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You Want With OneClick

OneClickReferrals is every specialist’s dream. You’re easily accessible to everyone, and that means a higher rate of case acceptance and a more successful office.

Communication: Simplified

Have you ever had a communication breakdown when you’re trying to hunt down information for an incoming referral? It can feel like you’re stuck in a tailspin. What’s worse is the case might fall through the cracks, and you lose revenue.

This doesn’t happen when you have OneClick on your side. You have instant communication with the offices who are referring you their trusted patients. You’ll know who’s coming your way. You’ll get all of their pertinent patient information. They’ll get your information – all with the click of a button. It doesn’t get any faster or more straightforward than that!

Contact Clearly with OneClick Referrals

We’re all busy! So sometimes it’s not easy to get someone on the phone or find the information you need when there’s a new referral case coming your way. Simply trying to obtain the most basic information or patient records can turn into a headache no one wants.

With OneClick Referrals, everything, all the data you need to help your new referrals is at your fingertips. (And you didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get it. Imagine: more time to help even more patients.) Even if your referring office is closed for the day, you’re still able to access patient records for complete control over new referral cases. You’ll get a clear, easy to read referral case, clearly outlining every service the patient needs with customized notes and information you need to make the patient happy and healthy. Everything from x-rays to clinical photos is available instantly and easy to access. You can stop the endless searching and start finding yourself with your referral patients than ever before. OneClick Referral is the smartest way to connect with more patients, improve your network of dental health professionals, and help your office thrive. Oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, and dental labs all agree!

The OneClick Guarantee

Our company develops products based on something fundamental to the work we do because it’s what you do, and that’s collaboration. We believe that the most significant advancements for dental health professionals and patients come from a more streamlined, easier way of working together and communicating.

It’s time you experienced this (and so much more) for yourself. If you’re hesitating, you shouldn’t be. OneClick Referrals comes with a no-obligation, money-back guarantee. But you don’t have to spend a dime to try it. Start your FREE trial today, and you’ll wonder where OneClick has been all your life.