General Dentists

Less Runaround.

As a skilled general dentist, we know you do everything in your power to help your patients. Sometimes that means partnering with a trusted specialist. Does this also mean someone in your office is in for a big headache?

You have to:

  • Dig for all the necessary patient or case information
  • Put it all together like a big puzzle
  • Coordinate a time to talk with the specialist
  • Schedule the referral visit
  • Let the patient know
  • Confirm with the specialist

That’s a lot! You’ve got better things to do with your time…

(like treating your patients).

100% Flexibility. Zero Stress.

OneClick Referrals is the best way to simplify your referral experience. It’s easier for you and your patients. When a referral is necessary, all you have to do is click a button. You’re able to instantly access all of the information and tools you’ll need to succeed. The specialist and your patient are contacted and connected conveniently via text message.

Imagine being boosting your productivity, send referrals to any specialist, and improving your patient experience. It’s all possible with OneClick. It connects you, your referral, and your specialist in a unique way that simplifies the entire experience for everyone. What’s not love about that? We encourage you to give OneClick referral a try.

Try OneClick FREE

You can begin your FREE trial at any time, and check out how beneficial OneClick can be for your office. Once you setup the software and see how user-friendly it is, we’re sure you’ll want OneClick for yourself. We’re so confident you’ll love everything about it, we have a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

Comprehensive and convenient.

We’ve helped numerous general dentists like you update the way they’ve been doing referrals. Forget about getting lost on the infamous paper trail. Don’t worry about searching for patient files that you swear were there. OneClick gives you an efficient, comprehensive means of conducting referrals without compromising valuable information or creating more work for everyone involved in the process. There’s no more manual transferring of patient information. With OneClick, you can quickly transfer all the referral information you could ever need.