Marketing Manager

added on: January 29, 2020

Position Description:
The Director of Marketing manages the email marketing services of our DrDDS business, and supports DrDDS customers. This role provides admin support to the CEO.

Major Areas of Responsibility:
The major areas the Director of Marketing and Administrative Support can include:

  • Provide admin support to Travis:
    • Respond to emails
    • Schedule meetings
    • Schedule travel for shows
    • Assist with projects as needed
  • Coordinate DrDDS customer email blasts (get templates from marketing customers, send to Waqas to load, test and send. Coordinate with customer until approved. I’m currently doing Waqas’ role myself).
  • Database clean up. Ongoing work with Theresa on database uploads.
  • Assist database customers with set-up, run reports in Salesforce for database customers
  • Prospect vendors to schedule calls with Travis to sell marketing/tech solutions.
  • Clean up Salesforce records manually thru outbound prospecting
  • Work with Alex on integrations, Set up colleague accounts in RL as needed (this may all fall under Justin now)
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