RecordLinc’s/One Click Referral’s purpose as a company is to provide our customers with products and services of value that meet their requirements. We are a technology company dedicated to bringing innovation to the dental industry. Our goal is to develop technology platforms that help dentists streamline and simplify their processes to increase revenue.

One Click Referral Values

We believe the greatest advancements come from collaboration. Our products are developed to improve and enhance collaboration and so is our company culture.


Above all, we will conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and honesty with ourselves and our customers.


We believe that our one unique asset and our most valuable resource is our people.


We believe in an environment characterized by individual freedom, cooperation between teams, and high ethical standards. This is the environment in which we and our company will flourish.


We believe that effective, open, and honest communication helps us achieve our greatest potential as individuals and as a company.


We believe that our highest priority as a company is to build mutually successful relationships with our customers, based on our understanding of their needs and a commitment to satisfying those needs.


We believe that success is achieved through our ability to identify critical issues, set priorities, and meet commitments. We measure our success by how well we fulfill our company’s purpose.

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