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Invest in the Leaders in Referral Management for Dental & Healthcare

OneClick Referral is a web-based referral management platform purposely built for enterprise healthcare and dentistry (Solo, Multi-location, DSO) that is built to solve the “lost patient” problem during the referral process from doctor to doctor, word-of-mouth patient referrals, traveling specialists to GP offices, and sleep practices.

"Connecting Dental & Medical Practices"

Never Lose Another Referral


200k Dentists

Revenue Source

OneClick Features

OneClick is raising $2.5m over the next 180 days to fund development, marketing, & sales to grow to $4m in recurring revenue and exit for $20-24m by EOY 2024. We already have three interested acquirers.


Comprehensive breakdown of insurance benefits & eligibility


Referral Management for solo dentists, multi-location practices, DSOs, & medical practices


Marketing system for growing referrals, referral coordination, marketing activity & costs, and more

Patient Forms

Embedded patient forms pre-filled & sent, patient scheduling, & patient mobile app


Practice management integrations – Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Opendental, WinOMS, Ascend, etc.


  • Lost Revenue

    When patients are referred they get instantly lost in the referral process, both the referring office & specialist lose revenue and patients.

  • Health Concerns

    Patients often perceive dental/medical procedures as discretionary and don’t show up for only 35%+ of referrals made. This sometimes results in serious health consequences for them.

  • Wasted Time

    Team members waste huge amounts of time tracking down pieces of information for these referred patients. This cost practices money and time.​


  • Referrals

    Solves the “lost patient” problem for specialists during the doctor-to-doctor referral process in dental and medical practices

  • Labs

    Streamlines the ordering process between the dental and medical practices with labs

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