Customer Support

added on: January 29, 2020

Position Description:
The Director of Customer Support guides and manages the overall provision of Customer Support services and works with development team on customer experience.

Major Areas of Responsibility:
The major areas the Director of Customer Support manages can include:

  • Represent our customers’ perspective in everything we do and the business decisions we make, with the objective of ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Through constant communication with clients, optimize the experience from their perspective to increase customer loyalty
  • Create, maintain, and update the customer on-boarding experience for the various products to ensure they are properly trained throughout the entire life-cycle
  • Communicate with the web development team to document bugs, issues, or other fixes preemptively, or as reported by clients
  • Training new clients on our current products and new features that are released
  • Recommend new products to our current clients that they would benefit from
  • Compile and track customer feedback on all products to help implement future changes
  • Manage client web design projects through the entire life-cycle
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