Global Vice President, Product Strategy

added on: January 29, 2020

Position Description:
The Vice President of Product Strategy is a top leadership position — and is responsible for product strategy and roadmap, define requirements, managing new product and platforms with feature developments. This position will ensure that the entire company understands the vision and direction for the product portfolio. The Vice President of Product Strategy has the responsibility to communicate and reinforce the product strategy across teams AND will manage all R&D, technology development, and deployment teams.

Major Areas of Responsibility:
The major areas the Global Vice President, Product Strategy manages can include:

  • Product Vision: Sets the vision for the product and defines the product roadmap
    • Defines clear product strategy and its importance to employees, partners, investors and customers
    • Develops a strategy that stands on its own, but is also complementary to the vision the CEO has for the company
  • Team Development
    • Develops a strong team of researchers, engineers, product owners and designers; recruiting, training and coaching a superior products team
  • Execution
    • Ensures planning and collaboration with teams to ship product on schedule
    • Owns the complete product experience, considering the customer at every stage of product development
    • Fosters the team’s ability to execute rapidly, consistently and effectively
    • Manage teams to critical projects deadlines
    • Utilizes strong stakeholder management skills and internal evangelism
    • Inspires and motivates the company to help get everyone moving in the same direction
  • Product Culture
    • Builds a great product organization adds the dimension of a strong product culture: strong team, a solid vision that can be consistently executed
    • Continuously and rapidly testing and learning. He/she understands the need to make mistakes in order to learn, but also the need to make them quickly and mitigate the risks. He/she understands the need for continuous innovation.
    • Understands the power of a motivated product team. Knows that great products are the result of true collaboration. He/she respects and values the designers and engineers.
    • Can use/leverage real examples of own experiences with product culture and have concrete plans for instilling this culture in our company
  • Team Chemistry
    • Work collaboratively/well with the other key executives, especially the CEO, CMO and Marketing/Sales executive
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