t share your
expertise online, your competitors will be happy to step in and
win over your patients.

 When you look up the word “expert” in the Oxford dictionary,
you’ll find the definition reads, “a person who has a
comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a
particular area.”

While you may not want to claim you are an expert in only one
area of dentistry, the truth is you have specialized knowledge
with select treatments that you likely love providing more than
others. The saying is, “when you niche you get rich”. So,
consider what services in particular you could focus on as an
expert in your marketing.

One of the many inspiring authors I’ve had the pleasure of
knowing is Debbie Allen, author of the book, The Highly Paid
Expert. Debbie truly is an expert on becoming an expert. In her
2019 book, Success Is Easy, Debbie shares,



 “What’s great about being an expert is that while you are
fulfilling your life’s mission, you are also influencing and
teaching others. As the expert, you can go deeper with your
knowledge than the average person in your industry and
develop a step-by-step blueprint, program, or system that can
be duplicated by other people.”

To establish your expertise, consider posting and promoting
the following on your website and social media channels, as
well as displaying them throughout your office:

  • Affiliations with Chambers of Commerce or the Better

Business Bureau

  • Articles or blogs you have written
    • Associations to which you belong • Awards you have received • Boards on which you serve
  • Books you have written or have been featured in
    • Charities for which you volunteer or committees on
    which you serve
  • Endorsements from vendors or suppliers
    • Media interviews or coverage you have received
    • Partners who have chosen to do business with you
    • Photos with celebrities, authors, and influencers
    • Testimonials from patients

In addition to posting and displaying these examples of your
expertise, you can also go live on social media, sharing quick
tips for your Perfect Patients. While it may seem intimidating at
first, here’s a simple formula you can follow to share your

  • Introduce yourself, stating your name and practice name
    • Describe the most common or primary challenges you



  • Emphasize the pain of not taking action
    • Outline top options and solutions
    • Share success stories
  • Suggest next steps

Here’s an example script to give you some ideas,

“Hello, this is Dr. Andrews with Andrews DDS, here to give you my
top five tips for people feeling self-conscious due to bad breath. I
love helping patients discover how different they become when
they feel comfortable with their own oral hygiene and smile.

The challenge many people face is that they don’t know there are
lasting solutions which can give them back their confidence. Here
are three tips to help you take back your confidence.

  • Always smile no matter what!
  • Understand that there are multiple options to help change

your oral health in a short amount of time.

  • Many options to change your bad breath can be

accomplished for little cost and pain free. • Bad breath is completely curable.

  • A free consultation is offered at our practice where our
    team is mindful of your challenge and is used to many
    people who are in your shoes.

These tips are great reminders even if you have already seen a
dentist who told you this was going to be an ongoing or incurable

We are here to help and am never too busy to take care of people
who care about their oral health. Just have them call or text me
at (123) 456-7890.

Thanks for watching, and remember, at Andrews DDS, we’re
committed to helping you reach your oral health care goals.”

If you’re not sure where to start, simply search online for
articles related to dentistry. You will find countless books,



blogs, strategies, and tips you already know and can easily
teach your patients or network.

 Now it’s time to share that wisdom with the world. As you post
your golden nuggets, you’ll find that your patients and the
social sphere will engage, ask questions, and request more
information about your services. As if by magic, new patient
opportunities will appear as if they are drawn to you like a
magnet. People you’ve never met will also share what you do
with others, especially as you tell stories of the impact you

You can elevate your expert status by creating a blog, podcast,
video, special report, workshop, webinar, or book. The key is to
constantly share your knowledge and wisdom so you stay top
of mind and elevate your status with everyone you can.

One of the most significant benefits of sharing your expertise
on social media is that other influencers and business owners
will ask to interview you to help their clients and social sphere.
As they do, you may find some of them make excellent guests
sharing their expertise with your audience. This is one of the
most powerful strategies you can use to grow your referrals,
which is why we will cover it in detail in Chapter 16 of this book
as we outline the top 21 Top Cross Promotion Campaigns.



If you are at a place where you feel like you could use a coach
to help you come up with the clarity and a strategy needed to
take your influence to the next level, consider hiring an
influence coach. An Influence coach is someone who helps you
to create a straightforward plan that can be easily
implemented to take your expert status to the next level. This
combined with ongoing check-ins can help guide you in
executing the highest priorities needed to meet your
benchmarks. Anyone who has excellence in their particular
field undoubtedly has a coach. This is no different in dentistry.
For more on how to leverage your influence with a coach, visit

Be Easy to Refer

 To maximize the quality and quantity of Raving Referrals coming
your way, it’s critical you make yourself easy to refer.

Giving your patients, referral partners, and social sphere an
easy way to recommend, refer, and promote you is one of the
fastest ways to grow your business.

When you think about your practice, why would someone tell
another person about you?

The answer is likely different than you imagine. The fact of the
matter is most people don’t care about you or your practice the
way you do. Their motivation for recommending you is
primarily to solve the problems and challenges for the people
they care about. Your job is to make it quick and easy for them
to spread the word about your practice far and wide so you can
attract as many potential patients as possible.

When people have a referral for you, what are you asking them
to do?

If you’re sitting there stymied by that question, that means you
have a big gap in your business. You are making them do all the



work and creating barriers between you and your ideal patients. The
simple truth is that business development is your job. So why
would you make others work to give you business?

 Consider creating a referral card that gives your referral partners
your website, phone number, social media, and a QR code they
can scan with their mobile phone. Here’s an example you can

One of the biggest gaps I see when coaching clients to get
more referrals is that they have no system in place for their
referrals. I’ve surveyed thousands of business owners and
found that less than 10% actually have a system in place to ask,
receive, track, and follow up on the referrals they receive.

That means nine out of ten of you have a serious gap that is
costing you money each and every day. That’s why you need to
develop a Referral Kit for your business.

Your Referral Kit

Your Referral Kit is something tangible you give your patients
and referral partners to share when recommending you. Simply
package your expertise as a special report, book, video, or
brochure that explains the challenge you solve, the possible
solutions clients should consider, and a specific call-to-action,



so they contact you for assistance. This elevates your authority
in the mind of your patient, which instantly boosts trust.

Your Referral Kit will increase the number of prospects you
attract while simultaneously boosting your average revenue
per patient once they view you as a trusted expert for a
particular treatment or niche.

The good news about creating your Referral Kit is that you only
have to do it once, and you can use it for the rest of your career.
The easiest way to create your Referral Kit is to compile blogs
you’ve written into a book or special report. If you haven’t
written any blogs, you can use the Frequently Asked Questions
section of your website to get started.

Another great option is to record an interview and have the
audio recording transcribed. Simply coordinate a conversation
with one of your business or referral partners via zoom or
Facebook Live.

Then download the video file and upload it to one of the many
online transcription services like Temi.com or Otter.ai.

Once you package and publish your expertise through your
Referral Kit, you boost your influencer status, which will lead
people to seek you out. After all, your Referral Kit elevates
your status from being seen as an average dentist to an
industry expert.

That was my experience after Mark Victor Hansen and Robert
Allen featured me in their best-selling book, Cracking the
Millionaire Code, back in 2005. Once that book was published, I
had prospective clients calling and contacting me from around
the world. They were eager to do business with me because
these global authorities and influencers had established my
expertise before I had ever spoken with these people. Sixteen
years later, people still reach out to me after reading that book.



Give the Gift of You

 The goal of your Referral Kit is to give your referral champions
a turn-key tool they can use to promote your services easily,
effortlessly, and effectively. When they share your Referral Kit,
you educate your audience, elevate your status, and reduce
sales pressure. These factors all attract profitable prospects
who will schedule with you quickly and consistently.

You can even present your Referral Kit as a gift. Once you
package your expertise in a special report or book, your referral
partners can give it as a gift for each of their clients and
customers. They are looking to help and add value to their
clients, so if you give them a way to do that by introducing your
expertise, it creates a win–win–win scenario where everyone

That’s exactly what I did with Cracking the Millionaire Code. That
book became my personal brochure. Every time I met a new
prospect, I gave them a copy of the book along with my
business card inserted on page 42, where my three-page bio
began. Even if they never read a word of the book, the simple
fact that these literary giants had endorsed and written about
me established my expertise and trustworthiness. Plus, it
became an easy way for people to recommend me to their
clients and contacts.

Creating your own Referral Kit and elevating your expertise
will elevate your status and accelerate trust. The key is to make
it easy for others to refer to you in a way that makes you the
most trusted option in the eyes of your partners and prospects.
Once you do that, you are on your way to attracting Raving
Referrals for years to come.

That truly is the beauty of this Raving Referrals program. As
you put this system and these strategies to work in your
practice, you will build a growing group of referral partners and



loyal patients who will gladly refer ideal prospects to you
quickly and consistently.

The Appreciation Challenge

Giving is the key that unlocks receiving. The more you give, the
more you will receive.

Be on the lookout for ways to give to people you care about
and those you’re looking to build profitable partnerships with
or attract referrals from. The more time and energy you invest
in your key connections and meaningful relationships, the
more relational equity you build, which will generate
opportunities for years to come.

One of the fastest, easiest, and most powerful things you can
do to add value is to simply appreciate them. That’s why we
challenge you to show some appreciation right now.

The Rules:

  • Look through the contacts on your mobile phone.
    • Choose the top 10 people you want to build relational
    equity with.
  • Text or send a direct message or personalized video
    expressing your genuine appreciation for them.
    • Complete this exercise within 1 hour of reading these
  • Don’t ask anything of them in return. Just give them

some gratitude and appreciation.

  • Don’t even ask them to respond to you. It’s as easy as


Appreciation Examples:

  • Been thinking about you and wanted you to know how
    • much I appreciate you.
  • Thanks for all you are and all you do. I appreciate you!



  • Someone asked me to think of people I appreciate, and
    you immediately came to mind. Just wanted to let you
    know I appreciate you. Have a great day.
  • Thank you for always ______________. I appreciate you.
    • Have I told you lately you inspire me?
  • I just wanted you to know I was reading some of your
    social posts and really appreciate how you show up in
    the world.
  • I thought you would like to know I was just thinking
    about the people I admire most, and you are at the top
    of my list. Thanks for being you.
  • I just wanted you to know how much I respect and

admire you. You inspire me.

As you text your expressions of appreciation, you’ll be amazed
at the response you will receive. People will be blown away
because they don’t hear unsolicited praise very often. As you
show your appreciation for them, they will naturally thank you
for your kind words. Often, this will lead to opportunities to
connect and discuss the possibility of a profitable partnership.

So have fun and spread the love right now!

 Seriously. Stop reading and DO THIS RIGHT NOW. It’s one of
the easiest ways to quickly start a conversation with someone
you admire who can make a difference to you personally and
professionally. It only takes a few minutes, so put a bookmark
on this page and spread the love. You’ll be glad you did, and so
will those you reach out to.

Now that we’ve covered the Raving Referral basics, it’s time to
give you the secrets and the science to engaging and activating
your referral network, so they become your referral champions.



Scan the QR code or visit the link below for quick tips on
establishing your expert status:




Engage Your Referral Champions

As a practice owner, the level of your success is mainly
dependent on your ability to attract Raving Referrals. The more
recommendations you receive from patients and your social
sphere, the faster your business will grow and the more
prosperity you will achieve. That’s why it’s so important to
engage your network systematically in a way that transforms
them into Referral Champions for you and your business. Then,
the more you celebrate, thank, and reward your Referral
Champions, the more Raving Referrals you will receive.

Most practice owners struggle their entire career trying to
attract patients by marketing to strangers. They spend tens of
thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing, wasting hundreds of
hours talking to people who will never deliver any real value to
their business.

The truth is that you’re sitting on an untapped goldmine of
ideal patients you can access quickly and serve consistently.
This section will share a time-tested way to have your network
deliver patients to you on a silver platter.

Even if you struggle with networking and are uncomfortable
promoting yourself, the system, strategies, and scripts outlined



here will give you a simple and scalable way to create
predictable profitability for your practice.

The 3 Sources of Raving Referrals

The vast majority of referrals come from one of the following
three groups of people:

  1. Your Patients and team
  2. Your Social Sphere
  3. Complimentary Businesses and Professionals

Each of these groups can be an incredible source of referrals.
While each group needs a slightly different approach to
activate them into Referral Champions for your business, the
overall strategy is very similar.

Your Patients

 Current and past patients can be your #1 best source of
referrals. That’s because they have personally experienced and
benefited from your services. When they share their story, and
testimonial about the difference you made for them, the
people they recommend to you automatically trust you more,
which increases the likelihood they will use your service.

The key here is to consistently communicate to your patients
through phone calls, text messages, email, direct mail, social



media messages, and patient appreciation events, so they feel
the love over and over. Then, when you hear someone is
looking for the service you provide, they will naturally and
passionately recommend you and your practice.

Your Social Sphere

Your social sphere includes all the people you interact with in
your life, including your friends, family members, co-workers,
and contacts. The truth is you should be promoting your services to
everyone who is in your contact relationship management (CRM),
email programs, phone contacts, and social media connections.

Imagine how many more referrals you would attract to your
business if you just stayed in touch with all the people you have
met and hired for various services in your life. You are literally
three feet from gold, and it’s time you started mining it.

As you look over the list on the following two pages, start
thinking about people you know in each of these industries and



As you look over this list, you’re undoubtedly thinking of
people you know who should know about your business. If you
have their contact information, start communicating with them
regularly about the products and services you provide. After
all, you never know when they or someone they know will need
what you offer. If you aren’t marketing to them consistently
and staying top-of-mind, someone else will be glad to serve
them and win their business.

You may be looking at this list thinking, “I would never want to
approach these people about my business.” If so, that may be
part of the reason you don’t yet have the results you desire and
deserve. Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success. This
is not the time to be shy. Your family’s future success is at
stake. Be confident and bold, knowing you provide great value
to everyone you serve.

 I learned long ago that you could either be right, or you can be
rich. It’s your choice, so choose wisely. If you are committed to
success, spread the word far and wide about the services you
provide. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you email or contact
people and they aren’t interested in doing business with you,
they will simply ignore your message and move on. That said,
by keeping your name and brand top of mind, they are much
more likely to use your services and recommend you in the

Complementary Businesses and Professionals

While your past patients and social sphere are incredibly
important, in my experience, you can build your business
exponentially faster and larger by partnering with complementary
business owners and professionals who serve your ideal
patients. This strategy is so powerful that over half of this book
is dedicated to teaching you how to achieve wealth and



 prosperity by partnering and cross- promoting with people
who are serving your perfect patients each and every day.

As you look back at the Social Sphere list we just covered, you
probably see at least ten industries or professions that make
their living serving the exact patients you are looking to
attract. All you need is one solid partnership in each of those
industries to create predictable profitability for your business.

I’ve personally closed over $500 million in business using this
strategy, so I am here to tell you emphatically that it works
when you work it. As a single dad back in my twenties, I was
earning over $50,000 per year from just one referral partner
alone. Imagine what you can achieve for your business when
you follow the Raving Referrals system and Referral Partner
Blueprint to create ten or more referral partnerships over the
next year or two.

 By collaborating and co-marketing with these people, you will
help them grow their business while they help you grow yours.

Best of all, as you prove yourself to them and their clients, you
will become an invaluable ally they can’t live without. You will
earn more and more of their business over time until,
eventually, you will become the number one go-to expert to
which they refer all of their clients and colleagues.

Your Network Drives Your Net Worth

We will teach you more about creating profitable partnerships
including potential cross-promotional campaigns you can
deploy with your referral partners in later chapters. First, let’s
cover how to build your database and stay top of mind with
each of the three sources or Raving Referrals.



Compile Your Database

If you’re serious about success, building a database of your past
patients, complementary professionals, and social sphere is
paramount. All of your contacts should be centralized in one
contact relationship management (CRM) system to make it
easy for you to consistently communicate with your network.
This could even be your practice management software.

Create Lifetime Patients

If you are serious about winning patients for life, it’s imperative
you keep your brand top-of-mind. Your goal is to become the
top trusted solution in your industry, so people always use your
services and tell everyone they know to do the same.

Once your contacts are centralized, be sure to schedule a
regular message to your market every month at a minimum.
Consistently keep your brand and services in front of your
database through regular printed or emailed newsletters as
well as through your social media channels.

Here are some great segments and ideas for what to feature in
your newsletters and social posts:

  • Articles and Blogs
  • Awards and Recognition
    • Charity Collaborations
    • Patient Appreciation Events
    • Patient Success Stories
    • Community Impact Campaigns
    • Practice Announcements
    • Holiday Highlights • Industry Updates
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • In-House Plan Opportunities
    • New Employee Introductions



  • Product and Service Announcements and Training
    • Referral Partner Spotlights
  • Raving Rewards
  • Referral Shout-Outs
    • Special Offers
  • Technology Innovations
    • Testimonials
  • Tips and Tricks • Training Events
  • Trends and Statistics

We will go into detail on how to communicate and cross-
promote to your network in a later chapter. For now, the key is
to schedule a regular message or newsletter to your database
at least once per month. With any public shout-outs, always get
permission in writing if the person you’re acknowledging is a

Survey For Success

One of the fastest and easiest ways to uncover opportunities
for your practice is by sending out a Referability Survey to your
patients, colleagues, and social sphere. Surveying your patients
and professional network will help you:

  • Spread the word about your practice
  • Gain valuable insights into how people view you


  • Capture testimonials you can use in your marketing
    • Uncover opportunities to create profitable partnerships
    • Generate referrals right on the spot

Best of all, a Referability Survey will help you achieve all of this
quickly. In fact, you can send out your survey in as little as ten

Creating Your Referability Survey

The fastest and easiest way to survey your social sphere is
using the survey tools in Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever you
have a social following. There are also some great free
software tools to help you quickly and easily send a survey.
JotForm.com and

Qualtrics.com allows you to survey your patients to capture
ratings, reviews, and testimonials.

Creating a Referability Survey is as simple as asking people to
rate you on a scale from 1-5 on how they view your:

  • Trustworthiness
    • Customer Service
    • Quality of Work
    • Professionalism
    • Responsiveness

Sending a survey is super easy and only takes a few minutes.
Follow the simple instructions, import or sync your contacts,
and then select the specific people you want your survey sent
to. Once your list is ready to go, customize your questions and
message, then press send.

Your message can include the fact that your practice is in
growth mode, so they know you are looking for additional
patients. You can simply say something like:



“As one of my valued connections, I’d like to ask for your
help. I’m working on growing my practice and have a quick
survey I’d like you to complete. It’s totally anonymous and
should only take about 30 seconds. This will give me some
important feedback, so I’d really appreciate it if you would
take a moment to do it now.”

Then, for best results, add a thank you message that says,

“Thanks for sharing your feedback. Before you go, if some-
one you know was asking about me or the care or services
I provide, what would you tell them?”

That last question is specifically designed to capture testimonials.
Hopefully, you will get some great feedback and patient
success stories or quotes you can use on your website and in
your marketing collateral. You may even find people
recommend or refer you right then and there because
someone they know needs your services now.

Once your message says what you want, just press send, then
sit back and watch the results roll in. If you send your survey to
a large list, you should start seeing some completed surveys
within minutes.

Value Your VIPs

 You likely have some VIP patients who refer you regularly, and
account for a large percentage of your overall revenue in your
business. After coaching and consulting thousands of
entrepreneurs and professionals over the years, I can tell you
that the 80/20 rule is very real. What I mean is that for many
people, 80% of their business comes from 20% of their clients
and referral partners. These people should be treated like gold
because they can represent tens or hundreds of thousands of
dollars to your bottom line.



 Having worked with dentists for over 15 years, Julieanne has
had the pleasure of seeing how many dentists consistently
receive the bulk of their patients through a few specific referral
sources. Although they frequently utilize numerous forms of
advertising and test countless tools designed to attract
patients, the bulk of their new patients still continually get
referred by reliable referral partners. She is no different as she
has received most of her social media clients and coaching
clients, from a couple of key referral sources. Primarily other
dentists but also dental coaches, dental supply companies and
web companies who know her well.

Take a moment to think about your practice. Over the past
year, who has referred you the most business or the best
patients? Do you have some past patients who refer to you
more than others? If so, make sure you show them some

Thank and Update Your Referral Champions

When people refer you, be sure to communicate with your
patients or referral source partners throughout the process so
they are always up to date. It’s better to over-communicate
rather than leave them wondering what’s going on.

 I learned this lesson back in 2005 after receiving a mortgage
refinance referral from John Jones, a Vice President at Intel.
John was definitely a VIP client. I helped him finance and then
later refinance his primary home, as well as a vacation home he
acquired. In addition to the thousands of dollars in
commissions I earned from serving him personally, he regularly
referred other Intel employees and executives to me. That’s
where I made one of my all-time biggest business blunders.

A couple of months after referring one of his colleagues to me,
John asked how things had gone with his associate. Excitedly I
said something like, “Just great. We closed on his loan two weeks



ago, so he is a happy camper.” To which he replied, “Let me give
you a tip. When someone refers business to you, it’s a really good
idea to follow up with the person and let them know what

 My stomach dropped, and I felt like a total idiot. I couldn’t
believe I had been so dumb as to not update my VIP on the
status of the client he had referred to me. If the referral had
come from one of my referral partners, I absolutely would have
kept them updated, but because it came from a client, the
thought never even crossed my mind.

 Needless to say, I apologized profusely and thanked him for the
lesson. Then I quickly printed branded thank you cards with my
company logo and a “thank you for your referral” message on
the front with a pre-written message and blank line inside to
fill in the name of the client they had referred. We quickly
trained our thirty loan officers to send these out every time
they received a referral from anyone. Our goal was to thank
them for the referral, so they felt the love. We also made sure
our team kept them updated throughout the entirety of the

In the years since, I’ve asked thousands of professionals if
they’ve ever given a referral to someone and never heard back
from the person to which they referred their clients.
Unfortunately, nearly 100% of the people I’ve surveyed have
had that same experience.

It doesn’t take long to make a quick call or even just send an
update by text or direct message. Alerting the people who
refer you business will make them grateful for the update in
just a few seconds. This will lead them to view you as a
dependable professional worthy of sending their clients,
colleagues, family, and friends to.



Send Video Messages & GIFs

 When it comes to following up with people, one of the best
ways to make a great impression is by recording and sending
them a personalized video message. When you do, people will
see your smiling face and be impressed that you are connecting
in a way they likely haven’t seen before. This personal touch
takes only a few seconds and is much more impactful than
sending a text, email, or direct message through a social
platform. Simply record a quick video on your cell phone and
text it to them like you would with a photo. If you are
connected to them on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can record
your video right on the messaging app and send it over in

Another way to help your message stand out is to send them
an animated or video GIF. These are entertaining, quick, and
easy to send. Plus, they help you stand out and can make your
contact smile or laugh, feeling emotions they rarely experience
through a simple text message. If you’ve never sent a video GIF,
just find the GIF icon in your text messaging app and search for
an image that conveys the message you want to send. For
example, if you want to send someone a Happy Birthday
message, search the term “Birthday.” Then review and select
the video GIF you think would best express the emotion you
want to convey. Your message will make a lasting impression
that will help you stand out from the crowd and build
relationships faster.

There are a few ways you can update your Referral Champions:

  • Call and thank them once their referred party contacts


  • Send a thank you card naming the person they referred
    • Text or email an update whether the person moves
    forward or not
  • If appropriate, share a photo of the work you performed



  • Post the patient’s testimonial on social media, thanking

and tagging your Referral Champion

  • Send a thank you gift after the transaction has closed
    Call your Referral Champion after the transaction is
    complete, showing your appreciation, and asking if
    there is anyone else you can help

The amount of time, energy, and money you spend thanking
your Referral Champions will vary based on your Lifetime
Patient Value. If a patient only represents a few hundred
dollars to you, a simple call or text will do. However, if the
patient means thousands of dollars to your business, you may
want to go the extra mile to make sure your Referral
Champions feel celebrated and rewarded.

The First Is the Worst

Do you remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? If
you are like me, it felt scary, and you had visions of a disastrous
painful crash. Most likely, you had a parent or family member
assure you they would hold onto you, and everything would be
fine. So, you pushed past the fear, grabbed the handlebars
tight, and got up on that seat to face your fate.

 As you anxiously started pedaling, you pleaded with the person
teaching you to not let go so you wouldn’t fall and fail. They
assured you everything would be fine, so you started your way
down the street, sidewalk, or parking lot. After a few seconds,
you started figuring out how to adjust your weight and balance
the bike. One minute in, you had already learned the basics of
riding a bike.

Then you had that joyous moment when you actually felt you
were in control of the bike and would soon be racing down the
street. For me, that was the moment I looked up to realize I was
riding by myself, and no one was holding on to my bike any
longer. That was the point when I over adjusted the handlebars



and quickly crashed on the pavement. After realizing the pain
of colliding with the concrete hurt far less than I imagined, I got
up, dusted off my scraped knees, and got back up determined
to win. Needless to say, every other time I got on a bike after
that experience, I was more confident than the first time
because I had learned what to do and what not to do.

The lesson here is that typically the first time you do anything
will be the absolute worst you will ever be at performing that
task. After doing something new for the first time, you get
wiser and better because you will know what you did not know
the first time. You will be more comfortable because you will
have learned some tips and tricks to improve your performance
the second time around.

 “Growing your practice starts by having the courage to know
that you are already capable and that anything you don’t
already know can be learned. Have confidence as this is
ultimately what you’ll be giving your patients. Take the leap
of faith, and you’ll quickly see just what’s possible.

– Dr. Athena Goodarzi, Faculty 4M Institute

When it comes to engaging your Referral Champions, you just
need to TAKE ACTION and get started. Fail forward as John
Maxwell would say. The faster you TAKE ACTION, the faster
you will find success. Just give yourself grace knowing the first
is the worst and that every time after will get better and better.

Engaging your social sphere is one of the best ways to attract
more Raving Referrals.

The good news is we are going to teach you how to create a
Raving Rewards program in the next chapter.



Scan this QR code or visit the link below for a few quick tips
on maximizing engagement through video:


Create a Raving Rewards Program

Referral Rewards can help you create a culture of referrals and
automatically ask your patients and social sphere to actively
refer you.

If you’re like most professionals, you’re probably really good at
referring other people, but feel a little uncomfortable asking
for referrals yourself. By adding a well-designed Referral
Rewards campaign to your business or practice, you can
systematize the process of asking for referrals and create a
culture where asking for referrals is strategically added into all
your patient communications.

That’s why Referral Rewards campaigns can be one of the
fastest and easiest ways to attract more referrals from your
patients and social sphere.

Just think about the success that companies like Dropbox and
Uber have had building their brand as well as their business
valuation simply by offering rewards to satisfied clients. Your
goal is to incentivize others to share and promote your service
with their friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues.

The truth is that as human beings, we are biologically wired to
help other people. In fact, there’s nothing more fulfilling than
helping someone else. That’s why people’s sense of service is
such a powerful motivator.



While your patients want to help you, their real motivation is
wanting to help the people they care about improve their lives.
If they feel like you can help people they know, they will be
happy to refer them to you.

While your patients want to help you, their real motivation is
wanting to help the people they care about improve their lives.
If they feel like you can help people they know, they will be
happy to refer them to you.

Adding a Referral Rewards program to your practice helps you
combine the satisfaction people get by helping you and their
friends with an attractive reward or incentive for introducing
their loved ones to you. This creates a powerful referral engine
that can generate patients for years to come.

Designing Your Referral Rewards Program

When creating your Referral Rewards program, there are four
things you will need to do, which include:

  • Choose a Program Type
    • Choose a Reward Type • Promote Your Program
  • Recognize and Reward Referrers


Let’s walk through each of these steps so you can design the
optimal program for your business.

1.Choose a Program Type

There are two main types of Referral Rewards programs you
can choose from: Referral Contests and Refer-A-Friend programs.

Referral Contests – In referral contests, patients receive
entries for each person they refer. This means the more
referrals they give, the higher their probability to win. This
strategy can produce the fastest results and highest return on
investment as it creates a campaign with a deadline that can
lead to immediate new patient opportunities. That said, you
will need to make the prize attractive enough to get people to
refer others, as they won’t automatically receive a benefit for
recommending your business.

Refer-A-Friend Program – In these campaigns, you simply
reward patients each time they refer someone to your practice.
This is basically like an affiliate program where you compensate
people for promoting and referring new patients to your

When designing your campaign, you need to consider:

  • Do you want to reward patients for each referral they
    give you, or only when referrals turn into new patients?
    • Do you want to hold a short-term campaign, or create an
    ongoing referral campaign where patients always
    receive rewards when they refer you?

Both campaign types can be highly effective at driving referral
activity. You simply need to decide what type of campaign will
work best for your practice. Either way, we will teach you how
to promote and build buzz around your campaign.


2.Choose A Reward Type

The good news about running a Referral Rewards campaign is
that your patients have a natural desire to refer. That means if
they are satisfied with your care and feel it would be valuable
to others, they are naturally inclined to recommend you in
order to help the people they know.

When designing your campaign, you should choose a reward
that is aligned with and relevant. Use your creativity and come
up with something fun and exciting. We recommend
brainstorming the campaign and rewards with your team, staff,
or referral partners. This creates more energy and brings life to
the program.

Creating a referral culture within your practice can make a big
difference. If you involve everyone on your team in the
program creation process, you will increase both buy-in and
long-term participation by your team members. Especially
when you track and reward them when they help drive in new
referrals from your patients, community partners, or even their
own personal social sphere.

Now, before we discuss recommendations for potential
Referral Rewards, we have to give you a quick disclaimer. You
MUST research and understand all regulatory restrictions your
industry may have when it comes to rewarding people for
referrals. While most industries have no state or federal
regulations that prohibit you from offering rewards or
incentives, there are definite restrictions and guidelines within
dentistry specifically. That’s why it’s always a good idea to
check with your attorney regarding compensation restrictions
that may apply to you.

Now that I’ve given you our official disclaimer and made our
attorneys happy, let’s explore some great incentives to reward
your Referral Champions.


Popular Referral Rewards Used in Many Industries:

  • Cash Rewards
  • Gift Certificates for your Services or Discounts
    • Movie, Restaurant, or Starbucks Gift Cards
    • iPads, Tablets, and TVs
  • Tickets to Concerts or Sporting Events
    • Inclusion in Special Patient Appreciation Parties
    • Weekend Getaways or Mini-Vacations
    • Related Products or Services Provided by your Referral
  • Reward system of points and having several options to

choose from, based on points available

Your goal is to get people excited about referring to you, so
they’re constantly on the lookout scouting for your new
patients. Of course, rewards that give away the products or
services you provide are an easy and natural option. Plus, those
who refer patients to you are already patients themselves and
are more likely to use your service again anyway. That’s why
giving incentives for your service can help boost loyalty. In
addition, promoting your service as the reward gives you
another opportunity to remind people about what you offer.

How Much Should You Spend?

When deciding upon your Referral Reward, remember the
money you invest in the campaign will be a fraction of the
potential profit of all the new patients you are receiving. This
is especially true when you consider the lifetime value of each
new patient.

When offering cash or gift certificates as rewards to referral
partners, you need to decide if you want to offer a flat fee
reward, or a percentage of the purchases made. Both
strategies work well, but your program should be aligned with
your industry, business model, and brand. Sometimes



reviewing referral ideas that other industries have found
success in, can trigger great ideas for dentistry that fit within
necessary guidelines.

For Example:

 Refer 4 and It’s Free – this gives patients a 25% credit or
discount for future purchases. Of course, not all patients will
redeem these rewards, which will mean you will have no
expense for some of the referrals you receive, and your
patients still feel good that they received a reward even if they
never redeem it. The downside of this type of reward is that
the tracking and accounting can be cumbersome.

$25 / $50 / $100 Referral Reward – this strategy is similar to
the one we just discussed. The difference is that this allows you
to give a physical gift certificate or gift card that patients can
use in the future. People often feel more recognized and
rewarded when receiving a physical gift in the mail. Plus, if a
professional wins your contest or prize, it gives you a great
reason to pop-by their place of business to deliver the prize in
person and deepen your relationship.

10% Referral Reward – this strategy is more of an affiliate
model where you incentivize people who refer you by sharing
the revenues you generate with them. This strategy can be
highly successful but should be used with strategic alliances
and referral partners rather than patients, as some people may
feel uncomfortable being paid for helping people they care

3.Promote Your Program

 Now that you’ve decided upon the type of campaign and
reward that is best for your business, it’s time to start
promoting it.



When creating your referral program, make it as easy as
possible for people to refer clients to you. That’s why we
suggest you incorporate the following promotional strategies:

  • Print referral cards: You can actually empower your
    patients with printed referral cards that give their
    friends discounts or special offers. Consider incorporating a
    discount or reward for your patients when they refer
    their friends, so both people have extra motivation to
    take advantage of your offer and use your services. Just
    be sure to train your staff to give these out to all of your
  • Give out gift certificates: Giving gift certificates is
    another way you can empower your patients to spread
    the word about your business. If you decide to give out
    gift certificates, be sure to include a brochure on
    services to make it easier for people to share why they
    love your practice.
  • Post signs in your practice: Print a sign you display on
    your front desk, reception area, and other public areas.
    Mail your best patients: To announce your program,
    send out a personal letter or thank you card to each of
    your best patients. You may want to ask them for their
    help in referring their friends or simply thank them for
    their business and give them a way to help their loved
    ones. Either way, sending them a friendly letter person-
    ally signed by you along with gift certificates or referral
    cards they can give to their friends can help boost your
    business quickly.
  • Incorporate throughout your business: Another easy
    way to promote your new Referral Rewards program is
    to incorporate your offer into your invoices, receipts,
    and other statements. Look at each and every printed or
    electronic communication you send to your patients
    throughout your patient engagement cycle and look for



 ways to promote your program. You can also include
your referral cards or gift certificates in anything you
mail, ship, or deliver to your patients. That way, you are
automatically asking for referrals without ever having to
ask yourself.

  • Call your best patient: You should also consider calling
    your most pleasurable or profitable patients and letting
    them know you want to do something special for them.
    By making a personal call, you deepen your relationship
    and create an opportunity for your patients to give you
    referrals immediately during your call.
  • Create a video: Shoot a quick 1-or 2-minute video giving
    the details of your Referral Rewards campaign. Post the
    video on YouTube and include a link on your website,
    newsletter, and all your social media sites.
  • Email your sphere: Once you are ready to promote your
    program, be sure to email your database of patients and
    potential referral partners with details about your
    referral campaign or contest. You may even want to
    include a private offer to a special that is exclusively
    available to friends and family of your best patients. This
    helps people feel special and increase the likelihood
    they will pass on your promotion to their family and
  • Go social: Promote your campaign or contest on your
    social media sites and fan pages, including Facebook,
    LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can share the Referral Reward you are offering to
incentivize your social sphere to spread the word. This helps
expand your reach beyond your current patient base to
maximize the awareness for your campaign.

  • Promote on your website: Be sure to include an
    announcement on the homepage of your website along
    with your blogs. Remember to give people plenty of



reasons to spread the word and include links to your
special offer and appointment or calendar link.

  • Announce in your newsletter: Include a Referral
    Rewards section in your printed or electronic
    newsletter. Since you are already promoting your
    business and educating your patients, newsletters give
    you a natural opportunity to ask for referrals and
    promote the rewards you are offering to those who do.
    As we will discuss in the next section, you should also
    recognize and thank referring patients.
  • Promote with your partners: To increase the total
    expo- sure of your campaign, we recommend including
    your referral partners. You can either design the
    program jointly with some of your best partners or
    simply give them referral cards or gift certificates they
    can give to their clients. This helps them feel good
    because it helps them increase their perceived value
    with their clients. This also enrolls them with an easy
    means of recommending you when the opportunity
    presents itself.

When creating your campaign promotion, remember to:

  • Use photos showing your rewards: An attractive photo
    of the reward you are offering will help build buzz and
    entice people to refer you. If you’re giving away a gift
    certificate or gift card, be sure to print the value of the
    gift card in text over the photo showing the product or
    service people will receive.
  • Include entry and reward/prize info: If you are holding
    a referral contest, be sure to give detailed descriptions
    of your prize as well as a description of how people earn
    entries in your contest. Be sure to include all of the rules
    or restrictions of your campaign. If you are promoting
    your contest online, include a link to a rules page or list
    them on the bottom of your Referral Rewards page.



 Include share buttons and social media links: This makes it easy
for people to recommend you to their friends and social
sphere. If you are promoting your program online, you want to
take advantage of the network reach of social media by
incorporating a share button on your website, Instagram, or
Facebook page. You may also want to give your patients
suggestions of how they can best recommend you to other

Always Be Promoting

 However you choose to promote your Referral Rewards pro-
gram, the key to your success will be the amount of promotion
you do and just how creative you get with it. In our age of
information overload, attention spans have never been
shorter. If you send out a single email, post, or tweet about
your program, that won’t be enough to keep people engaged
with your program. You don’t want to annoy your patients, but
you should send subtle reminders periodically to keep your
Referral Rewards program top of mind. Consistency is the key.

Whatever method you choose, remember that effective
promotion of your patient referral program is an ongoing
process. If you want your program to be successful, you need
to remind people about it from time to time. Keep people
engaged with your program through regular emails and social
posts online, and not only will you bring in new patients but
also more passionate fans that compound your referrals

4.Recognize and Reward Referrers

Throughout your Referral Rewards campaign, you should be
recognizing and rewarding anyone who refers others to you.
This is actually the best way to continually promote your
program. Not only will you show your patients how grateful
you are for their referrals, but you are also triggering their ego-



 based need for recognition. As you illustrate examples of
patients who are referring their friends, you build social proof
and help others feel more comfortable and more likely to refer
you. Just be sure to request permission in writing from patients
if you are going to be acknowledging them by name publicly so
you stay compliant with all HIPAA laws and regulations.

You can use each of the promotional strategies we covered in
the last section to promote your top referrers. You may even
want to create a referral leader board where you prominently
recognize people who are referring new business. Again, this
helps ensure your entire team or organization is active in the
Referral Rewards campaign and conversation.

If you are holding a referral contest, be sure to recognize
referrers throughout your contest. This helps build buzz and
keeps the campaign alive. At the conclusion of your referral
contest, be sure to recognize the winner(s).

For optimal results, we recommend that you:

  • Shoot a video or go live on social media showing the
    drawing of the winning name to create excitement and
    show the drawing Is being held fairly.
  • Send an email to your email list congratulating the
    winner(s). We recommend you list the names of every
    single person who referred new patients to you as they
    will appreciate the recognition. This is often a stronger
    motivator than any prize you may offer. Be sure to
    include your referral partners as this is a great
    opportunity to promote them and their business to your
    patient base.
  • Post on all of your websites, social media sites, and fan

pages to get extra mileage out of the campaign.

  • Ask the winner to give you a shout-out on their social

media pages and create a quick thank you video.



  • Email contestants offering them an alternative prize
    which may be a gift certificate or discount on your
  • Meet with the winner to give them their prize in person.
    Take a photo or video showing the referral partner
    receiving their prize. This will allow you to promote it in
    your office, on your website, social media, and in other
  • If your services are part of the prize, capture the
    winner’s testimonial and ask them for referrals to
    people who fit your ideal patient profile. Video is best
    because you can transcribe it and use it in print as well.

Following these steps will help you create a powerful and
profit- able referral contest. Once your contest ends, consider
promoting another contest or event to keep the momentum
building and to prime patients for future campaigns.

As you can see, creating a Referral Rewards campaign can
create tremendous word-of-mouth recommendations and
referrals for your business. By incorporating these practices
into your business, you create a culture of referrals quickly and
easily. Doing so will help you eliminate your high-cost
marketing activities while providing you with a steady stream
of ideal patients.

Here are some examples showing how some people recognize
their referral contest winners:



While one of the best ways to motivate can be to compensate
there are other ways to do this, if necessary, given any industry

Recognizing and rewarding your Referral Champions can boost
your business quickly. Get people scouting business for you by
scanning this QR code or visiting the following link:



Master the Art of the Ask

The number one reason some dentists receive more referrals than others is that they simply ask for them. Many people feel uncomfortable and awkward asking their patients for referrals.

However, once you are prepared and you have a strategy for when and how to ask, it will feel natural and comfortable for you, your staff, and your patients.

In their book Selling Professional Services, Chuck and Evan
Polin write,

“Most professionals do not ask of referrals because they are
afraid they have nothing to offer in return. They are often
surprised when they discover that the referring party’s only
expectation is that their client or friend receive the best
service. When you ask for referrals, the other party typically
expects less in return than you would think.”



Set the Stage

While some dentists have their teams ask for referrals once
they have finished serving their patients, we recommend
having a conversation about referrals and introductions at the
end of your first patient consultation. This sets the stage for a
referral conversation later.

Earl Kemper is a referral master and has been recognized as the
#1 coach for ActionCOACH five times for the Americas region
and twice globally. Earl is truly skilled at helping companies
grow and create predictable profitability. A cornerstone of
Earl’s system is the ability to grow the business by systemizing
their referrals.

Earl primarily coaches top-producing financial advisors helping
them dramatically increase assets under management. He
teaches them to weave a pre-referral request into every new
patient conversation saying:

 “Thanks so much for meeting with me today. Before you
leave, I’d like to ask for your help. As you may know, I am in
the process of expanding my business, and one of the ways
I keep my costs down is by working primarily by referral, so
I don’t have to spend much time or money on advertising.
Once I’ve taken care of you and hopefully have exceeded
your expectations, I’d like to ask your permission to ask you
for referrals. Would that be all right?”

You’ll find people are extremely receptive to this question
because everyone likes to help other people. Also, you haven’t
asked them for a referral at that moment in time. You’ve simply
gotten their permission to ask them for referrals and
introductions in the future once you’ve provided your services
and earned their trust.


Listen for Referral Triggers

After your patient has given their approval to ask for referrals
and introductions in the future, you need to be on the lookout
for expressions of appreciation. These Referral Triggers let you
know when it’s time to ask for a referral or introduction
because your patients are in peak referral state.

Listen closely, and whenever your patients say any of these
Referral Triggers, it’s time to ask for referrals:

  • Thank you so much! • I love my new smile!
  • This was so much easier/faster than I expected!
    • You are so good at what you do!
    • You’re the best! • This is beautiful!
  • I love your staff. Everyone here is so friendly!
    • I look/feel great!
  • My mom/brother/sister/friend/neighbor/coworker
    needs to have some dental work done.
    • I have a friend/neighbor/patient who is looking for a
    new dentist.
  • I should introduce you to…



When you hear any of these Referral Triggers, immediately
smile and say,

“I’m so glad you feel that way. I love helping patients like
you {share your Service Statement}. By the way, I may have
mentioned before that we are expanding our practice, so if
you know any {describe your Perfect Patient} who might
need help {share your Service Statement}, we’d love to
offer them a free consultation and would even be willing
to give them free x-rays since they are a referral from you.

Do you know anyone right now who is looking for a new

Be ready to ask for referrals when opportunities arise and
when trust has been established in the relationship. Actively
listen for the Referral Triggers and be prepared to deliver your
ask confidently and naturally.

Never miss a prime opportunity to ask. Even if they don’t have
a referral for you now, you’ve planted a seed and set the stage
so they refer you later when they hear of someone that might
benefit from your care.

What you’ll find is that when people voluntarily express their
appreciation for your work, they are much more likely to
introduce you to others who need your services. Plus, you get


the added benefit of your perfect prospects hearing a
passionate testimonial about you and the services you provide.

A-S-K to G-E-T

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Mark Victor
Hansen is to A-S-K to G-E-T. If you’ve never read his book with
Jack Canfield called, The Aladdin Factor, take a moment and
order it now either in printed form, eBook, or as an audiobook.
The key concept of the book is that the more you ask for what
you want, the more you will get it.

By asking patients questions about their satisfaction with your
care, you set the stage for an expression of appreciation which
often leads to opportunities to ask for referrals.

When meeting with your patients, try inserting the following
questions into the conversation:



  • I hope you’re pleased with the outcome. Is there

anything I can do to make you even happier?

  • Now that you’ve been my patient for a while, I’m
    wondering if you can tell me what you have found most
    valuable about our practice?
  • I’m committed to growing my practice through
    exceptional service. On a scale of 1-10, how happy would
    you say you are with our practice? What would make it a
  • Do you mind if I ask what you have liked best about

being a patient at our practice?

  • If you don’t mind me asking, if you knew someone who
    was looking for a new dental home, how likely would you
    be to recommend me? What would you say?

If the patient responds positively, you can follow up by saying,

“I’m so glad to hear that. I hope you’ll recommend me any
time you hear anyone mention they are looking for a good
dentist, are experiencing tooth pain or just want to improve
their smile. Anyone come to mind?”

 Not only will these questions lead to more referrals, but they
will also give you testimonials you can use to market your ser-
vices. Just be sure to capture what they say and ask for
permission to use their testimonial on your website and
promotional materials.

Another way for you to comfortably ask for referrals is by

“By the way, if you ever have a friend or family member you
think might benefit from my services, I would be happy to
offer them a free consultation and free x-rays.”

Ideally, you should describe your Perfect Patient Profile and
Service Statement, so they know exactly what type of patients
you are looking to serve and how you help them. You might



simply say that one of your specialties is working with moms
with busy schedules or whatever describes your perfect
patient. Adding this detail into the conversation gives them
clarity so they will be on the lookout for patients they can refer

Referral Offers and Discounts

Another way you can comfortably ask for referrals and
introductions is by letting patients know you offer special
services, offers, or discounts for referred patients. You might
say something like:

“As you may know, I love working with people who are
referred to us. Right now, we’re giving a special discount to
friends or family of our existing patients. If there’s anyone
you’d like to refer, they will get an extra 20% off our any
treatment they need. And, of course, I’ll take extra special
care of them since they’re coming from you. Is there anyone
you can think of who might like to take advantage of this?”

For optimal results, we suggest creating and giving them a
refer-a-friend gift certificate they can quickly and easily hand
out to people when they talk about your services. This gives
prospective patients an overview of your services, along with a
testimonial from someone they trust.


As you start integrating these conversations into your patient
dialogues, you will find people are happy to refer others when
asked at the right time and in the right way.

Larry Stites, co-founder of Allure Dental Studio says,

“Have the courage to ask the tough questions. Set aside your
fears of being judged or rejected and pursue your dreams
with hard work and determination. Not doing so leads to a
life only imagined in your own mind and a life that never
reached full potential.”

Practice and Perfect

 While you’ve probably spent thousands of hours practicing and
perfecting your trade or profession, you most likely haven’t
spent much time learning and practicing how to attract
referrals and introductions. Since practice makes perfect, we
recommend you partner with another professional and role-
play these conversations, so they become second nature to you

As you master the art of the ask, you will find that patients
refer you without even being asked as you build a business that
is powered by referrals. In addition to asking for referrals, start
asking for anything and everything you want in life.

  • Ask for an appointment • Ask for an introduction • Ask to take the next step
  • Ask if you can give them a tour
  • Ask if they would like to move forward

Asking for what you want dramatically increases the likelihood
that you will get it. Best of all, you have nothing to lose because
if the answer is no, you are in the exact same position you were



before you asked. If they say yes, you will have achieved your
desired outcome and have moved your business forward.


Mastering the Art of the Ask is one of the top practices that
create more success. Scan the QR code or visit the link below
for a quick video message on how to A-S-K and G-E-T. While
we’re on the subject, we’re asking you to share this video with
your network. Together, we can help them get clear on what
they are asking for in their personal and professional lives:




Patient Appreciation Events

Back in 1999, I learned the value of appreciation parties from a
Realtor named Mikalan Moiso. Each year, she held her annual
New Year’s Eve party at a swanky downtown hotel in Portland,
Oregon. It was the event of the year, and in order to get an
invitation to the black-tie event, you simply had to give Mikalan
at least one good referral throughout the course of the year.

My wife and I will never forget ringing in the new millennium of
2000 playing poker, listening to the Frank Sinatra crooner, and
tasting delicious eats and treats.

Months after the event, I asked Mikalan how impactful the
event was on her business. I was shocked to hear that her
annual event is the single biggest source of clients for her. In
fact, she had shifted the vast majority of her annual marketing
budget to the event because her clients and social sphere
wanted to make sure they gave her referrals, so they received
their golden ticket to the event. The event was so successful, it
led to Mikalan being named the 2004 Portland Metropolitan
Association of Realtors® Broker of the Year.

After learning this strategy from her, I went on to host several
client appreciation events, including private concerts, movie
showings, wine tastings, holiday parties, and charity events.



 Everyone loves a great party. That’s why a great way to show
your patients how much they mean to your business is to throw
a patient appreciation party. A patient event can be an
impactful way to celebrate your patients, recognize milestones,
and say “thank-you” for all the business they have referred to
you and your practice. Not only will you bring patients together
for a fun and festive event, but you also create a culture of
community that unites your team as you create an evening your
patients will never forget.

  • Art Showings – Partner with an art gallery and host a

private showing.

  • Awards Parties – Invite your patients to a hotel, bar,
    restaurant, or private theater to watch the Oscars,
    Grammys, Golden Globes, or other awards show.
    Bowling Parties – Rent an entire bowling alley or just a
    few lanes and give prizes for the bowlers who get the
    most strikes or spares as well as the top individual and
    team scores.
  • Casino Night – Hire a party company to bring casino
    tables and dealers giving out chips and awarding prizes
    for the top chip stacks.
  • Charity Fundraising Events – Create your own event or
    buy a table at a fundraising dinner inviting your top
    patients, referral partners or even reps.
  • Concerts – Buy tickets for your VIP patients or partners
    to an upcoming concert or host a private party with an
    80s cover band or local musician.
  • Cornhole Tournaments – Host a cornhole tournament
    inviting top patients to register their own teams.
    Golf Tournaments – Produce your own golf tournament
    or simply buy a foursome and invite VIPs to join you on
    the greens.
  • Holiday Parties – Throw a private party for Valentine’s
    Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
    Christmas, or New Year’s Eve.
  • Private Movie Showings – Rent out a theater and have



 your own private showing of the latest blockbuster film.
Sports Events – Host a tailgate party, rent a private box,
or simply buy tickets and invite your best patients for a
sporting event.

  • TopGolf Tournaments – Rent a few private bays at

TopGolf and give prizes for top scores.

  • Wine Tours and Tastings – Host a private party at a

winery or tasting room.

Become a Charity Champion

 Of all the events and campaigns that I’ve used over the years,
the most fulfilling and rewarding have been charity events. In
my opinion, one of the absolute best ways to build goodwill
with your patients is to support charities and causes you are
passionate about.

 Cause-related marketing has evolved from a short-term tactic
used to spike sales into a powerful positioning discipline used
to build brand equity and elevate corporate perception. It’s not
only good for the community; it’s good for business.

A great example of being a Charity Champion is what Dr. Sam
and Randa Bollwinkel are doing with their charity, Community
of Smiles Outreach (COSO). As dentists, Sam and Randa saw
first-hand the impact a smile could have on the self-confidence
and overall health of a patient. That led them to start their own
charity with a mission to provide access to comprehensive
dental care to people with limited or no dental insurance
coverage—specifically those whose dental needs impact their

 What sets them apart is that COSO focuses on providing care
for employees, volunteers, and beneficiaries of community-
based nonprofits. Through partnerships with 3D Infusion Institute
which provides postgraduate dental training, and dental
equipmentmanufacturers, patients receive care from experienced
dentists using some of the latest technologies available.



 Sam and Randa’s long-term goal is to build a sustainable and
replicable model that will impact communities around the
world. COSO provides opportunities for philanthropists, granting
organizations, and corporate donors to make life-changing
differences in the lives of individuals and their families.

The Results Are In

There have been numerous research studies over the years
that prove consumers want to know about the impact your
company or practice makes in their community and in the
world. The more you communicate what you are doing to make
a difference, the more loyalty you win with your patients.

Just take a look at what research companies have learned after
surveying Americans nationwide:

  • 83% of U.S. consumers want more of the products and

services they use to benefit causes.

  • 80% said they’d be “likely to switch brands, about equal
    in price and quality, to one that supports a cause”.
    • 93% of consumers want to know what companies are
    doing to make the world a better place.
  • 66% of people believe it’s no longer enough for
    corporations to merely give money away, but that they
    must integrate good causes into their day-to-day business.
    • 90% of consumers want companies to tell them the
    ways they are supporting causes.

While this research is a few years old, we believe this is a trend
that will continue to grow. Especially with Millennials and
Generation Z having been raised in this new era of corporate
responsibility and social impact. Bottom line, the more you
show you care, the more you inspire your community to care
about you and your company. So, choose a charity or cause that
you are passionate about that is in alignment with your brand
and your community. Get involved and design ways that your
practice and your community can make a difference – together.



The Ultimate Wishman

 One of the favorite people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting was
Frank Shankwitz, co-founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Changing lives and granting wishes is what Frank dedicated his
life to. If you haven’t seen the movie Wishman about Frank’s
life, you owe it to yourself to watch this heartwarming film.
You’ll be glad you did.

 While serving as an Arizona Highway Patrol officer, Frank had
the honor of granting a wish for a 7-year-old boy named Chris
who was battling leukemia. Turned out this boy had a dream of
being a Highway Patrol Motorcycle Officer like his heroes,
Ponch and John, from the television show, “CHiPs”. After
hearing of Chris’ desire, Frank and a few of his fellow officers
sprang into action and made Chris’ dream come true.

They had a uniform custom-crafted for Chris and gave him an
old police badge and a “Smokey Bear” hat so he would feel like
a real cop. Frank even set up a special course so Chris could
drive a battery-powered motorcycle and qualify for the
officer’s wings he so deeply desired. A few short days later,
Chris’ body gave up the fight, and on May 3, 1980, he passed

This event led Frank to found Make-A-Wish to grant wishes for
other sick children. Not long ago, I asked Frank what helped the
charity become the global force for the good that it is today.
Frank’s answer was simple and powerful, “Disneyland.” Turns
out the first official wish the start-up charity granted was
taking 7-year-old Frank ‘Bopsy’ Salazar to Disneyland.

This powerful partnership created massive visibility for both
organizations and inspired millions of people to donate and do
more for others in need. What started as a simple way to help
a dying boy fulfill his wish, has led to over 450,000 children
having their dreams fulfilled.



 Over the years, Disney has invested millions of dollars
promoting the impact they have made by granting wishes for
Make-A-Wish kids. Every time a mom watches a commercial or
story of a dying child’s wish being fulfilled at Disneyland, it
boosts loyalty and wins Disney another fan of the brand.

Starting Small Makes a Big Difference

 The good news is that you don’t have to create your own
charity to tap into the power of cause-related marketing. You
can simply raise awareness, funds, and support for great causes
and charities already doing good work.

If you’re curious how I got started as a Charity Champion, you’re
going to love the next chapter.

Everyone loves to have fun. That’s why patient appreciation
events are a great way to recognize and reward your best
patients and referral partners.



Scan this QR code or visit the link below
for a quick video message on how to

grow your business celebrating your community:


Referral of a Lifetime

 My favorite referral of all time was to Mark Victor Hansen, co-
author of the best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the
Soul. Mark is an amazing man who

 has appeared on Oprah, CNN, and The Today Show, as well as in
Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, The New
York Times, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Among Mark’s many achievements is his Guinness book world
record for selling the most non-fiction books in the history of
the world, with over 500 million books sold. That’s a staggering
number that still blows my mind.

 I was referred to Mark by one of his closest friends back in 2004
when I was serving as a volunteer on the Corporate Industry
Council for the charity Northwest Medical Teams, which has
since rebranded to Medical Teams International (MedicalTeams.org).
This faith-based charity provides emergency medical relief in
response to floods, famine, and other natural disasters.

I got involved after hearing one of their volunteer doctors
share his story of taking what I call a voluntour trip over to
Africa. The doctor recounted his story of 18-hour days spent
caring for countless patients. No matter how many patients he
treated, each day ended with a mother chasing the van crying,
“What about my child?” The doctor’s heartbreaking story stirred
my heart into action, so I accepted the invitation and started
raising money and awareness for the work they were doing.



The Perfect Choice

 The biggest fundraiser of the year for Northwest Medical
Teams was their annual Spirit of Life Awards, where they would
honor a local titan of business for their impact on the community.

Knowing I was a fan of personal development training, I was
asked to help secure the featured speaker for the luncheon.
Having just read, The One Minute Millionaire, The Enlightened
Way to Wealth by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, I knew
their message of doing well by doing good would be a perfect
fit for this audience and encourage the attendees to give more.

As fortune would have it, a financial advisor friend named Al
Sizer had known Mark for over 30 years. It turns out Mark and
Al came up together on the public speaking circuit back in the
1970s and had built a special friendship forged over three
decades of traveling together and speaking at the same

After working up the courage to ask Al to ask Mark to speak at
the event, I was beyond excited when Al called back, saying
Mark’s calendar was available that day and he was interested in

After learning Mark’s speaking fee, it was clear the charity
couldn’t afford him. After all, any fee NW Med paid would
reduce the total impact the charity made, which was the entire
reason for the event. That’s when I made the courageous step
of covering Mark’s speaker fee myself. Fortune favors the bold,
so I gave my financial commitment and took a deep breath of
faith, knowing that paying it forward always has a high ROI.

Two for the Price of One

What happened next was amazing. When coordinating the
details with Mary, Mark’s Vice President, she was so inspired by
the cause we were supporting that she generously offered to



 have Mark speak in the evening at no additional cost in addition
to the lunch event. This meant we were able to put on two
events while he was in town.

 Again, I said YES and quickly went to work producing an
additional evening event we called “Success with Integrity,”
with my company, Integrity Lending, as the event’s premier
sponsor. This empowered my loan officers to invite their top
clients and referral partners to join us for this fun, feel-good,
celebrity event. I have to tell you, the pride and unity this event
brought to my team was immeasurable and was celebrated for

The morning of May 18, 2004, I had the honor of joining Mark
Victor Hansen and Al Sizer for breakfast, along with three
representatives of NW Med, including the CEO and the
Chairman of the board, as well as the development director I
had been working with for months.

During our breakfast, Mark asked about my companies and
nonchalantly shared, “I can easily refer you a billion dollars in
commercial loans,” at which point quick calculations of the
commissions and income that represented flashed through my
head. That was the moment it hit me just how influential this
man was and how impactful his endorsement could be for both
my companies and me personally.

Throughout the day, Mark inspired and entertained over 500
people, helping us raise donations that delivered over $1.2
million worth of medical aid and supplies to those in need. As
you can imagine, it was a day I will never forget.

As he closed his final presentation of the night, Mark made an
offer for those who wanted to learn more. I immediately went
to the back of the room and bought every CD and book he had
for sale, including Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines, The Power of



Focus, and The Aladdin Factor – How to Ask for and Get Anything

You Want.

The following week, as my wife and I traveled to Maui, I spent
much of the trip listening to Mark mentor me through his
audios. Mark’s masterful training expanded my thinking and
helped me reframe what was possible for my life.

During each of Mark’s talks, he challenged the audience to
make a list of 101 goals, including the date each person
planned to achieve each goal they set. Since my wife goes to
bed early, I spent hours every night on the beach under the
stars dreaming of all I hoped to achieve over my lifetime. By the
end, I had created hundreds of short and long-term goals.

 One of my top ambitions was to enroll Mark Victor Hansen to
become my personal mentor. After returning from Maui, I
gathered my nerve and made what felt like the scariest call I
had ever made, asking Mark to be my personal mentor. He
graciously agreed and has impacted my life in countless ways
since I stepped out in faith and asked for what I wanted.

Mark had no idea, but one of the goals I wrote on that beach
was, “To have Mark Victor Hansen write about me in a book by
May 28, 2005.” A few months after writing down that goal,
Mark called and said, “Robert Allen and I are writing our follow-
up to The One Minute Millionaire which will be called Cracking
the Millionaire Code. We’d like to feature you in the book. Would
you be okay with that?”

 Excitedly, I said “YES,” and almost as if by divine design,
Cracking the Millionaire Code was published on May 31, 2005.
Just three days after the goal date I had set one year earlier.

Dreams Fulfilled

 Within 12 months of following Mark’s system and writing down
my goals, I had traveled to Asia, Europe, Africa, and South


America for business. These were foreign lands I had only
dreamt of traveling to before soaking in Mark’s mentorship.

Before meeting Mark, the largest transaction I had been
involved with was a $10 million development loan. Now, I was
working on international financings of $200 million. Twenty
times larger than any transaction I had been involved in before
Mark telling the world about me!

You can just imagine the clients and opportunities that the
book brought because of the credibility and social proof of
Mark’s endorsement and promotion. When a celebrity or
company with massive authority and influence endorses and
promotes you, it creates tremendous credibility that unlocks
lucrative opportunities.

Within weeks of writing out my goals, Mark invited me to be a
VIP guest of his MEGA Book Marketing, MEGA Info-Marketing,
and MEGA Speaking Empire conferences. He routinely had me
stand and introduce myself and share how I could help the
audience. He later asked me to teach finance to his Enlightened
Millionaire Institute Inner Circle both in the U.S. and abroad.

Around the World in 30 Days

That book became a turning point in my career, not only
because of the business opportunities that came from readers
of the book, but more importantly because the experience was
powerful proof of our human ability to create and manifest
anything we want. The key is to get clear on exactly what we
want to achieve, accomplish, or experience.

Of the 338 goals I wrote on that beach, over 100 were achieved
in the first 12 months alone, a few of which included:

  • Enroll Mark Victor Hansen as my personal mentor by




  • Have Mark Victor Hansen write about me in a book

published by 5/28/2005

  • Have Mark Victor Hansen invite me to his private home

in Kona, Hawaii, by 5/28/2005

  • Start a 501(c)3 charity by 5/28/2005
    • Travel to New York City, London, Hong Kong, China, and
    Africa by 5/28/2005
  • Hike the Great Wall of China by 5/28/2005
    • Meet U2’s lead singer Bono by 5/28/2005

Prior to meeting Mark, I had barely left the country. Within one
year of his mentoring, I took a 30-day around-the-world trip
Eastward from Portland, Oregon to London, then off to Hong
Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou, China, before taking the final leg
to Caracas, Venezuela and Bucaramunga, Colombia.

As I met new clients and prospective partners, I gave them a
copy of the Cracking the Millionaire Code book with my
business card inserted on the page that started featuring my
personal, professional, and charitable pursuits. That book
elevated my status with my clients, team, and referral partners
while simultaneously attracting new clients from around the
world – just as Mark had predicted.

Mark taught me the power of specificity in goal setting,
including writing down the exact date you plan to achieve each
goal. In case you missed it, Cracking the Millionaire Code was
published three days after the goal date I had typed on my
laptop less than one year prior, a fact that astounds me to this

My purpose in sharing this story with you is two-fold.

First, I want you to truly understand that you can create
anything you want in your life when you get clear, put it in
writing, and commit yourself to achieve your desire or dream.
You will have to take massive action and ask others to assist



you, but you can quickly transform your life simply by
transforming your thinking.

Second, I hope to give you a vision for the power of getting
endorsed, recommended, and promoted by people and
companies that have the ability to take your business to an
entirely new level. The key takeaway here is that just one key
referral partner can transform your business and your life.

You just have to A-S-K to G-E-T.

Getting clear on what you want to achieve, and experience is
the foundation of success.

Scan this QR code or visit the link below for an inspiring lesson
on setting the goals that matter most to your future success:


Wealth Through Workshops for Specialty Dentists

After meeting and being mentored by Mark Victor Hansen, one
of the most important lessons he taught me was the power of
producing events. It can be one of the single most effective
ways to boost your expert status and book consults by
educating audiences in person or online.

If you’re a dental specialist, holding educational workshops is
one of the best ways to win new referring offices. Events help
you attract highly profitable prospects and establish yourself
as a credible expert, which, in turn, will help you attract and
retain more referring practices at higher conversion rates.

The key is to fill your workshops with as many of your perfect
referring dental practices as possible so that you maximize the
revenue you generate for your business. Events can be held for
potential patients direct to the public as well.

 When it comes to holding educational events, quality trumps
quantity every time. It is better to teach a class to 10 practice
owners or 10 potential high-quality patients who match your
Perfect Prospect Profile than to have 100 unqualified people
in your audience. Be sure your event invitations and
promotions are targeted to appeal to your ideal patients or
referring partners. Consider implant study clubs, collaborative
treatment planning, or even an event titled, “Why don’t I
restore those teeth?” etc. 

In the case of direct-to-consumer  events, you might consider teaching about what is possible with a smile makeover along with the long-term benefits, as an example. For the purpose of this section, we will focus on events for referring practices with our examples.

7 Super Strategies to Fill Your Events with Perfect

The following seven time-tested and proven strategies will
help you fill your next event with quality candidates for your

  1. Invite Your Social Sphere

The best way to fill your events is with your current referring
practices. They are the most likely to use your services again! In
addition to your referring practices, you should also promote
your upcoming events to both your personal and professional
databases. Since these people already know, like, and trust you,
they are likely to recommend your event once you have asked
for their help and identified who the event will be most helpful
for. If you charge for your events, you may want to offer a few
gift guest passes people can give to their friends, clients, and
colleagues. Just be sure to identify your perfect prospect
profile, so they invite the right type of people to your event.

Here are a few ways you can invite hundreds of prospects in a
matter of minutes:

  • Email flyers and invitations to family, friends, and

dentists in your local area.

  • Post events in your social network through Facebook,

Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn

  • Email links to your training videos or past events and
    post the links on your website, blog, and social sites
    • Send LinkedIn messages to each of your current
    contacts inviting them to attend your event



  • You can also print up and mail or hand out tickets to your
    next event, so people have something physical in hand
    which increases the perceived value of the event.
    • The key is to spread the word far and wide with people
    who are most likely to attend and invite others.
  1. Develop Promotional Partnerships

Another great strategy that helps leverage the recommendations
of others is to partner with businesses, charities, and
associations that already serve your ideal patients. By offering
to teach a class or give guest passes to your workshop as a gift
to their clients, customers, members, and social media
followers, you give them a high-perceived value item they can
provide at no or low cost. The more you help them win patient
loyalty, the more passionately they will promote your events
and refer you to new patients.

We will cover this in detail in Chapter 16 on cross-promoting
with your partners.

  1. Invite Your Referral Partners to Invite Their
    Clients or Patients if Appropriate

 There’s no disputing the power of a personal recommendation.
That’s why one of the best ways to fill your seminars and
workshops is to have your current and past referral practices
attend your event. After all, as they share their personal story
of the impact you had on their practice and patients, their
patients will be much more inclined to schedule with your
office and receive treatment from you.

  1. Co-Produce Events with Others

One of the most effective ways to promote your event to a
larger audience is to co-produce seminars or workshops with
other specialists or supply sales representatives who are
looking to attract the same ideal client profile. For example,



suppose you are holding a Smile Makeover event and you invite
all of your referring dental practices and prospective referring
dental practices. In that case, you might consider partnering
with your supply representative, who serves many general
dental practices in the area.

By partnering and sharing the costs of promoting and producing
your seminar or workshop, you help other businesses gain access
to new prospects at a reduced marketing expense for
everyone. Plus, as your partners get new patients from the
event, they will promote you for other services they don’t
treat, since you are the reason that they won the business to
begin with. This strategy also allows you to highly target your
marketing while positioning you as the trusted expert and
increasing your perceived credibility and expertise to a wider

  1. Speak at Other Events

 There are numerous organizations that serve your ideal clients
and are constantly looking for interesting speakers for their
meetings and events. You gain tremendous credibility and
visibility by volunteering to speak at events held by local
businesses, Chambers of Commerce, banks, universities, the
SBA, networking groups, and trade shows. Nonprofit organizations
and associations that support and serve the healthcare market
are also great opportunities to reach prospective patients. Any
opportunity to speak in front of groups of people can lead you
to more patients.

 Once you have established your expertise throughout your
training, the audience will be much more interested in
attending your future workshops. Just be sure to include a
closing slide that promotes your services and upcoming events.
In addition, consider handing out worksheets that include
details on your future workshops and offer your training
services to those in need of a speaker. After all, sometimes, you



need to do some shameless self-promotion to grow your

Be sure you have a call to action at the end of your
presentation, letting your audience know the next steps you
want them to take to move forward with you. Doing this each
time you speak or teach will help fill your calendar with
speaking engagements and bring more attendees to your
events and clients to your business.

  1. Offer Referral Rewards

Another great way to spread the word and expand your
audience is to incentivize others to fill your events. You may be
familiar with affiliate programs where businesses pay
commissions on referrals that lead to sales, but have you ever
considered offering to pay bounties or commissions to
salespeople or marketing companies who help fill your events?

This strategy is especially effective when engaging marketing
consultants or sales professionals who are used to working on
a pay-for-performance basis. After all, these people speak with
your target market every day and can easily promote your
workshops and services.

Just be very specific about your perfect prospect profile, so
they invite the right people who are most likely to do business
with you. This strategy also works if you host online webinars
as you can easily track attendees using a custom affiliate
tracking code unique for each affiliate or promotional partner.

  1. Outsource to Assistants or Interns

As a busy dentist, one of your biggest challenges is most likely
time management. That’s why you should consider delegating
your promotional activities to an assistant or intern. This will


help you maximize higher profit activities that you enjoy more.
By training an assistant to manage your promotional activities,
you focus your valuable time meeting with profitable
prospects and clients.

Just use the list we’ve given you and create a plan for them to
execute for you. If you don’t already have staff who can help
promote your events, just reach out to a local employment
agency to hire a temp who can make the calls for you.

You can also contact a university or business school in your area
and let them know you’d like to offer an internship for their
students. You can usually find some great talent in the school
of marketing with young adults eager to build their resumes
and hungry for their first real job. While many will agree to do
an unpaid internship with you, you may want to pay them a
minimal hourly rate or a set amount for the quarter, so they are
amply motivated. You can also make the internship unpaid but
give them a bonus based on the number of attendees they help
attract or actual clients that you close from the event.

These seven powerful strategies can help you fill your events
with profitable prospects for your business. These strategies
will also help you attract top, trusted pros which we will cover
in the next chapter.

 Scan this QR code or visit the link below for a
video message about creating wealth through workshops:



Partner with Top Trusted Pros

When it comes to building a steady stream of Raving Referrals,
one of the most underutilized and most effective strategies is
to partner with other professionals who already serve your
ideal patients. That’s because businesses and professionals
who are serving your perfect prospects consistently hear
requests and opportunities for the services you provide. Plus,
when a respected professional or business owner recommends
you to their clients, customers, and contractors, it increases
trust and accelerates revenue.

As Dr. Michael Hudson DDS of Hudson Dental and Orthodontics
in Gilbert, AZ says,

“We get quite a few new patient referrals from Welch
Physical Therapy. Their practice is located in our business
complex, and they are a great referral partner for us. They
are always sending people our way, so we refer people to
them every chance we get.”

While a happy patient may know three or four ideal patients for
you, a professional in a complementary industry may have
three or four referrals for you each week or even each day. As
you build your relationship and help them understand how you
can help the people they serve, they will refer you a steady
source of profitable prospects.



Your job is to help them see you and your service as the
solution their clients and customers are looking for. Once they
view you as a trusted solution helping them solve problems for
their clients, they will refer you more often because you add
value to both them and their customers.


Over the past decade, we have surveyed thousands of business
owners and professionals, asking them to identify how many
referral partners they have who refer at least one new
prospect every ninety days.

What has been surprising is that 32% of the professionals we
surveyed said they had zero referral partners. These people
reported having to constantly scramble and hunt for new
business because they had no one sending them profitable
prospects. As a result, only half of the people in this group
reported achieving an annual income of $50,000 or more.

 The second group, which comprised 47% of total respondents,
reported having one or two referral partners. Although
these people were getting a few referrals, they still found
themselves in the bottom half of income earners in their
companies or industries, with only 10% claiming to have achieved
an annual income of $100,000 or more.

What was interesting was that the first two groups combined
totaled 79% of everyone surveyed. Once again, the Pareto
Principle (or 80/20 rule) proved to hold true.



The third group was made up of professionals who had three
to nine referral partners, which equated to 19% of everyone
surveyed. Over 70% of these people reported earning $100,000 or
more per year, while under 20% of the first two groups
achieved that income level.

Finally, the fourth group consisted of professionals claiming to
have ten or more referral partners. What was shocking to our
team was that only 2% of everyone who completed our survey
was in this top group. Not surprisingly, this group reported
much higher incomes, with all respondents claiming annual
earnings over $100,000 and over half claiming annual income
of more than $200,000 per year.

The Key to Success

 I learned this strategy firsthand back in 1997 after starting as a
mortgage loan officer. As I interviewed top producers in my
firm and industry, I asked about their greatest source of business,
and a common theme emerged.

All of the top producers I interviewed revealed that the bulk of
their business came from a handful of professionals they had
built referral partnerships with.

This is also true in dentistry. Although advertising can play an
important role, social media is also an extension of the referral


Depending on your community involvement, associations,
friends, family, and general circle of influence, you will find that
referrals are the key to your success.

According to Dr. Jed Huss, DDS, Diplomate with the International
Congress of Oral Implantologists and owner of Restored
Smiles Ranch:

“Surrounding yourself with great people and impactful
partners will greatly accelerate the growth and success
within your business. This principle rings true for myself and
my Restored Smiles dental education company which has
allowed me to have a greater impact within the field of
dentistry and the lives of the doctors I teach.

The success of your business is what you make of it. The more
intentional and strategic your supporters and business
partners are, the greater the impact you will be able to



 To create your Power Team of trusted professionals committed to
doing business with you, start by identifying the top industries
that already serve your ideal clients.

In addition to The Champions Institute andChampionDentists.com, I
also run HOA.com, where we serve homeowners and are
building the #1 Referral Network for Professionals Who
Serve Homeowners. Our company is literally in the business of
helping people build their own trusted network of vetted and
certified professionals who also serve homeowners. By helping
these professionals connect, collaborate, and cross-promote
each other, we help them generate more business by helping
the people we serve together.



Consider the types of professionals you could consider building
strategic alliances with. Look at people you tend to attract in
your practice. Are there many people who seem to work within
specific industries? Also consider looking at the community
where your practice is located. Are there specific groups you
can associate with? Specific companies that are located
nearby? Are there any specific events that commonly or
traditionally happen in your town that you can align with?

While you might receive patients from reps who work for select
dental companies such as an implant company, you might also
receive Raving Referrals from a parent group at particular
schools. You might also find that by collaborating with local
businesses, you all share non-competitive referrals.



Envision your community with your Perfect Patient in the
center of the hub surrounded by all of the other possible
referral collaborations.

As you build your trusted team of referral partners, everyone
will win more business together

So, the question is, who do you want on your trusted team?

Identify Your Ideal Partners

 What industries, local businesses, and specific service professionals
do you want to build referral partnerships with? Review the
proceeding list and write down key potential referral partners
that can bring you the most business.



  1. ___________________ 11. __________________
  2. ___________________ 12. __________________
  3. ___________________ 13. __________________
  4. ___________________ 14. __________________
  5. ___________________ 15. __________________
  6. ___________________ 16. __________________
  7. ___________________ 17. __________________
  8. ___________________ 18. __________________
  9. ___________________ 19. __________________
  10. __________________ 20. __________________

Prospective Partners

Most likely, you know several people in these professions you
just listed. Perhaps you’ve known them for years or even
decades and have never bothered to ask about doing business
together. You may have family, friends, or other connections
you’ve never pursued professionally. If that’s true for you, I’m
happy to tell you that you are sitting on an absolute goldmine.



What if you show them a win–win–win system where everyone
prospers by working together?

As you help them understand who and how you help, many will
gladly offer to promote you, especially when you approach
professionals strategically, which we will cover shortly.

For each of the industries you’ve identified, start by asking

  • Who do I already know, like, and trust in that industry?
    • Who do I already refer business to?
  • Who in each industry already refers business to me?

Asking these three questions will help you create a targeted
list of complementary professionals who already know, like,
and trust you. Since trust accelerates relationships, starting
with people you know will dramatically speed up your referrals
and revenue.

The truth is that you serve these professionals every day in
your practice. But have you ever taken the time to learn who
your patients are and what they do professionally. Many of the
people sitting in your operatories are influencers in business
and many have a large social sphere.

That’s why we recommend you consider partnering with your
patients and letting them know you would like to help promote
them and their business to the patients and community you
serve. Imagine if you had 20, 50 or even 100 passionate
promoters for your practice.

 Think about Realtors® or mortgage brokers for example. These
people are helping new homeowners move into your community
every day. Wouldn’t you love them to recommend your practice
to every new family that moves into the neighborhoods
surrounding your practice? By simply promoting them on your
website, social media or through a brochure or community



 bulletin board in your office, you add value to them and their

 We will cover co-marketing campaigns in chapter 16, but for
now, start thinking about the people you serve and how you
might partner with them and grow your businesses together.

The Proven Referral Partner Script:

 Once you’ve identified your prospective partners, it’s time to
approach these professionals strategically. If you are not
comfortable making these calls, consider hiring or promoting
someone to your team who can serve as your Community
Ambassador doing business development on behalf of your

After twenty-plus years of testing, here’s what we’ve found
works best for creating profitable partnerships. If you follow
this proven script below, you’ll have people lining up to meet
with you.

Just say…

“Hi (name), the reason I’m calling is that I’m creating a
team of professionals I’ll be recommending to all my
patients. I was thinking about you because I have a lot of
patients who could benefit from your services. I’d love to sit
down with you to discuss the possibility of adding you to
my team and promoting you. When’s a good time to get
together and strategize?”

Imagine receiving that call from someone you’ve known for
years who serves your ideal patients all day long. Wouldn’t you
be excited about the possibility of having them consistently
referring clients to you? Of course, you would! As long as they
are someone you know, like, and trust.



When you follow this proven process, you can quickly create
new referral partnerships with ease.

But how do you create partnerships with target professions
when you don’t know anyone in that field?

Great question. Glad you asked.

Filling Gaps

 As you start creating strategic alliances and profitable partner-
ships, there will undoubtedly be some gaps. You may find a few
industries or professions where you don’t know anyone in that
field. That’s when asking patients to introduce you to top
professionals they know, like, and trust is a powerful way to
expand your team and your referral business.

Asking your VIP patients to introduce you to their top
professional service providers gives you quick and easy access
to high-quality professionals with whom it otherwise might be
challenging to develop a relationship.

The good news is that asking patients for introductions is
extremely easy when you know how. It also quickens your
velocity to create profitable partnerships.

First, identify the profession to which you want to be
introduced. Let’s say you want to get connected with a quality
CPA, for example. Just call up your client, or while sitting with
them, simply say:

 “Thanks so much for your time today. I’d like to ask for your
help. As you may know, I am in the process of expanding my
practice, and I’m looking for a great CPA I can refer my
patients to. I’m wondering if you know of any good CPAs
you think I should meet. I’m planning to meet and interview
two or three, and your CPA will be one of those I would like
to meet with, not just for my personal business but also for



the opportunity to refer patients to them. Is there anyone
you’d recommend I meet with?”

Once you ask, shut up and let them talk. It’s normal to want to
fill the space if they don’t speak immediately but hold back and
give them a few moments to think about who they can
introduce you to. You will find most patients will be happy to
help and introduce you to other professionals they use. Plus,
since the introduction is coming from a mutual client, you
already have something in common to start building rapport
and trust with the other pro.

You can also post your request on social media. Not only will
you increase the number of introductions you receive, but you
will also let your patients and social sphere know they can turn
to you and your team whenever they need help. You will be
amazed to see top, trusted professionals reaching out to you

This strategy works extremely well because people love to help
others. By giving them an opportunity to make an introduction,
they are helping both you and the other professional they are

Ask for an Intro

Once your contact recommends someone for you to connect
with, it’s best to set the stage for the conversation. Just ask
your contact to make an introduction and share the person’s
phone number so you can follow up proactively.

Simply say,

“Thanks so much for the introduction. Would you be willing
to make a quick call or send them a text to tell them how
we know each other and that I will be calling them (date
and time of scheduled call)?



Is there anything you think I should know before I call


Using this approach, the person to whom you are being
introduced will be expecting and even looking forward to your
call… all before you even dial their digits.

Once you’ve been introduced, simply call the professional at
the appointed time, mention your client’s name, and share that
they come highly recommended by your mutual client. This
creates instant connection and is the common ground that
opens the door and fast-tracks a mutually prosperous partnership.

By reaching out to professionals you already know, like, and
trust – and then filling the gaps with quality introductions from
key clients and colleagues – you can quickly gain access to great
professionals and build a powerfully profitable referral team.
Put the power of partnerships to work for your business.

Scan this QR code or visit the link below for a video message
about partnering with top trusted pros who serve
your perfect prospects every day:




Network Strategically

Another way to meet prospective referral partners is by
attending networking events or study clubs. In every city, there
are dozens of monthly opportunities to meet other professionals.
Typically hosted and led by local chambers of commerce, local
dentists or specialists or professional networking companies, these
groups exist to help professionals and business owners connect
and collaborate. That means everyone in attendance is there
for the same reason you are – to meet new people in hopes of
doing business together.

Have a Plan

Before investing any time going to a networking event, be sure
you have a plan for who, where, and how.

  • Who do you want to meet?
    • Where do they usually meet?
    • How will you meet them?

First, get crystal clear on the type of people you want to meet.

Second, find out where these people connect and congregate.
Research local groups or events where your ideal referral
partners meet and get together.

The best way to do this is to call your top referral partners and
ask what groups they belong to or recommend. If they belong
to a chamber of commerce or networking group, you’ll find
them eager to invite you as their guest. These organizations



typically track how many guests each member introduces to
the group, so inviting guests is encouraged and celebrated.

Third, have a plan for how you will meet your ideal connections.
There may only be one or two great contacts for you in the
room. Rather than walking around randomly introducing
yourself to strangers, ask the people running the event to
introduce you to the people you want to meet.

Since the event leaders check everyone in as they arrive, they
meet each and every person who walks through the door. That
means they are perfectly positioned to help you. You just need
to ask for your ideal introduction, which is super easy when you
use the following script.

Once you’ve checked in to the event, simply smile and say,

“I’m wondering if you can help me. The primary reason I’m
here is to find a top (CPA) that I can refer clients to and
build a referral partnership with. Can you tell me if there
are any quality (CPA)’s here I can connect with?”

The beauty of this question is that you are actually helping
them be successful in their job. After all, the reason they are at
the event is to help members and attendees connect, collaborate,
and cross-refer each other. By asking for an introduction to the
precise professionals you are looking to connect with, you
make it easy for them to help you.

Top 10 Tips for Networking Strategically

After attending and leading networking events from coast to
coast, I’ve learned there are ten top tips for networking

  1. Visualize Success – Success starts long before you walk
    into any meeting or event. Remember, just one referral
    partner can double your business in a year or even less.
    As you think about the event, visualize exactly who you



want to meet. Get clear on the industry they are in and
have a plan for how you would like to work together.
Then, before the event, take a few moments and
envision yourself having a great time meeting an
incredible referral partner in that industry who has been
looking for someone just like you to help their clients. As
you visualize the future you want to create, you activate
the law of attraction, which is always good to have
working for you.

  1. Bring A Buddy – Invite one of your referral partners to
    join you and work the room together. Before the event,
    get clear on who each person is looking to meet. Then,
    as you meet a potential match for your referral partner,
    make an enthusiastic introduction to the person you just
    met. This helps you add value to both parties and
    elevate your status in their eyes. Be sure to praise and
    edify your networking buddy to help them feel good and
    raise their perceived status. As you help your referral
    partners succeed, they will naturally return the favor
    and go out of their way to help you in return. WIN–WIN–
  2. Meet The Leaders – Introduce yourself to the people
    hosting the event. They are often servant leaders
    dedicated to helping people succeed. Since they have
    the respect of the members, when they make an
    introduction, people take the meeting. Befriend these
    folks, and you will win faster.
  3. Ask For Introductions – Ask the event leaders for
    introductions to the top pros they know in your target
    profession. Simply say,

“The main reason I am here is that I’m looking for a
quality (CPA) to whom I can refer my clients. Do you
happen to know any good (CPA)s you would
recommend I connect with?”



If they know trustworthy people in that industry, they
will be happy to help and make an introduction.

  1. Be Confident – First impressions matter. As you meet
    new people, smile, look them in the eye, and introduce
    yourself confidently with a firm handshake. When you
    exude confidence, people feel it. Especially if they have
    a high nurturing personality style. The truth is that while
    you are interviewing potential partners, they are
    evaluating you as well. Show them you are comfortable
    in your own skin and confident in your ability to get the
    job done right. Your confidence will give them confidence
    in you.
  2. Ask Quality Questions – Show you are interested by
    asking great questions to learn about the people you’re
    meeting. If you aren’t a natural networker, just ask:
    • Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is the primary problem you solve?
  • When do people most need your services?
    • Where do you get most of your clients currently?
    • Why did you choose this industry?

The answers to these questions will give you quick clarity as to
how well you trust this person and how well they match your
perfect partner profile.

  1. Listen And Learn – You’re here to meet good people to
    partner with, not to sell. After asking each question,
    really listen to what the person is telling you. Study what
    they say both verbally and non-verbally. You’ll learn a lot
    about them in a very short time. As you listen, ask
    yourself if you like this person and can see yourself
    eventually feeling comfortable referring your clients to



  1. Schedule A Discovery Call – Your primary goal for
    attending any networking event should be to schedule
    one-on-one discovery calls with Perfect Prospects or
    referral partners. Rather than trying to have a meaningful
    conversation in a busy, crowded, noisy environment, ask to
    schedule a one-on-one call at a later date. When you find
    someone who may be a fit, simply say,

“From what you’ve shared, I have a number of
contacts who might benefit from what you do. Can we
get together another time so I can ask you a few
questions? Maybe next Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday

What works best for you?”

  1. Be Brief, Be Brilliant, Be Gone – Once you have synced
    calendars and scheduled a discovery call, thank them for
    their time and excuse yourself from the conversation.
    Don’t overstay your welcome. Always leave them
    wanting more.

10.Follow-Up and Follow-Through – As you know, the
fortune is in the follow-up. After the event, think about
each person you met and send an email, text, or direct
message to those with whom you want to explore
relationships. If you scheduled a discovery call, send a
calendar invite with the date, time, and location or
description of how you will connect. You may also want
to send a friend or connection request on social media
to accelerate the trust-building process.

When you follow these top ten networking tips, you will build
your referral team quickly and easily.



Networking Groups

In addition to referral mixers and events, you may also want to
join a chamber of commerce, MeetUp, or a structured referral
group like LeTip and BNI. While chambers allow unlimited
members per industry, referral groups often only allow one
member per profession, which is great if they have an opening
in your industry.

When I was starting out in the mortgage business, I joined a
chapter of LeTip International in Beaverton, Oregon. The
fifteen members of this chapter met for breakfast every
Thursday at 7:00 am sharp. Breaking bread together each week
was a great way to get to know each other and build long-term
relationships and referral partnerships. It was awesome to
have a team of people committed to helping each other win
and constantly scouting for opportunities for each other.

In 2013, I was referred to LeTip CEO Kim Marie Branch-Pettid,
a wonderful woman committed to helping businesses grow
faster together. Having visited her international headquarters
many times and spent time with her, her husband, and her
executive teams over the years, I can tell you her organization
goes above and beyond to help their members grow their
businesses, with chapters nationwide from coast-to-coast.
Each chapter hosts a weekly online or in-person meeting, along
with evening mixer events and large-scale conferences.

The entire LeTip referral machine has been built to ensure
every member receives massive value. Each chapter has
officers who lead the meetings following a regimented agenda
set by LeTip headquarters. Guests are welcomed warmly and
thrilled to find so many opportunities to build relationships
with quality professionals.

After announcements are made, each attendee is asked to
quickly stand and share their message of who and how they



help. Then they report new referrals and business opportunities
they have given or received from members of the group.

Referrals are tracked on their proprietary Wired platform
which helps each club track and measure the business passed
and the return on investment (ROI) each member has received
from the group. Those who refer most are celebrated and
sought after. To search for a LeTip chapter in your area, visit

Dr. Ivan Misner took the LeTip concept and created his own
organization called Business Networking International (BNI)
back in January of 1985. Over the decades, this organization
has grown to be a global powerhouse with over 270,000
members worldwide.

Although I’ve never been an official BNI member, I’ve attended
countless chapter meetings and conferences over the decades.
I’ve also had the great honor and pleasure of meeting BNI
founder Dr. Ivan Misner, who is largely considered the
godfather of networking. He is a humble servant eager to
educate and empower as many people as possible. That’s just
one of the reasons BNI members are so passionate and loyal to
the BNI company and community. With over 9,500 chapters,
you can find a group near you at BNI. com.

The largest event-based networking organization in the U.S. is
Network After Work. Rather than weekly alliance meetings,
they host monthly mixer events in every major market in the
U.S. Network After Work has hosted over 4,000 events over the
past decade attracting over 600,000 attendees. Over that time,
they have created over fifteen million business connections,
which is an astonishing accomplishment.

Every Network After Work event I’ve attended has had over
100 guests and had plenty of prominent people to connect
with. One of their brilliant networking innovations is using



color coded name badges to instantly convey the industry you
are in. That helps you work quickly to identify people in the
industries in which you are looking to connect.

Network After Work now offers virtual events and online
education as well to complement the in-person events they
produce. What impresses me most about their events is that
they attract the highest quality people I’ve met at any
networking event I’ve ever been to.

While most networking groups tend to attract small business
owners and professionals, Network After Work events also
attract executives and decision makers from major
corporations. This is much more of a white-collar crowd, so it’s
an excellent gathering place if you’re looking to meet B2B
clients or referral partners.

Check out their schedule of events at NetworkAfterWork.com.

We’ve compiled a list of great networking organizations and
referral groups at the end of this book. There’s no substitute
for meeting people in the real world, so go find a local group
and start networking strategically.


As you start networking, you will be meeting some awesome
people that can send you a lot of business. Your goal should be
to get into the know, like, trust zone as quickly as possible.

Connect with them on social media and be sure to like,
comment, share, retweet, and invite them often and you can
accelerate the trust building process.

A tactic I learned from Casey Eberhart in his awesome
Networking Riches course is his ATM social strategy:

  1. ADD people to your FB group
  2. TAG them in the post



  1. MESSAGE them personally

Do this consistently and you’ll start attracting great referral
partners who send you a steady stream of Perfect Prospects.

 Before you attend another networking event,
be sure to scan this QR code or visit the link below
to learn the top three networking quick tips.

Share with your professional network to add value
and help them accelerate their success:




Create Your Referral Alliance

As you start cross-promoting and cross-referring with other
business owners and professionals, over time you will build
strong trusted relationships that generate a lot of new
patients for your practice. The key is to find people you enjoy
spending time with and then intentionally spend more time
with them. Creating a formal Referral Alliance will help you
accelerate this process so referrals flow faster.

Connect With Connectors

After working for many years in industries unrelated to
dentistry, one day, Julieanne became close friends with a
dentist who had an office across the street from her home. She
intentionally built friendships that led to referral partnerships.

As she explains, “In addition to our close proximity, we both had
a mutual love of art. My husband and I opened an art gallery in
the same town. My dentist friend also had a gallery inside his
practice where he hosted gatherings regularly for the
community. Both of our families began supporting the local art
scene while growing our mutual trust and respect for one
another. This soon led beyond art, and he introduced me to an
entirely new friend group and network of hard-working dental
professionals. I understood that by building friendships with each
individual dentist, I was able to connect with this entire network
of dental professionals. These people had built deep trust with



 each other and the more relational equity I built with each
member of the friend group, the more I was welcomed into their
collective circle of trust.

My business of social media was no different and I was very
successful at serving dentists. However, I had seen too many
practice owners be burned by people who were out to make a
quick buck. I knew I wanted to work with quality dentists so I
delivered value knowing that my commitment to delivering
massive value would earn their trust and referrals over time. I
understood that trust takes time to build, especially with those
who may have had poor experiences in the past. I knew the best
way to grow my business was to deliver real results and leverage
the relationships and reputation I’d built within this trusted circle
of friends and associates. The more value I delivered, the more
they trusted me and introduced me to others within the

Connecting with connectors through people who already
know, like and trust you can make a significant impact on your
business. In addition, by helping others with their businesses
you can take collaboration to a mutually beneficial place where
everyone benefits and has an incentive to work together.

Invite Your Trusted Team

 If you are serious about taking your business to new heights,
consider starting your own personal referral group or what we
call a Referral Alliance. For best results, bring together your
best referral partners and ask them to join you in launching
your own group. As you unite your team, you elevate your
status and establish yourself as a leader and influential

The best way to accomplish this quickly and easily is to
schedule a meeting at your office, a restaurant, or even via


zoom. Simply choose a time and location then send a quick
message to each person inviting them to attend.

Say something like:

“Hi (name), as you may know, I am in the process of
expanding my practice, and I’m creating an alliance of
vetted and trusted professionals I can refer my patients
to. I truly value our relationship and would like to invite
you to be a core member of my referral team. I will be
gathering my most important referral partners (date/time)
at (location) and hope you can attend.

Please let me know if you can join us.”

I recommend you consider outsourcing the coordination of a
calendar invite to each person you want to attend so they have
the date, time, and location already in their calendar. That
makes it super easy for them to accept your invite with one
quick click. This also helps you see who is interested, available,
and committed to attending. You may also want to create an
event on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social network if you
are connected to these people on those platforms.

Your Alliance Meeting

As your group gathers, you may have a few early arrivals.
Welcome them warmly and let them know when your meeting
will begin. If you are not an extrovert or natural nurturer, you
may want to have an assistant greet your guests, so they feel
the love from the get-go.

 Start your meeting by greeting the group and thanking them
for attending. Ask each person to introduce themselves and
describe who they help and how they help. Once everyone has
introduced themselves, simply review some of the co-
marketing campaigns outlined in the Referral Partner Blueprint
outlined in Chapter 16.



Here’s a script you can use as a guideline:


“Thank you for coming today. The reason I asked you all
to join me is that I am expanding my practice and creating
an alliance of vetted and trusted professionals I’ll be
referring my patients to.

I truly value each and every one of you and view you as
one of the best in your respective industries. Not only am
I hoping to do more business with you personally, but I
also want to connect each of you so you can do more
business together.

After all, everyone in this room serves (consumers,
homeowners, businessowners, parents, professionals,
etc.), so we share the same ideal client and can grow our
businesses faster and further by cross-referring and
cross-promoting each other.”


What I’d like to do now is go around the room and give
everyone a chance to introduce themselves and share
who you help and how you help. That will help everyone
here understand the services you provide and who your
perfect prospects and ideal clients are.

Before you leave, I’d like to ask you each to fill out a
Referral Partner Optimization Form so I can train my
team on what type of patients we should refer to you.

I’ll go first. As you all know, my name is and I help
____________(share your Service Statement).

To give you an example of what I do, I recently had
a client who ___________________________. (share


a story of a problem you solved and the difference
it made for them).

I’m passionate about helping people____________
and a great referral for me is a (share your Perfect
Prospect Profile). Before we move on, does
anyone have any questions about my expertise or
what specific services I provide?

Answer any questions that come up and remember to tell
success stories so people can visualize who and how you help.
Telling a memorable story of someone you’ve helped turns
people into referral scouts because when they hear someone
facing the challenge you solve, they will immediately think of

“Hopefully, that gives you more clarity on how I
can help your clients and customers. Now let’s go
around the room starting to my left.”

After each person shares who and how they help, be sure to
compliment and edify them to boost their confidence and
status among your guests. Your job is to help everyone feel
honored and special.

Share stories of how these people have helped you or your
patients in the past. Describe what you appreciate most about
each person, and you will instantly expand your value in their
eyes. This process ensures people view you as the connector
and influencer you are. It also locks in their loyalty and
commitment to doing business with you going forward.


Once all attendees have shared who and how they help, share
your plan for doing more business together. Using the Referral
Partner Blueprint in Chapter 16 as a guide, mention some of the



strategies you plan to use to introduce your trusted referral
partners to your clients and colleagues. This will give them a
vision for how they will win more business through your
Referral Alliance.

 We recommend your strategy include interviews with your
referral partners to add value to them and build their
credibility in the eyes of your clients. Simply record a quick
zoom interview and post the video recording on Facebook,
YouTube, and/or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can broadcast
your conversation live on these platforms as well.


 As you conclude your Alliance meeting, thank each person for
attending and let them know you’d like to schedule a one-to-
one conversation with them to plan out how you can grow your
businesses together. Be sure each person leaves with your
Referral Kit, business cards, referral cards, brochures, and any
other marketing materials you’d like them to give to their
clients when they recommend your services. That way, each
Referral Partner leaves empowered to refer you quickly and


 If your schedule allows, recommend they hang out and connect
with the people in the room who would be the best fit for their
business. You will add additional value by connecting them
with other business owners and professionals with whom they
can build relationships. Plus, the more time you spend with
each person, the more likely they are to send profitable
prospects your way.

Consider printing a form each Partner fills out so you have a
written record of who they help, how they help, how they want
to be referred, and a success story you can share with your



Raving Referrals Partner Profile

Name: ________________________________________________

Company: _____________________________________________

Profession: ____________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________

Who are your Perfect Prospects?

How would you describe your perfect prospects and ideal




How do you help?

What is most important for me to share about your product or
service? What makes you unique?




How would you like me to refer you?

Do you offer free consultations or any special promotions
you’d like me to share?






What’s your best success story?

Share your best client result or testimonial so I can retell the
story to my clients.




Following these steps will help you create a highly productive
and profitable referral alliance you can build your business with
for years to come. The best part is that a client for one of you
can be a client for all of you. Once you attract a new client for
your business, think about which of your referral partners you
can introduce them to. There are likely other services this client
would benefit from. As you refer them to your partners, and
they refer their clients to you, everyone wins together.

Building a strong Referral Alliance can help you attract Raving
Referrals for years to come.



Scan this QR code or visit the link below for a
video message about creating powerful and profitable
partnering with companies and professionals
who are committed to your success:




The Referral Partner Blueprint

The fastest and easiest way to build referral partnerships is by
using the Referral Partner Blueprint. This easy-to-use system
gives you a paint-by-numbers approach to guide people
through a collaboration conversation.

Once you’ve identified someone you would like to form a
referral partnership with, simply pull out the Referral Partner
Blueprint to guide your conversation.

 Discuss the cross-promotion strategies you think will work best
for this particular referral partnership. Check off what each
person is willing to do for the other so both parties have a clear
agreement in place.

As you follow the format and fill in the blanks, you will find it
makes the process of creating referral partnerships with
complementary professionals simple.



We will cover each of these cross-promotion campaigns in the
next chapter. First, you need to understand how to educate
and empower your referral partners to send you new patient
opportunities quickly and consistently.

Train Your Team

As you start using the Referral Partner Blueprint, you will find

people are eager to partner with you. That’s why it’s important



to train your referral partners on the specific clients you are
looking for, and how best to refer you.

To ensure you attract a steady stream of profitable prospects
coming to your business, follow these five proven steps:

  1. Discuss your Perfect Prospect Profile and Service Statement
    so they understand how you help and what challenges
    you solve.
  2. Share stories of patients you’ve helped so they will
    remember and refer you when a client mentions facing
    a similar challenge.
  3. Supply them with your Referral Kit including brochures
    and business cards they can set out in their lobby and
    give to their clients.
  4. Create customized gift certificates or referral cards so
    your referral partner feels special, and their clients know
    you are a trusted professional.
  5. Print a list of your top ten Frequently Asked Questions
    (FAQs) so your referral partners are informed and can
    educate their clients about the services you provide.

These are the top five ways you can empower your partners.
The key is to help them understand what sets you apart so you
become their go-to, number one trusted resource for each and
every client of theirs who is looking for a great dentist or
specialist like you. The more you educate your referral partners
on the value you provide, the more potential patients they will
send your way. So long as you follow up consistently.

Follow-Up and Follow Through

 After you’ve met with each prospective referral partner, be
sure to follow up and follow through on any commitments you
made. Take action immediately, and you will impress them with
your professionalism. If you have committed to making
introductions, make them quickly and effectively. Go above


and beyond to gain your new referral partners respect and

Be sure to update and thank the person who made the
introduction. Give them an overview of how well the
conversation went and whether you believe this person will be
a fit for your clients. Following up honors the introducer and
shows them you take good care of the introductions they give
you. Often, this alone leads to more referrals because you are
demonstrating your professionalism in communication.

If you’re really serious about building a solid referral base, you
may want to send whoever introduced you a thank you card or
small gift as a token of appreciation. This will lead them one
step closer to singing your praises to everyone they know. The
more people feel you care, the more they will care about you.

Play the Long Game

One thing you need to understand is that building referral
partnerships takes time. Although you will likely receive
referrals from some partners quickly, others will need to know,
like and trust you over time. The more relational equity you
build with people, the more referrals you will receive.

Rather than expecting instant results, make a goal for how
many referral partnerships you plan to create over the coming
year. Keeping your eye on the prize will help you build a solid
business that will generate profitable prospects for years to

Connect with the people you want to do business with
regularly. Calendar consistent communications to them every
two weeks at a minimum. Seeing them in person always creates
the deepest connections but isn’t the most time efficient.
That’s why you want to mix in regular phone calls, text
messages, video messages, emails, and social media messages
to stay top-of-mind and continually add value.


 Before reaching out, think of a way you can add value to them
and their clients. Never call saying you are just “checking in”.
That is one of the worst statements you can make because you
are telling them you have no other reason to call other than to
ask them for business. Instead, you could:

  • Give them a referral.
  • Provide an update on a client they referred.
  • Offer to connect them with a professional or business


  • Share an idea you think will help their business.
  • Ask a question about their industry or the services they


  • Offer to promote them using one of the co-marketing • campaigns in the next chapter.
  • Invite them to join you at an industry or networking


  • Let them know about new offers or services you are


  • Share industry insights you think they should know


  • Stop by to drop off gifts, books, brochures, or branded


It’s A Numbers Game

Using these strategies and scripts can make a profound impact
on your business over the months and years to come. Just
imagine what your business will look like 12 months from now
if you take the time to meet just one new prospective partner
each week for the next year.

 Of those 50 people, if only 20% are a fit and become your
referral partners, you will have 10 new professionals referring
you profitable patients consistently for years to come. Then,
for the rest of your career, you will be on easy street never



having to wonder where your next patient is coming from. In
reality, most professionals experience much better results
than partnering 20% of the time, so you can truly accelerate
the process and your revenue by following the Referral Partner

Give More

 When building referral partnerships, you should always be on
the lookout for ways to add value to your partners. Truth is that
the more you give in life, the more will be given to you. I’m such
a passionate proponent of this strategy that I had customized
license plates for my BMW back in Oregon that said, GIV MOR.

 For me, it’s much more than just a slogan. It’s a life philosophy.
I’m always looking to add value to everyone I meet and to give
as much as humanly possible. When you adopt the GIVE MORE
attitude and look for ways to practice random acts of kindness,
you’ll find life becomes easier in ways you would never have
imagined. This might sound a little woo-woo to you right now,
but in my experience, karma and the law of attraction are very
real. The more you give, the more serendipity shows up in your

Back in 1998, my wife and I took a two-week trip to Italy and
Greece. While it was tough to leave my mortgage business for
two weeks, I made sure to bring back some exotic gifts for the
Realtors with whom I was building referral partnerships. In
addition to some of the standard tourist trinkets, I also brought
back metal bottles filled with Greek Ouzo, as well as the most
delicious baklava I have ever tasted.

When I returned home and dropped off these sweet treats and
exotic liqueurs to my top referral partners, they were blown
away that I was thoughtful enough to think of them while on
my European vacation. Especially since I had transported these
gifts over 6,000 miles to bring them back something special.



 Next, I traveled to Hawaii and brought back cases of chocolate
covered macadamia nuts. While my referral partners enjoyed
the gift, what they really appreciated is that they were
important enough to me that I was thinking of them while away
with my family.

 The truth is that those tasty treats helped solidify relationships
and win referrals worth thousands of times the cost of the
gifts. While I’m sure they enjoyed what I gave them, what won
them over was my generosity and thoughtfulness.

Often in dentistry, you will see that reps from dental supply
companies are taken for granted by dentists and their teams. It
is often overlooked that they themselves may reside in your
practice’s neighborhood or may be connected to associations
you hadn’t even considered as potential referral partners.

The opportunity to pull in dental supply company reps as part
of your family is one that is undeniably neglected in dentistry.
Imagine if instead of looking at a rep as a salesperson, you
began to consider how you might further help them with their
business. What if you treated them like VIP partners only to
figure out new ways you might be able to collaborate beyond
a simple purchase from them?

As you start building your referral partnerships, be on the
lookout for ways you can make a difference in their lives. Do
everything you can to give more to your partners, and you will
activate the law of reciprocity and watch your business grow.

Especially when you start cross-promoting with your partners,
which is the final key to profitable partnerships.

Ready to create more profitable partnerships?

The Referral Partner Blueprint makes it easy to guide your
conversations and create a powerful plan where you and your
referral partners get into action and win together



Scan this QR code or visit the link below for a
video message on how to use the

Referral Partner Blueprint to maximize your success:




Top 21 Cross Promotion Campaigns

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Marketing is what
spreads the message that brings in profitable prospects that
become lifetime clients. That’s why partnering and cross
promoting with others who already serve your market can be
the fastest and most powerful way to grow your business.

When it comes to promoting yourself and your services, there’s
nothing like the credibility and visibility you gain when
someone else raves about you. People don’t care what you say
about yourself near as much as they care what others say about

Your goal is to get seen, get found, and get paid.

When people see your name or brand being recommended by
someone they respect, they automatically trust you more and
are more likely to consider you. Especially when people
endorse you authentically and passionately.

Whether your goal is to attract a few ideal patients, or gain
millions of fans and followers, cross promoting with influencers,
experts, businesses, and professionals who serve your ideal
clients can produce real results rapidly.



You’ve Seen This Before

 Often called co-op marketing or simply co-marketing, this is a
strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two
or more companies or referral partners who promote each
other to their respective audiences. Collaborating on a marketing
campaign can help both parties generate twice the results with
half the effort.

What’s great about co-marketing is that both partners leverage
their social sphere to generate more buzz, awareness, fans,
followers, and profitable prospects together. These campaigns
can quickly provide the extra boost that attracts more leads
and revenues.

Even if you have never co-marketed yourself, you’ve seen the
biggest brands on the planet doing it for years. One of the best
examples is the shoe brand Nike partnering with Michael
Jordan to create the Air Jordan brand. According to Forbes
magazine, their partnership has generated over $1.3 billion to
Michael Jordan since 1984. This alliance not only made Jordan
richer than any contract from playing basketball, but it also
simultaneously solidified Nike as the dominant leader in the
shoe game. In Nike’s 2019 fiscal year, the Jordan Brand
generated $3.1 billion in sales accounting for 8% of total Nike
revenue for the year.

Back in Portland, one of the fathers whose boys I coached in
youth sports was the son of Reggie Saunders, Nike’s Senior
Director of Entertainment Marketing for Air Jordan. He was
one cool cat. His stock really rose with the boys on our
basketball team when he gave each player a free pair of the



latest and greatest brand spanking new Air Jordans. Reggie
told me story after story of the athletes the company was able
to attract as partners because these players grew up wearing
Air Jordans and always wanted to “Be like Mike.”

The value Jordan brought Nike went far beyond shoe sales and
solidified the brand as the king of the shoe game. As Nike
would say, when it comes to co-marketing, JUST DO IT.

A holistic dental practice who is a client of mine recently began
working on a campaign specifically to promote other holistic
practitioners to their patients. They are creating a wall in their
lobby dedicated to these referral partners. In addition, they will
offer exclusive discounts on their dental services to the
patients and customers of the companies they feature in their
lobby. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Here are a few co-marketing examples to get your wheels spinning:



CoverGirl Makeup & Star Wars

Another great example of creating profitable partnerships and
co-marketing campaigns comes from the larger-than-life
Shaquille O’Neal. After having a hall-of-fame career on the
court, Shaq cashed in on his notoriety by creating strategic
alliances with a number of companies and brands, including:



While you may never collaborate with a major corporation like
those listed above, the strategy is the same when promoting
your services.

 Think about simple co-marketing campaigns you might be able
to act on within your community. This could be as basic as
promoting a next-door restaurant by using a gift card for
dinner in one of your promotions. Or it could be more complex
such as in co-branding for press releases and in advertising with
anyone from a supplier to a toothpaste brand for example. If
you market your own products as well, there are countless
ideas to co-market products within dentistry as well.

Now that you are aware of co-marketing campaigns, you are
going to start seeing these campaigns over and over. The
power and influence you can unlock through partnerships are
unmatched. In fact, teenagers are now making millions as
instant influencers on Instagram and TikTok partnering with
companies as brand ambassadors to promote their energy
drinks, clothing, makeup, and jewelry products.

Within dentistry, you might look at what patients you currently
have and see if there are opportunities to work with existing
influencers within your practice. Earned media can generate a
tremendous return for every dollar you invest in a
collaboration of this nature. Consider the example of a dentist
I worked with who agreed to offer clear aligners to an
influencer who initially had a fast growing following but who
wasn’t yet famous at the point that I introduced them.

That particular influencer documented every appointment
through video posts which led to archivable and reusable
content of the journey of the patient with the practice. The
doctor is now able to use all the content ongoing on his own
site and his own social media. The influencer ended up going
on to become one of the most famous kids in America.



The Ultimate Trust Transfer

 Co-marketing gives you the ultimate marketing leverage
because as you cross promote your referral partners, they
transfer the trust they’ve built with their clients and prospects
on to you.

By collaborating and cross promoting each other, both you and
your partner:

  • Increase awareness for each other’s businesses and


  • Attract more prospects, fans, and followers
  • Generate leads, referrals, and business opportunities
    • Reduce marketing costs while increasing closing rates

Creating cross promotions and co-marketing campaigns with
just ten other professionals or businesses over the next year
can increase your marketing reach by 1,000% or more. The way
this works is simple. Let’s say your ideal patients are
homeowners and that you have 1,000 people on your mailing
list. If you partner with ten other professionals who also serve
homeowners with similar size databases, you are now being
promoted, endorsed, and recommended to 10,000 prospective
clients in addition to your own 1,000 contacts.

Plus, by helping your partners gain more visibility and grow
their books of business, you dramatically increase the
likelihood they will return the favor by promoting and referring
you to their patients and colleagues.

So how can you leverage the power of co-marketing to
promote your practice in your local market?

Glad you asked!



21 Top Cross Promotion Campaigns

 As you meet with prospective Referral Partners to create a
strategic alliance, just pull out your Referral Partner Blueprint
to guide your conversation. This powerful tool will help you
steer your discussions through the various ways you and your
partners can cross-promote each other to win more business

The basic strategy for each of these campaigns is for you and
your partners to promote and recommend each other to your
respective databases and social spheres.

The top 21 ways you and your partners can proactively
promote or recommend each other are:

 The power of social media to share your message with the
masses is unreliable. As you review these co-marketing campaigns,
consider outsourcing to a firm like ZLinked Marketing and
Advertising which specializes in helping dental practices
through “done-for-you” social media campaigns. With a partner
such as ZLinked, social media becomes a strategic yet simple
part of your program. Each week, they will create and post
customized messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,



Pinterest and Google. They even advertise your brand in a way
that systematically incorporates social media at an extremely
affordable price so have one less thing to worry about. ZLinked
works collaboratively with your in-house team and web team
so they can continue doing what they already do well. For more
information on how affordable and simple outsourced social
media solutions can be, visit: https://zlinkedmarketing.com/.

1 – Introductions

 When meeting with a new Referral Partner, an easy YES to get
things moving is making introductions to other professionals
you each know. After all, your new referral partner likely knows
some great prospective partners for you. Can you imagine what
life will be like when people start referring you their best
clients who are a pleasure to work with when they become your
patients. Think about the difference you will be able to make in
other people’s businesses when you share professionals you
also work with. As we work together and cross-refer through
our Referral Alliances, WE ALL WIN TOGETHER.

The reason to start with making introductions is that it is an
easy ask you both should be very comfortable moving forward
with. Starting the conversation by getting them to agree to
something small will increase the likelihood they will agree on
other campaigns later on.

Remember to give first. Start by suggesting a few people who
you know might be good prospective partners for them. Tell
them about each person and offer to introduce them. You
might even want to set up a zoom or face-to-face meetings
with the three of you so you can meet socially. Because
dentistry has privacy laws to be mindful of, be sure introductions are
only made when it is professional to professional and not patient to
professional without permission from a patient.


The beauty about making introductions to people is that often
as a result of your introduction these new alliances will think of
you as a result of your introduction. The more introductions
you make, the more often you are likely coming up in other
people’s conversations, which keeps you and your practice top
of mind.

Once you’ve suggested a few introductions, the other person
will likely offer some people they can introduce you to. This is
where you want to make sure you communicate exactly what
types of potential patients you want to be introduced to. The
clearer you are, the more likely they are to connect you with
quality patients who have the ability to also refer a lot of
additional Perfect Prospects your way.

2 – Ratings and Revie

The importance of reviews cannot be overstated. Recently, I
was in New York City for a C-Suite Network event led by its
charismatic CEO Jeffrey Hayzlett. During the conference, I was
talking with the SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships and
Business Development for the Amazon company Audible.
Helena shared that Audible now uses reviews as their top
marketing strategy to drive revenue. Their testing shows
member reviews are far more effective in attracting and
retaining new subscribers. In the online world, reviews rule. If a
tech giant like Audible who has done extensive marketing
research believes in the power of reviews, so should you.

 We humans trust the collective power of reviews because we
feel like the research has been done for us. Again, people care
far more what other people say about you than what you say
about yourself. Especially when those people are high
Blueprint or Knowledge personality types.

3 – Special Offers

Everyone loves to save money and get a deal. That’s why offering



special “partner only” discounts is another great way to help
your partners promote your practice. This helps your partners
give their clients something special and gives your partners an
easy way to introduce your practice.

For dental practices, you can certainly offer free consults, x-
rays, etc. But you might find by offering a VIP treatment or
something unique from dentistry that you actually get more
traction. Oftentimes it’s that thing that hasn’t been done that
can get the most attention. We often see the same offers over
and over and they truly are not unique. We see this on the
windows of practices, in their ads, social media and more and
they are the exact same as so many other practices.

Consider clever or unique ways of making the patient
experience special for people. For example, rather than just
offering a photo booth for selfies in your practice, consider
featuring a hot local artist every month or quarter to create a
destination experience. I know a popular dentist who turned
two rooms of his practice into an art gallery for a local college
and held monthly art openings to feature the student artists.
When coming up with special offers, think outside the box.

4 – Gift Certificates

 There’s no better price than free. That’s why gift certificates
are the ultimate way to package your special offer. Gift
certificates allow your partners to recommend your services by
giving their clients and customers something with high
perceived value. While you may not want to give away your
products and services for free, you can package a discount as a
gift certificate to boost the perceived value. For example, if
your average service costs $100, giving a $25 gift certificate is
essentially a 25% discount.

Gift certificates work especially well for new homeowners
moving into communities surrounding your office. Consider
printing special “Welcome to the neighborhood” gift certificates



you give away through your Realtor and mortgage lender
patients and referral partners.

After moving into a new neighborhood, studies show that 85%
of homeowners choose to use the first company they come into
contact with. So shouldn’t that be your dental practice. Giving
real estate agents your gift certificates to give to their buyers
as part of their closing gift is a win for the homeowner, for the
Realtor and for you.

Examples of gift certificates include:

  • Free Teeth Whitening
  • Free Initial Exam & X-Rays • Free Invisalign Exam
  • Free Orthodontics Assessment & SmileView Simulator
    • Free Dental Implant Consultation
  • Free Apple iWatch for New Ortho Patients
    • $100 Gift Certificate for New Patients
    • $250 Gift Certificate for Clear Aligners
    • $500 Cosmetic Dentistry Gift Certificate
    • $1,000 Gift Certificate for Full Arch Implants

Simply print your gift certificates and include a brochure or flier
on your services for your referral partners to give to their
clients. You may even want to have special gift certificate
envelopes printed to create a special impression for your new
clients. Just be sure to check with your attorney or state dental
association to ensure you are compliant with all state

5 – Consultations

 If you provide free consultations for your new patient process,
encourage your referral partner to include you as part of theirs.
Giving their clients a free consultation makes your referral
partner look good and provides value to everyone involved.



Offering a free consultation is also a great way to capture
qualified potential patients that actually want to switch to your
practice. Not only do consultations help you capture more
referrals, but you can streamline your conversion process and
add massive value by demonstrating your expertise and
generosity in advance.

 Consider creating a special landing page on your website or
printing gift certificates or brochures that describe the service
you provide to your partner’s clients. Place a value on the
assessment so the client understands they are getting something
special thanks to your referral partner.

6 – Referral Cards

 If you want to attract more Raving Referrals, it is imperative
you make it easy for people to refer you. The fastest way to
accomplish that is by giving people printed referral cards they
can quickly hand to anyone who may need a new dentist. This
also helps you track where your business is coming from so you
can recognize and reward your referrers.

 You have probably received a referral card from your
chiropractor, or home services professional. They are an
inexpensive and effective way to help people help you. By
including all the essential referral program information, these
cards provide a simple way for people to refer others to your

One of the simplest ways to add a referral card into your
business is by adding your referral offer to the back of your
existing business card. You can also print a special postcard size
promotional piece that gives people details about your product
or service along with a special offer.

Consider using a bookmark or coaster in lieu of a business card
to be more memorable. Again, try something different so
others remember you. If you’re going to invest in a way to



promote, make sure it does the job and doesn’t get thrown out
in the trash.

Be sure to include a catchy headline or slogan like:

  • Share a smile • Refer a friend
  • Help us spread the word
    • Sharing is caring • Friends wanted
  • Pass it on
  • A gift for you and your friends

Below the headline, include a call to action that gives people a
reward for taking action. Offer a discount, free consultation, or
special offer to make them feel special and increase the
number of people who take advantage of your offer.



7 – Websites

Another great way to cross promote with your partners is by
adding and recommencing them on your respective websites.
Simply add them to a page that lists your resources, trusted
partners, or preferred providers with links to their website or
social media pages. Create a page on your site where your
clients and customers can explore and connect with your
trusted team of referral partners.

When creating a referral partner page of your website, list each
partner with a sentence or two about the services they offer.

Display their contact information including phone number and
website URL. Include their logo or banner ad linked to their
website. If your partner offers special pricing or promotions,
position that prominently so people know you are helping
them unlock special pricing or treatment. You may also want to



add a testimonial or success story from one of your patients.
Years ago, my company was a Preferred Supplier for Prudential
Real Estate Affiliates, which was later purchased and rebranded as
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Being listed on their
website brought instant credibility to our company and led to
hundreds of their Realtors joining our online referral program.

While many of their agents found us through the listing on
their global Prudential corporate website, we also used the
endorsement as a strategic partner when marketing to their
agents directly. The credibility and visibility you gain when
partners promote you on their website can be significant.
Especially when you partner with influential brands and people.

Consider some of the recognizable companies and names
within your community that you could co-brand with. You’d be
surprised how much a name can uplevel your credibility and
recognizability in a community.

8 – Social Posts

 Social media is a powerful way to cross-promote with your
partners. It’s fast, easy, and free. When you combine forces and
collaborate on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or LinkedIn,
you reach new audiences creating instant credibility through
the exposure and endorsement from your partner.

The key to this strategy is to coordinate a conversation by
posting publicly. This creates an opportunity for your referral
partners to answer, comment, and create a dialogue that
others see and participate in. We recommend you pre-plan or
at least coordinate what you and your partners are going to
post so that both parties are promoted and provide value to
your respective tribes of clients, fans, and followers. Some of
the most effective ways to co-market with your partners

  • Success Stories – Thank your partner publicly for helping

clients get great results. Share the thanks you received



 from your clients for introducing your referral partners.
Testimonials – Share your personal story of how impressed
you’ve been by their knowledge, professionalism, and
expertise. If you’ve personally used their product or ser-
vice, share that as well to build social proof and trust.
Expert Content – Provide special reports or whitepapers
that educate people.

  • Special Offers – Post discounts, promotions, or special


  • Events – Invite people to attend online or in-person

events with you and your partners.

  • Questions and Quizzes – Post questions about your
    partners industry or area of expertise, tagging them to
  • Photos and Videos – Show before and after photos or
    videos to give visual examples of the impact you make.
    Go Live – Have a social conversation for the world to
    watch about anything from the list above.

9 – Newsletters

 If you send out printed or email newsletters to your patients
and prospect database, consider adding a section for your
Referral Partners or top trusted pros. This adds value to your
referral partners and shows you are committed to helping
them win more clients. As you lead the partnership, they will
feel indebted and want to return the favor either by giving you
referrals directly or by cross-promoting you to their networks
and social sphere. Just be sure to ask if they send out
newsletters to their client list or database. If so, you can use
any of the strategies above to cross- promote with your

10 – Team Brochures

As you start creating your trusted team of professionals,
consider printing brochures featuring you and each of your
referral partners. This gives both you and your partners a


physical marketing tool you can share with your patients and
display in your lobby. If you use this strategy, be sure all of the
partners make a habit of giving these out to each new client so
everyone in your referral team is continuously promoting each

Team brochures work extremely well when you have a core
group of professionals serving a specific target market or life
event. Simply write an introduction as to the joint services and
solution your team provides. Then list each partner including
their name, company, logo, phone number, and website
address. You may also want to include a brief statement or
bulleted list of the specific services each partner provides.

11 – Bundled Offers

 Another way to cross promote your partners is to actually
bundle their services with your own. The way this strategy
works is that you and your referral partner combine your
services into one integrated solution or offer at a bundled
price. You probably see this with travel companies who bundle
airfare, hotel, car rental, and excursions into one bundled
package. Mobile phone companies often bundle short-term
subscriptions to music or movie applications with the purchase
of a new phone in order to entice buyers and add extra value.

You just have to think creatively on how you can share your
services with each other’s audiences. The more ways that you
and your referral partners scout for new client and patient
opportunities for each other, the more business you will all

12 – Direct Mail

Once you are in agreement with your referral partners on a
special offer, bundled service, or joint promotion you want to
offer, sending your campaign through direct mail is a great way
to get the word out. It gives your respective clients something


 tangible they can touch and feel forcing them to view your
message and offer. When you utilize referred introductions
and bundled offers into your direct mail campaign, you can
leverage and maximize the results for both you and your
referral partners.

While you may choose to mail your joint campaign to your
respective lists, you can also purchase or rent a list of Perfect
Prospects you share with your partners. This allows you and
your partners to target people in transitionary life events.

There are several top life events that cause people to search
out new service professionals which you can target through
direct mail campaigns including:

  • New Homeowners
  • Engaged or Just Married
    • Expecting or New Parents
    • Retiring or Recently Retired
    • Divorcing or Recently Divorced
    • Moving or Recently Moved

13 – Client Celebration Events

Events are a great way to bring people together and create
new opportunities to connect. Consider hosting a quarterly or
annual patient celebration event with your referral partners.
This can be as simple as hosting a happy hour at your office, or
a local restaurant, bar, or hotel.

 What’s great about hosting these types of events with your
referral partners is you can expand your audience while having
fun celebrating great people. The key is to communicate to
your referral partners the type of clients or professionals you
would like them to invite so they fill the room with your perfect

As a reminder, some of the patient appreciation events you can


produce with your referral partners include:

  • Art Showings
  • Awards Parties: Oscars, Grammy ‘s, Golden Globes
    • Bowling Parties
  • Casino Nights
  • Charity Fundraising Events
    • Cigar Nights
  • Concerts
  • Cornhole Tournaments
    • Golf Tournaments
  • Holiday Parties: Valentine’s Day, Independence Day,
    Hallo- ween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve
    • Private Movie Showings
  • Sporting Events
  • Top Golf Tournaments
    • Wine Tours and Tasting

Be sure to capture everyone’s contact information so you can
follow up with them after the event to explore a relationship

14 – Sponsorships

 If your referral partners already produce or participate in their
own training events or conferences, you may want to consider
sponsoring or exhibiting at their events. This shows your
partners you support them and are committed to helping them
achieve success. Sponsorship also creates opportunities for
your referral partners to introduce or promote you and your
services to their clients and strategic partners.

You’ll be amazed how many other partnership opportunities
present themselves when you support your partners. The more
you show up to help your partners in their passions and
pursuits, the more they will recommend you and your practice.



In addition to sponsoring existing referral partners, you may
want to sponsor:

  • Association Events
    • Bridal Expos
  • Business Expos
  • Chamber Of Commerce Events
    • Charity Events
  • Community Events
    • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Golf Tournaments
    • Home And Garden Expos
    • Networking Events
    • Podcasts
  • Races
  • School Carnivals
    • Sporting Events
    • Trade Shows
  • Webinars • Websites

When considering a sponsorship opportunity, look to maximize
exposure to your Perfect Patients. If the event sponsor is
gathering your ideal patients, the return on investment may
justify the opportunity, especially since many event promoters
will provide you the database of attendees as part of your
sponsorship package.

Sponsorship benefits you should ask for include:

  • Award Presentations
  • Banner Ads on The Event Website and Mobile App
    • Brochures Or Samples included in Attendee Gift Bags
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Email Promotions before and after the Event
    • Exhibitor Booth Space



  • Logo Placement in Attendee Gift Bags
    • Press Release
  • Product Placement throughout the Event
    • Signage throughout the Event
    • Social Media Promotion • Speaking Opportunities
  • Tabletop Promotion • VIP Sessions

15 – Workshops

As we discussed in chapter 11, workshops are a great way to
educate people about the services you provide and the value
you deliver. That’s why you should talk to your partners about
putting on a seminar, workshop, or lunch-and-learn training for
your combined clients with each of you delivering a portion of
the content. Just identify the top tips people need to know
about the challenges you solve and how you help.

 Training events help you attract qualified clients and boost
your status as experts in your field. Once people have attended
your class, they will understand why they need your service, and
how you can help them solve their challenges and overcome their

By establishing your expertise, you instantly elevate your
status. Especially to those guests invited by your partners.
There’s simply no better way to gain the credibility and trust
that gets transferred from the introduction of your referral
partners. Plus, by mutually promoting the event to your
respective clients, patients, customers, fans, and followers, you
leverage your combined audience to attract more profitable

If you produce the event and get your referral partners to
promote it to their lists, you can expand your prospect
database by capturing the contact information for all the
people who register for the event. Then you can follow up with



a variety of offers using your CRM or follow up system.

16 – Podcasts

 Podcasts have grown in popularity and are now one of the best
ways to establish yourself as an expert. Similar to a live work-
shop, podcasts give you an opportunity to interview your
referral partners on their area of expertise.

The strategy works just like a workshop, except rather than
producing an in-person event, you simply record and broadcast
your conversation much like a radio interview. Then you can
post the audio file for people to listen to on their mobile device
or computer. This allows them to download and listen to your
conversation when it’s most convenient for them.

Podcasts give you valuable content that both you and your
referral partners can give away to prospects. You can also
transcribe the recording and produce a special report your
clients and social sphere can benefit from. The beauty of this
strategy is that your referral partners will be happy to share the
recording with their network because you are helping them
boost their status and showcase their expertise.

Just imagine how many referrals and leads you will attract
when you get the right partners to promote your podcast to
their audience because you have made them the star of the

Be sure to ask for a bio or some background on your referral
partner so you can introduce them effectively. You may also
want to research them on LinkedIn, their website, or social
media to identify some interesting information to include in
your conversation.

Here are some great questions you can ask during your



  • How did you get started in your industry?
    • What are the biggest challenges people come to you
  • What is the most important thing you hope people learn

from our conversation today?

  • What would you say are the most common myths people

have about your industry?

  • What are some specific warning signs people should

watch out for in your industry?

  • What are you most proud of in your business?
    • What are you most passionate about?
    • Outside of work, what do you spend your time doing?
    • What charities or social causes are you most passionate
  • How has social media changed the way you do business?
    • In your opinion, what is the future of…?
    • How is technology impacting your industry?
    • Tell me something that’s true that almost nobody
    agrees with you on.
  • How can people learn more about you and the solutions

you provide?

  • What’s the best way for our listeners to connect with


 We always recommend you give first and offer to interview
your referral partners on your own podcast. This activates the
law of reciprocity and will often lead them to return the favor.
This strategy works powerfully when you interview people who
already have significant social followings. Once the interview is
over, offer to help them further by allowing them to interview

Just say, “By the way, if it would be helpful, I would be happy to
have you interview me so you have some content you can share
with your audience.” You will find they will be happy to return
the favor, especially because they now feel indebted to you.



17 – Video Interviews

 While audio podcasts are quick and easy to produce, video
interviews via zoom and going live on social media are great
ways to educate audiences about who and how you help.
Before your interview, ask your partner what topics they want
to cover and if they have any specific questions they would like
you to ask. Then you can talk about the problems they solve
and the solutions they provide.

Again, make sure they give you some background information
so you can introduce them properly and establish their
credibility. To prepare your partner, ask them to identify top
tips people should know about their subject. This will give them
confidence going into the interview and help you guide the
conversation. Then ask the questions you’ve agreed to
beforehand and invite any live viewers to ask any questions
they have.

The video itself doesn’t have to be a major Hollywood
production. It can be a simple video shot on your mobile phone.
Just do some testing and make sure the camera is steady, the
lighting is good, and the audio is loud enough for your audience
to hear clearly. You can shoot the video at one of your offices
or out at a jobsite. If you can show visual examples of the work
your referral partner does, even better.

Your goal is to give great content that helps your audience
solve their challenges. Include a call to action at the end that
makes it clear how to contact you and your referral partners
should the person have questions or want to move forward.

18 – Webinars

Another way to present your expertise and attract clients for
both you and your referral partners is by offering online
webinars. The beauty of webinars is you can educate your
audience and present your solutions far and wide. You can give



 presentations, perform product demonstrations, and deliver
worldwide messages to thousands of people at a time. And if
you create content that is informative and inspirational, you’ll
get great results and build a large list of prospects for your
respective follow-up funnels.

Plus, because webinars are virtual, they save people from
having to travel to attend your training in person and help you
avoid the considerable costs of paying for meals or conference
rooms to host live physical events.

To maximize the success of your webinar, follow these 10

  1. Choose a Topic – Identify a topic that points out the pain
    points of your perfect prospects to inspire them to
    register for your training.
  2. Choose a Date and Time – Select a time that works well
    for people locally and nationally if appropriate.
    3. Choose a Webinar Platform – GoToWebinar, Zoom, and
    WebinarJam are the platforms I’ve used and personally
  3. Invite Your Audience – Both partners should text and
    email their databases and promote the event on your
    websites, blogs, and social media accounts.
  4. Build Your Content – Create slides that identify the
    challenges you solve and spotlight the solutions and
    expertise each partner delivers.
  5. Practice – Be sure to do a quick test run to ensure you’re
    comfortable with the technology and that both speakers
    know which slides or sections each will be presenting.
    7. Host and Record Your Webinar – Present your webinar
    as a masterclass, panel discussion, interview, case study,
    or product demo. Be sure to record it so you can post
    and share afterwards.
  6. Ask For Action – Have a compelling call-to-action asking
    attendees to buy, try, or schedule a consultation to learn
  7. Follow-Up – After your event, be sure to email, text,


message, or call everyone who attended as well as those
who registered but did not attend.

10.Share Your Webinar Recording – Post your webinar
recording on your social media channels and email to
your prospect and client database. You can even add the
video to your website to provide ongoing education for
your audience.

Some people choose to charge for their webinars, but if you’re
looking to attract a larger audience and build your prospect
database, you should offer your class for free. This will give you
the largest prospect list to follow up with after the webinar.

While you can sell products and services directly during your
webinars, many people use webinars more to educate prospects
who schedule a private consultation. Just be sure people feel
the pain of not taking action, so they are motivated to move
forward and learn more about the solutions you provide.

 Landing the right promotional partner for your webinars can
lead to hundreds or even thousands of Perfect Prospects being
added to your sales funnel. One of our recent webinar
campaigns attracted over 5,000 webinar registrants over a
two-week period with over 2,000 people joining our live class.
Rather than having to rent a conference center and incur the
costs of producing an event of that size, we were able to host
our event virtually which made it easy for everyone to attend.

19 – Referral Mixers

 Hosting Referral Mixers is a fun and effective way to meet high
quality professionals and prospects. When you host mixers, you
become the central connector elevating your status as the
leader of the group. Asking your top referral partners to co-
host mixers helps you add value to your referral partners while
you create a community of high-quality professionals.

Mixers provide the opportunity for people to meet in a festive



and friendly atmosphere. Your role is simply to meet and
introduce the people in your tribe. The more you help other
people make new connections, the more your own network will

 This can easily be coordinated either at your office or a nearby
restaurant, hotel, bar, or golf course. Once you know the
location, date and time, you can start promoting the event
using email, Eventbrite, Evite, a Facebook event, or other event
invitation system. Then, enlist your referral partners to help
get the word out by inviting their clients along with top
professionals they know, like, and trust.

You can even target the event for a certain industry or group
of professionals. Just be specific with your referral partners
letting them know the types of people you are looking to
attract so they fill the event with your Perfect Prospects. Then,
when your mixer starts, you get to meet every single person
who walks in the door as they check in at the registration table.

Best of all, you are meeting them from a position of
prominence. You’ll find them grateful for the invitation and
impressed to meet the event producer bringing together so
many fabulous people. The more you position yourself as a
connector and catalyst, the more people will seek you out,
asking how they can earn your trust and win your business.

 If you live in a major market, you can always plug into existing
networking events like those produced by Network After
Work. They host events in over 80 major US markets typically
bringing together over a hundred prominent professionals to
each event. Strategically invite your referral partners to attend
these events together with you. You will both increase your
connections as you work the room together and introduce
prospective referral partners and Perfect Prospects to each



20 – Charity Champion Campaigns

Personally, I love to partner with people to support charities
and causes. You don’t need to create your own charity to tap
into the power of cause-related marketing. You can simply
raise awareness, funds, and support for great causes and
charities already doing good work.

 Ask your referral partner if they have any charities or causes,
they support. If so, discuss how you might join forces and
create more awareness and support for the causes that are
near and dear to them. If you have a charity or organization,
you are passionate about, suggest that your referral partner
join forces so you can create more impact together.

Some of the most fun and inspiring cause related marketing
campaigns I’ve produced over the years include:

  • Christmas Kindness – We produced a Christmas drive
    collecting toys, clothing, and canned food culminating
    with a concert and community celebration in Pioneer
    Square, the community courtyard in the center of
    downtown Portland. We gave points for each donation
    and awarded the top donation raiser a one-week trip to
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  • Virtual Veteran Salute – We created VirtualSalute.com
    to honor U.S. veterans helping people nationwide post
    photos and stories honoring the veterans in their lives.
    We’ve Been Booed – A fun and festive community-based
    campaign to spread joy before Halloween.
  • Donate Profit or Revenue – One of my training companies
    donated 40% of our gross sales to charity partners who
    provided food, water, education and microloans in
    developing nations.
  • Empowerment Trainings – We sent a volunteer team to
    lead the single largest private teacher training in the
    African nation of Liberia with the nation’s President
    commencing over the day event.



  • Voluntour Trips – We led volunteer teams overseas in
    Mexico and Africa as well as to South Dakota to build
    infrastructure for a Native American reservation.
    Water Wells – We helped drill water wells in Kenya.
    Food Drives – We helped produce the largest single food
    donation distribution day in the city of Los Angeles in
    partnership with Feed the Children led by Larry Jones
    and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Candle Wishes – We supported a charity that provides
    birthday parties and gifts for underprivileged kids.
    Toys For Tots – We collected and donated toys for kids
    at Christmas.
  • Super V Pumpkin Shoot – We created a 2-day competition
    hurling pumpkins hundreds of yards using roman
    catapults with all proceeds donated to Northwest Medical
  • Dog Rescues – We regularly shelter, transport, and help

dogs get rescued and adopted in the U.S. and Mexico.

 These are some of my favorite give-back campaigns that have
brought immense joy to me, my family, my employees, and my
referral partners. While the business benefits are great, the
personal satisfaction you get when you make a difference in
the lives of others is immeasurable. There’s simply nothing
better than being a Charity Champion.

Each event creates an opportunity to invite your referral
partners to participate and collaborate. Plus, when they see
you as a leader committed to improving your community, they
will want to do business with you for years to come. Whether
you donate your time, talent, money, or promotion, everyone
wins. Do more and give more for others and your life will be
richly rewarded.

It Works When You Work It

These are the top 21 cross promotion campaigns you should
consider implementing in your practice. Hopefully you now see



 how using the Referral Partner Blueprint in your meetings with
prospective and existing referral partners will help you have
highly productive meetings that lead to profitable partnerships.

As you review each of the strategies, you will quickly gain
clarity and agreement on what each person is willing to do for
the other. Then as you put these 21 proven co-marketing
campaigns to work in your practice, you and your referral
partners will be thrilled as you attract more opportunities

Keep it simple. Start with the easiest campaigns you both feel
most comfortable with and confident in. Then as you start
seeing results and attracting more profitable prospects, you
can implement additional co-marketing campaigns down the
road at a later date.

Agree On Your Plan

As you and your referral partners sit down and create your Referral Partner Blueprint, be sure to agree on:

  1. What each person will promote
  2. When each partner will promote
  3. How often each partner will promote

Print our handy checklist to use in your referral partner meetings.
This will guide your conversation with prospective partners and
help you both strategize the various ways you will cross
promote each other.

 Once your Referral Partner Blueprint is in place and you have
agreed how each person or company will promote and refer
the other, simply do what you committed to do, by the time you
committed to do it, while your partner does the same.

Then, as the leads and new client opportunities start rolling in,
be sure to thank them each and every time they generate



another prospect for you. Provide regular updates on the
status of each client they refer to you, so they know exactly
how you are helping each of their clients. This will lead them to
refer more clients because their appreciation for you will grow

As we mentioned earlier, referral updates display a high level
of professionalism, which continually build trust and will lead
to further collaboration and opportunities together.

Your mutual clients will also tell your referral partners about
how you’ve helped them. As your partners share success
stories with other clients facing similar challenges, you will
attract even more Raving Referrals for you and your firm.

Once you and your partners start actively referring and cross-
promoting each other, you will find that your referrals and
bottom-line profits will increase steadily. You’ll also develop
some deep meaningful relationships with people you are proud
to call your friends.

 Co-marketing with your partners helps expand the visibility of
your brand and the loyalty of your partners.

Scan this QR code or visit the link below for a quick video
on how to get your message out to the masses
through partners who proactively promote you to
their best clients, customers, and social sphere:





You are now empowered with the strategies, scripts, tips, and
tricks you need to succeed. Everything you hope to accomplish
can be achieved using the knowledge and wisdom you have in
your hands. My question to you is, will you take the ACTION you
need to win big?

The key to activating the Law of Attraction is taking MASSIVE
ACTION. The more ACTION you take, the faster your practice
will grow. The good news is you can easily integrate what
you’ve learned into your daily activities. With a few tweaks to
what you already do, you can easily and effortlessly attract
more Perfect Prospects and ideal clients.

As you start receiving Raving Referrals, we want to hear from
you. Please take a moment and share your success story on our
social channels. We’ll reward you with a super-secret gift you’ll
be thrilled to receive.

We’d Love to Partner with You

 Our team at The Champions Institute has helped hundreds of
dental practices grow their business which is exactly why we
created our Champion Dentists program. The beauty of our
pay-for-performance dental consulting and coaching program
is that our compensation is earned on actual performance, not
promises. This win-win program is delivered through a no-risk
partnership agreement where you only pay after you experience
results, and your revenue rises.



Whether your goal is to increase new patient attraction, boost
your case acceptance, or optimize your staff retention and
loyalty, our Champion Dentists program has been designed to
maximize the valuation of your dental business.

Our productivity program uses a proprietary, process-driven,
systematic approach to identify, evaluate and address key
opportunities to boost your results. We use an advanced
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Those lucky enough to be chosen for this elite performance-
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We invite you to schedule a complimentary profit optimization
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Scripts for Generating Raving Referrals

 The following call and conversation scripts have been refined
over decades of testing. Our goal is to give your clarity and
confidence to help you generate Raving Referrals and profitable

Whether you choose to make these calls yourself or train your
team to lead your referral partnership and business
development campaign, these scripts will save you time and
boost productivity by avoiding the learning curve we’ve gone
through over the years. Do your best to customize your
conversations based on each person’s BANKCODE to accelerate
your results even faster.

Scripts or Building Referral Partnerships:

 Hi (name), the reason I’m calling is that I’m creating a team of
professionals I’ll be recommending to my patients and colleagues.
I was thinking about you because I have a lot of patients who
could benefit from your services. I’d love to sit down with you
to discuss the possibility of adding you to my team and
promoting you. When’s a good time to get together and


Thanks so much for your time today. I’d like to ask for your help.
As you may know, I am in the process of expanding my practice
and I’m looking for a great CPA to refer my patients to, so I’m
wondering if you know of any good CPAs you think I should



 meet. I’m planning to meet and interview 2-3 and your CPA will
be one of those I would like to meet with. Not just for my
personal business, but also for the opportunity to refer clients
to them. Is there anyone you’d recommend I meet with?

Stephen really sounds like an interesting person I would love
to meet. Would you mind introducing the two of us? Or, if you
would prefer, I am happy to send an email and mention you had
great things to say about them and I would like to get to know
them myself.

Thanks so much for the introduction. Would you be willing to
make a quick call or send them a text to tell them how we know
each other and that I will be calling them (date & time of
scheduled call)? Is there anything you think I should know
before I call them?

Thanks for meeting with me today. I’ve heard a lot of great
things about you. You come highly recommended. The reason I
wanted to meet with you is that I serve a lot of (type of people
– homeowners/business owners) who may be able to use your
services. I’m hoping to learn more about you and your business
so I’m referring you the right type of clients.”

I’m glad to hear referrals are important to you. I work almost
exclusively by referral which is exactly why I am here today. As
I mentioned earlier, I’m looking for quality people I can partner
with to grow our businesses together. Based on what you
shared about your business, you are definitely the type of
person I’m looking to add to my trusted team of professionals
that I promote and refer my patients and colleagues to.

Just to give you a little more background on me….

From what you’ve shared, I have a number of patients who
might benefit from what you do. Can we get together another
time so I can ask you a few questions? Maybe next Tuesday
afternoon or Wednesday morning? What works best for you?



Hope all is well in your world. I’m reaching out because I am
looking to expand my professional network and noticed you
are connected to a few people on LinkedIn that I’d like to meet.
I have a few contacts I think you would benefit from meeting
as well. Do you have a few minutes to jump on a quick call so
we can connect and collaborate? What day and time works best
for your schedule?

Hi (name), As you may know, I am in the process of expanding
my practice and I’m creating an alliance of vetted and trusted
professionals to refer my clients to. I truly value our
relationship and would like to invite you to be a core member
of my referral team. I will be gathering my most important
referral partners (date/time) at (location) and hope you can
attend. Please let me know if you can join us.

Referral Partner Alliance Meeting Script:

Thank you for coming today. The reason I asked you all to join
me today is that I am expanding my practice and I’m creating
an alliance of vetted and trusted professionals to refer my
clients to.

I truly value each and every one of you and view you as one of
the best in your respective industries. Not only am I hoping to
do more business with you personally, I also want to connect
each of you so you can do more business together.

After all, everyone in this room serves (consumers, homeowners,
business owners), so we share the same ideal client/patients
and can grow our businesses faster and further by cross-
referring and cross-promoting each other.

What I’d like to do now is go around the room and give
everyone a chance to introduce themselves and share who you
help and how you help. That will help us all understand the
services you provide and who your perfect prospects and ideal
clients are.



I’ll go first. As you all know, my name is__________________, and
I help {share your Service Statement}.

To give you an example of what I do, I recently had a client
who_______________________. {share a story of a problem you
solved and the difference it made for them}.

I’m passionate about helping people _______________and a
great referral for me is a {share your Perfect Prospect Profile}.

Before we move on, does anyone have any questions about the
services I provide?

By the way, if it would be helpful, I would be happy to have you
interview me so you have some content you can share with
your clients/network/audience.

Scripts for Networking Events

 The main reason I am here is that I’m looking for a quality (CPA)
I can refer my clients to. Do you happen to know any good
(CPA)s here you would recommend I connect with?

I’m wondering if you can help me. The primary reason I’m here
is to find a top (CPA) that I can refer patients and colleagues to
and build a referral partnership with. Can you tell me if there
are any quality (CPA)’s here I can connect with?

By the way, if you ever have a friend or family member you
think might benefit from my services, I would be happy to meet
with them at no charge to see how I might be able to help them.

Scripts to Activate the Referral Triggers

I hope you’re pleased with the service I’ve provided so far. Is
there anything I can do to make you even happier?

Now that we’ve been working together for a while, I’m
wondering if you can tell me what you have found most valuable
about working with me?


I’m committed to growing my practice through exceptional
service. On a scale of 1-10, how happy would you say you are
with my services?

Do you mind if I ask what you have liked best about working
with me?

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Before you go, I’d like to ask
you, if someone you know was asking about me or the services
I provide, what would you tell them?

If you don’t mind me asking, if you knew someone who was
looking for a {insert your profession} how likely would you be to
recommend me? What would you say?

Scripts to use when you hear the Referral Triggers

 I’m so glad to hear that. I hope you’ll recommend me any time
you hear any {describe your Perfect Patient/Prospect} mention
that they are looking for a good dentist or need help {share
your Service Statement}. Is there anyone who comes to mind
who might need my help?

I’m so glad you feel that way. I love helping people like you

{share your Service Statement}. By the way, I may have
mentioned before that I am expanding my practice so if you
know any {describe your Perfect Prospect} who might need help
{share your Service Statement}, I’d love to connect with them
and see if I can help them the way I helped you?

Do you know anyone who is looking to {share your Service Statement}?

Scripts for Asking Clients for Referrals

 Thanks for meeting with me today. Before you leave, I’d like to
ask for your help. As you may know, I am in the process of
expanding my practice and one of the ways I keep my costs



down is by working primarily by referral, so I don’t have to
spend much time or money on advertising. Once I’ve taken care
of you and hopefully have exceeded your expectations, I’d like
to ask your permission to ask you for referrals. Would that be
all right?

As you may know, I prefer working with people who are
referred to us. Right now, I’m giving a special discount to
friends or family of our existing clients. If there’s anyone you’d
like to refer to me, they will get an extra 10% off our premier
package (customize with your offer). And of course, I’ll take
extra special care of them since they’re coming from you. Is
there anyone you can think of who might like to take advantage
of this?

As you know, nearly all of my patients come from referrals. A
good referral for me is {describe your Perfect Patient/Prospect}
who might need help {share your Service Statement}. Of
everyone you know, who would be the best referral for me?
Why do you say that?

As you know, nearly all of my patients come from referrals. I’m
hoping we can brainstorm for a few minutes to see if we can
identify some people you care about who should at least know
about the work we do and how we help people. Would that be

Great. Please let me know if there’s anyone you know I can
help. I’m always here for you and your clients.

Congratulations on completing the Raving Referrals book.

You now have the proven strategies, scripts, tips, and tricks you
need to succeed.



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in attracting Raving Referrals: